September 2014

> Editorial
One year has passed since the move of Cedrat Technologies to new premises! The main objective was to consolidate our growth in order to go on satisfying our customers and partners, and despite the rather unfavourable economic environment CTEC has met the challenge. Indeed new magnetic and piezo products have been released (new range of switching amplifiers SA75X, APA1500L, MICA500L, LSPS…) and as an expert of compact, dynamic and precise solutions for demanding applications CTEC has been involved in an increasingly number of R&D projects among them INTEFIX, Micro-FAST, …

Moreover, CTEC keeps on intensifying its sales presence abroad with the successful participation to famous fairs like ACTUATOR 2014 (Germany), Photonics West (US), Astronomical Telescopes & Instrumentation (Canada)…an undeniable opportunity to have its innovation capacity recognized.

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> Successful participation to the conference ACTUATOR 2014
During its participation to the 14th International Conference on new Actuators, on June 2014, CTEC highlighted the following technological innovations:
> High stability strain gage
A new tip tilt mechanism based on low voltage piezoelectric actuators, so called BSM (Beam Steering Mechanism ), has been designed by Cedrat Technologies to answer the high level of stability required for the Earthcare satellite. Cedrat Technologies has proposed a contact sensing transducer using improved strain gage elements mounted in the Wheatstone Bridge configuration and glued directly on the piezoelectric ceramics...
> Piezo motors mechanisms
The Tripod Actuator by Ctec (TrAC) is a 3 dof mechanism offering +/-30° rotation around X & Y axis and a 8mm Z translation stroke into a low volume of Ø50x50mm...TrAC offers the resolution of each of its three feet, composed of Stepping Piezo Actuator (SPA). SPA is a piezo motor offering a sub-nanometre resolution all along a centimetre stroke due to its
> Low frequency energy harvesting: Bistable Piezo Harvester
Three prototypes of a large bandwidth harvester based on buckling spring and mass have been manufactured. The harvester is able to generate an electrical power from 20 to 70 Hz. The maximum power generated is 2.5 mW at 0.6 g and 70 Hz... 
CTEC presented the papers listed below which generated great interest:

> Release of new products
As an innovative company, CTEC is proud to announce the release of the following piezo and magnetic products:
> New magnetic actuator: MICA500L
The MICAs are new high to medium force (500N to 20N), medium stroke (10 to 5mm) actuators offering motion control like Voice Coils, but in a much more compact size and with much less self-heating.  
> New piezo actuators: APA500L-CRFP, APA1500L
New Amplified Piezo Actuators extend the APA products range with lightweight versions (CRFP option induces 30% reduction), with larger stroke ever reached (1.5mm for APA1500L) or with ECS position sensor option.
> New piezo motors: LSPA30uXSLSPS35XS
The LSPA30uXS and LSPS35XS are new fast inertial linear piezo motors for long strokes (>5mm) designed for severe environments (large temperatures range, vibrations and shocks…).  
> New range of switching amplifiers for piezos: SA75X
The SA75D is a new Switching Amplifier for piezo actuators offering the highest average output current (20A) available on the market. It is especially suited for high loads, heavy duty or embedded applications.

> Modular ultrasonic transducer: MUST
Cedrat Technologies used its knowledge and expertise on ultrasound (US) transducer technology to optimize the design of the conventional US Langevin transducer in order to get modularity and extend the cavitation generating surface. The result of this development of a new kind of transducer so called the modular ultrasonic transducer (MUST), patent pending, improves the potential of classical tubular transducer.

> Wake up of ESA Rosetta satellite and MIDAS instrument!
A few weeks ago, ESA announced a successful wake up of Rosetta satellite and MIDAS instrument. ROSETTA satellite was launched on March 2004 from Kourou, French Guyana, using an Ariane-5 G+ launcher. The spacecraft includes about ten different instruments whose one so called MIDAS. 
The MIDAS instrument uses an XYZ piezo electric stage from CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES in the scanning mechanism of its on-board Atomic Force Microscope (AFM). The function of this mechanism is to ensure the nano-resolution scanning motion of the AFM under a severe environment. Although operated under static conditions, the ability of CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES actuators to withstand large vibrations thanks to their pre-stress allowed the mechanism to pass vibration tests. 
After 10 years CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES mechanism is still working fine!

> European Projects
CTEC is involved in the following new European Projects: 
> INTEFIX:  Intelligent fixtures for the manufacturing of low rigidity components
The INTEFIX project aims to increase the performance of the machining processes by the use of intelligent fixture systems, allowing the monitoring, control and adaptation of the process to obtain suitable results according to precision, quality and cost requirements. The INTEFIX project deals with the integration of new and state of the art technologies (sensors, actuators, control algorithms, simulation tools...) applied to the workpiece handling systems to develop intelligent and modular fixtures capable of modify the behaviour and interactions between the process and systems in machining operations; reducing time and costs with improved performance and capabilities.

will provide for the piezoelectric and magnetic actuators (APA
® and MICA) as well as electronics related to power supply and control of such actuators.                                                                                                                                         
> Micro-FAST

The Micro-FAST project, funded under the European Commissions’ 7th Framework Programme, aims to develop a completely new sintering process and equipment for the industrial production of miniaturised components and tools, with a wide range of materials available (metallic alloys, composite, ceramics and polymers).
Micro-FAST is expected to give new options and process/equipment capability to manufacture micro/nano-components for MEMS and nanotechnology products, by developing a high-throughput, flexible and cost-efficient process by simultaneous micro-forming and electric-FAST-sintering, even with difficult-to-cut and difficult-to-form materials.

The objective of CTEC 
in this project is to evaluate the cost reduction and the performances obtained with the Microfast process on miniature piezo actuators, motors and mechanisms. New sintering techniques will reduce drastically machining costs and may allow achieving manufacturing costs compliant with customers requests for quantities above 10,000 parts per year. 
> AEROPZT: Development of materials and processes for the application of Piezoelectric materials in aero engine controls

AEROPZT project will address the challenge of developing improved piezoelectric ceramics, protective encapsulation systems and actuator designs for use within a high temperature environment, targeting application such as fluid flow control (e.g. lean-burn combustion fuel staging). In this application the aim is to maintain precise control of flow between pilot-mains fuel streams to enable a combustion processes with reduced NOx emissions.
It is expected that the technologies developed within this project will have a wide range of applications, such as direct clearance control, air flow manipulation for boundary layer control, control of thermoacoustic instability and sensor devices.

CTEC is responsible for the design of the Piezoelectric Actuator and associated drive to be used for the demonstration within an aero engine high temperature environment.
> COLABATS: Cobalt and lanthanide recovery from batteries

The use of rechargeable batteries continues to increase, driven by consumer electronic applications and the development of electric vehicles. This increasing use of batteries consumes increasing amounts of valuable materials and generates more waste, so the CoLaBATS project is about finding improved technology for battery recycling.

CTEC role in COLABATS deals with the ultrasonic (US) system to be used in the main reactor and final tank. CTEC will design, manufacture and test an appropriate US system, including the vibration generator, sonotrode, and electronics that will be adapted to the specific ionic liquid to produce homogeneous ultrasonic vibrations to promote breaking the battery electrode structure.

 > Training sessions scheduled by the end of 2014 
CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES provides comprehensive training courses dedicated to engineers and technicians who wish to discover, improve or recover their knowledge in mechatronic products, systems and technologies. 

Keep in mind the following sessions:
Active materials and actuators - September 16 to 18
Magnetism Initiation - November 13
Magnetism for Mechatronics - November 25 to 27
Linear magnetic actuators - December 9 and 10 

Download our new 2015 Training Catalogue
Should you be interested in attending one session feel free to contact our training department at or by phone +33 (4) 56 58 04 14 (asking for Ms HUGI Sandrine).

> Forthcoming events
- Distributors Days to be organized at CTEC premises - November 5 to 7, 2014
- Micronora / C Allée 5 - 502
- Photonics West (Usa) / booth # 6066 - North Hall D
CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES - 59 Chemin du Vieux Chêne - 38246 Meylan Cedex -  FRANCE