This month we bring you Michael Maxwell’s Levitation DVD, a fantastic collection of Max Andrews’s Vampire material, some more one-off booklets and collectables. Plus we still have the volumes of Spellbinder on special offer.


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 _____________New Item______________

Learn to Levitate DVD by Michael Maxwell

Learn to Levitate by Michael MaxwellDefy gravity and learn the secrets on how to levitate money, matches, cards, knives, canes, balls and even yourself.

Routines covered are : The Floating Dollar Bill (with Thread Reel) , The Floating Dollar Bill (featuring the "Burr Secret") The Levitating Dollar Bill , The Floating Match (Invented by Ben Harris. For more details see Cosmosis.) , Swiss Movement (Paul Harris' Animated Pocket Knife) , The Floating Card , The Dancing Cane , The Floating Ball (for stage) , The Balducci Levitation (Floating yourself!).
On Learn to Levitate, you will learn how to make objects float in mid-air...items like money, matches, cards, knives, canes, balls and the coup de gras, yourself! With no special gimmicks whatsoever, you can give the perfect illusion of levitating yourself right off the ground. And even more, it's easy to do.

Price £10      - Order from the web site

________________February SALES _________________


Still available at £5 each, plus postage:


Spell Binder magazine – Volumes 1,2 and 3  and Best of Spellbinder still at £5 each

(but only if you order by emailing me so that I can work out the right shipping for these heavy books)

Spell-Binder Magazine by Stephen Tucker

Tucker Britland Spellbinder



To order any of these at just £5 each, email and tell me where you are so I can calculate the actual postage price. Do not order directly from the web site.  (Our web site does not cope well with calculating postage on low priced, heavy books)

The Phantom of the Wallet, Psycho Deck and Breese-Mason card to hip wallet are also still available at just £10 each – see the web site for details.


________________MORE COLLECTABLES _________________


Max Andrews collection. Vampire Mirror and related Ephemera – boxed.




-Vampire Mirror 12 issues 1947-54 approx, various formats (including 2 as full fold-out newspapers) and variously numbered.

-Magical Mirror Nos 1 and 2 (‘first war edition’ 1940/41) – with accompanying letter

-Several undated stapled catalogues c1940

-Supplementary Catalogues 1 and 2  c1953 – colour printed on glossy paper.

-Plus several flyers etc

All presented in a specially produced ‘Vampire Mirror’ book-like box.


Price £200


Please email for further details/photos, or to order or to make an offer.



Here is a summary of other books just added to our used books list. (A full list of all our items is on our website collectables page).


A-B-C of Magic-Sets Periodical

Wittus-Witt, Hans


Issue no 3 – small magazine for the Magic-Sets collector


Arcane Magazine

Jeff Busby


Issue 12


Braddon, Russell

The Piddingtons

Werner Laurie, 1950

Hardback 238pp. No sj, third impression, condition fair


Branch, Justin

Manipulative Production & Card Routining

Branch, 1977

Section 1 plus photograph supplement n Fanning. Intro by Ganson. Vg condition


Charles, David

Club Gags

Magick Enterprises, 1983

Ring bound  12pp


Dungeon Magazine

Anthony Owen

Magic Dungeon 1995

Issue 7, Special Elmsley issue. Ring bound 54pp



What is in a name


A lecture demonstration Soft cover 20pp. Signed and dedicated to Martin Breese


Furst, Arnold

Hypnosis for Salesmen

AAA 1960

Paperback 120pp. Good condition


Jacquin, Anthony

Reality is Plastic – The art of Impromptu Hypnosis

UKHTC 1999

Ring bound, 100pp Fine condition



Miniature Haunted House

Ireland Magic, 1960

Do it yourself plans, patter and routine. Ring bound  34.  Marked, but good condition


Lesley, Ted

For Professionals Only 1: Ted Lesley’s Credit Card trick plus
Ted Lesley Wonder Workshop – Devano Rising cards

Magic productions, 1985

Paperback 17pp

Typescript 4pp


Linden, Roger

John Eugene Leitensdorfer

Self Published

Story of the 18th century magician and the act Linden re-created. Signed limited  edition 200 of 200. 17pp typescript


Linden, Roger

William L Lindhorst 1890-1954

Sellf published, 1997

Paperback, 17pp


Lorraine, Sid

Latest reference file


File of 760 Names and addresses of magicians. With instructions


Magic Circular Magazine – signed by Goodliffe

Alan Snowden

April 1976

Issue with a picture of Goodliffe on cover and signed by him with greetings to martin breese


Mendoza series of Personal instructions no 5

Miller (?) Wild Card


4 page leaflet


Millenial Magazine Issue 2

Al Smith, Stephen Tucker

Magick Enterprises, 1987

Stephen Tucker Issue Ring bound 25 pages


Ostin, Bob

Slightly Surprising


Edited byDavid Britlands - of Bob Ostin’s lecture notes 12pp


Punx –

US Lecture #3

Punx, 1991

Typescript 11 pages, with additional Super-Punx test instructions



Reveen and sons unlimited No.1

Comic Page features, 1965

Comic is tanned. Very good condition with small area of damage to cover.


Reynolds, Charles and regina

100 Years of Magic Posters

Grosset and Dunlap 1976

Large format, great pictures. Well thumbed and a little warped but pictures themselves are generally clean and unmarked. Covers are marked, grubby and warped and bumped with small tear. Price reflects condition.


Riebe, Wolfgang

My Favourite Mental Effects

Riebe, 1991

Paperback 42pp



Satori Lecture 1999


25pp plus Appendix. Good condition


Scalbert, Geoffrey

There’s a trick to It

Magick Enterprises

20 card-based routines. Ring bound 44pp


Smith, Al

Hot Stacks and Cold Stacks – jogging around the deck

Magick Enterprises, 1991

Soft cover 23pp


Tommy Wonder

Lecture notes


6 pages of illustrations of various moves along with 8pages of  explanatory sheets-


Goldston, Will

More Exclusive Magical Secrets

Will Goldston Ltd 1921? No 524

Good clean copy, a little loose. Maroon smooth leather boards scuffed and marked. Locking clasp missing. No ownership markings


Goldston, Will

Exclusive Magical Secrets

The Magician Ltd, 1912? . No 630

Good copy, fairly loose. Maroon pitted leather boards scuffed and rubbed/marked and front hinge is cracked and loose. Previous owner ‘ Richard C Ritson’ has a nicely drawn motif labelled ‘Arabia’ on front free paper, and his small ownership stamp. Locking mechanism in place No Key.




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February 2015