NEWS & ADVENTURES of a Philosophical Folk Songstress                                   ~  July 2011
Hello Dear Friend,
So much has been happening, as I have been "In Search of Summer" through out the Pacific Northwest. I suppose I really need to get one of those "smart" phones, so I can update you constantly with photos, saying clever things, and writing notifications of it all the moment it happens. 
Alas, I am a bit old fasioned still, a little slower & methodical... Being a Philosophical Songstress takes TIME! So, it will be a while still until I can offer you the proper photos & stories that should be shared. They are on the way, I promise!
For the moment, I want you to have my August shows calendar (BELOW), which is surprisingly full, considering I'm officially back from touring. The music goes on!
I'm also including a snippet (A LITTLE FURTHER BELOW) of some reflections I wrote as I camped in the Tillamook Forest on the 4th of July, away from phones & computers. They are some thoughts on freedom... 

~ in peace, love & music,
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U P C O M I N G  S H O W S :

~ Amanda West in AUGUST ~ 
Friday August 5th @ 7pm 
Plaza Linda| 9 Del Fino Place, Carmel Valley, CA 
Returning to this Mexican Restaurant & Cantina in the sweet village of Carmel Valley. A perfect summer evening of margaritas and superb Mexican cuisine. Pete Solomon accompanies | $10 donation 

Saturday August 6th @ 12 - 2pm 
Pescadero Country Store| 251 Stage Road Pescadero, CA 
We got rained out last year, but this date is much better... join us and bring your summer picnic on the lawn. 

August 7th - 13th 
Teaching at the Bay Area Rock n Roll Camp for Girls!| Oakland, CA 
Ok, this isn't a show of mine. It's just something I'm doing that I'm REALLY excited about and thought you should know about as well. For girls ages 8-18. Check it out! 

Thursday August 18th @ 7pm 
Jia Tella's Cambodian Cuisine| 18 Victor Square, Scotts Valley, CA 
Allow me to sing to you and your green papaya salad as we enjoy the summer evening in the outdoor gardens. Yum! 

Saturday August 20th 
WOMANSONG (Private Event)| Big Sur, CA 
Sharing the evening with Yala Lati, led by Heather Houston. Invitation only. Yes, this is different to the original vision for a second WomanSong, but this is what has manifested for this year. Other such events will still happen in the future! If you are just dying to come, send me an email and we can probably work something out for you ;-) It's gonna be an AMAZING evening! 

Thursday August 25th @ 7pm 
Jia Tella's Cambodian Cuisine| 18 Victor Square, Scotts Valley, CA 
Allow me to sing to you and your green papaya salad (or salmon curry) as we enjoy the summer evening in the outdoor gardens. Yum! 

Sunday August 28th 10am 
Center for Spiritual Living| 1818 Felt St., Santa Cruz, CA 
Making music for the morning celebration with Rev. Angela. 

Sunday August 28th 2pm 
The Garden Song| Elkhorn Rd, Monterey, CA 
"Summer for Peace" concert series ~ music under the oaks and among the flowers. Bring your sun hat and a picnic, and meander the winding paths to the soothing sounds of Amanda's song | $10 
for more upcoming shows & the summer tour schedule go to: 
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Philosophical Musings ~
A snippet of some thoughts on Freedom, July 4th, 2011
from the journal of Amanda West
"... I often feel very free when traveling on the road.
Sometimes my only mirror is the exterior of the car window, rounded and clouded, forgiving of all imperfections. Sometimes it is only my traveling companion, reflecting back to me a beautiful loving connection. Not looking in a glass mirror makes me feel free.
I feel free when I wake to the morning song of birds, the sight of green living things, nature’s air breezing in through the screen of my mobile bed in a van. Waking, not to an alarm, but when I am rested makes me feel free.
I find freedom when I sing and share my music because it is then I know that we are all much more similar than we are different. It is then I know that humanity truly is one family and every person I meet is a brother or a sister of mine, and I do not need to be afraid of them. Seeing this connection, this unity, makes me feel free...."
xo ~ A

Amanda West & Pete Solomon in Oberon's Tavern
@ Fairieworlds 2011
photo by Byron Dazey

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