Welcome to the tenth RopeMarks newsletter.

We will briefly describe what we have been up to since our last newsletter and about interesting upcoming events where you can meet, greet and talk to us.

The previous period was dominated by workshops, workshops and workshops the most notable ones in the past period was a RopeMarks clinic during the annual Dutch AnimeCon convention, an open air essentials workshop and a masterclass during the first Rotterdam (BDSM) conference. Directly jump to the workshops section to see more.

Artist Breeze Canyon has given us his interpretation on our original work "The Rise and Fall of the Tengu". Directly jump to Breeze's section to see more.

We are offering a 10% discount on a red asanawa (Japanese bondage rope) item in our shop, read more.

We love to show you a promising new talent that we've come in contact with, but for now, just her legs. We have her under uhm... "investigation", yes, that, and we will keep you updated on the "outcome".

In other news we had a kickass shoot with established, drop-dead-gorgeus, sweet and smart talents Nereida DeadlySin and Spring, with tha-man, CarmineWorx, working the shutter-buttons. Directly jump to the shoots section to see more.


Let's dive into the details of the previous period:



The past period we have shot with the awesome and always fun team of CarmineWorx, Nereida DeadlySin and Spring, we love to show you what we've done, but for now we'll just tease...

p: CarmineWorx | m: Nereida DeadlySin | r: RopeMarks



Now live on Club RopeMarks, "Nipples" with Nereida DeadlySin

Because we can, we put a naked Nereida on the couch, because we like to look at pretty things in our house, because Nereida is simply gorgeous. After the couch we think about putting her on pedestal and enjoy the view of this fetish princess, then we decide to put nipple clamps on her tits, because we can!

We do not release her nipples from the clamps and tell her to come down from the couch and tie each of her legs to themselve, a futomomo for each legs. Then spread her legs and watch her naked vjj and her (slowly getting painful) nipples [...]

p: CarmineWorx | m: Nereida DeadlySin | r: RopeMarks
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Now live on Club RubberRestrained, "Rubber Maid - a rubber cheesecake gallery" with Nicky Alicia

Please welcome the Rubber Restrained maid, our own sexy blond, Nicky Alicia.

Dressed in rubber and naked underneath her very short skirt she will suck, wipe, clean and still have time to see to our private.... needs. [...]

p: KinkyStyle | m: Nicky Alicia
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Our upcoming shows at the time of writing include:


Want to hear what people have to say about our shows?

Read some of our testimonials



AnimeCon 2017: This edition RopeMarks was invited to provide a clinic on the beauty of Japanese rope bondage (shibari, kinbaku) in a designated 18+ area of the convention.

As this was the first time in the history, since 1995, of the Dutch AnimeCon that they booked a kinbaku clinic it was difficult to judge how popular (or not) this was going to be with the visitors of the convention; we could get no participants at all, we could get all 10.000+ visitors.

When we prepared for our clinic the first people already came up and started a small line in front of the entrance of the room, that's a good sign, at least we had a handful of interested people. But then more people came, and more, more... even more. Before the doors opened we already had more people waiting than the room could host.

With a little help from the organisation to let as many people in as possible (the room could hold 40, we let in 50+) we could start what turned out the be a very cool, interesting and appreciated clinic about Japanese rope bondage in a J.Pop environment.

The Rotterdam (BDSM) Conference: The Netherlands is one successful conference richer, The Rotterdam (BDSM) Conference. This event from scene-people for scene-people already shows a lot of potentional and we hope there will follow many more editions. This first edition we provided a 3rd and 4rd rope gote masterclass.

RopeMarks Ryu essentials, open-air edition, in cooperation with fetish shop "On Top of Love": Another special workshop edition was the RopeMarks Ryu open-air essentials in cooperation with On Top of Love. To sum this up, beautiful open-air location, beautiful weather, beautiful people and a whole lot of rope .


Our upcoming workshops at the time of writing include:


If you are interested in the noble art of kinbaku, we are your man! Visit this link for all the information about our teaching



Want to hear what past participants have to say, hear it straight from the horse's mouth... Read some of our testimonials. They are a brief list of feedback from RopeMarks Ryƫ students and participants.



To participate in one of our other upcoming workshops or masterclasses, visit this link for an overview of our planned events




Shop RopeMarks: You know we run a web shop? Here: http://www.ShopRopeMarks.com/.

We are now offering the original asanawa as used by the Japanese rope-gods such as Naka Akira and Yukimura Haruki (RIP) in a beautiful deep red color.

This is the traditional Ogawa rope for Japanese bondage (shibari, kinbaku) directly from Japan.

Get it here: http://shopropemarks.com/product/asanawa-red-set-of-7.

10% off on this set when you use the code NL10RED during checkout.



Red Bubble: We have official RopeMarks merchandise. For this We have choosen Red Bubble as our supplier. You can get our merchandise through our online shop (here: http://www.ShopRopeMarks.com/) or directly at our Red Bubble store (here RopeMarks Red Bubble store).

Shop RopeMarks | RopeMarks Red Bubble store



Breeze Canyon has created artwork from RopeMarks original work before, this time he made artwork for RopeMarks. Breeze's interpretation of the "The Rise and Fall of the Tengu" is now available on apparel and items.

More of Breeze's work done for RopeMarks can be seen here http://www.ropemarks.com/artwork/.




Shop RopeMarks | RopeMarks Red Bubble store



The best place to know where we are and what we are up to is our online schedule. We keep it as up to date as possible.


If you run into us, come and say hi and chat, remember to bring a drink :). Please don't be rude and interupt when we are activly engaged in conversation.


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