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State Jobs for the Disgraced



Outgoing State Superintendent Janet Barresi hired one of the good old boys a few weeks ago, the disgraced former head of CLEET, Larry Birney. Birney is the husband of Barresi’s general counsel, Kim Richey,

The disgraced Birney was under investigation at the end of his tenure at CLEET after an alleged arrest in Edmond Oklahoma over a road rage incident where Birney was alleged to have pulled a gun on another driver after an incident on the interstate highway. Birney was hired to be the assistant state superintendent of accreditation and compliance at the state Education Department, causing the executive director of accreditation to resign in protest over the hiring.


Barresi had created the position out of thin air six weeks before she would be replaced by the incoming State Superintendant Hoffmiester and hired Birney despite the lack of educational experience and the lack of understanding of how the accreditation system works.


Birney worked for the San Antonio Police for thirty five years before he was hired as the Council of Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) but resigned after the board formed a formal panel to investigate Birney’s conduct. Kim Richey also served as an associate director and general counsel at CLEET when Birney workethere after marrying in 2012.


The position paid over six figures after benefits are figured in, a common pay off for an ex legislator or agency head. Barresi’s handlers claim that Birney was needed to conduct investigations in to serious allegations made against local school districts.


A Reader Sounds off on

Fallin’s Second Term


Congratulation's  to all of the non-voter's who made it possible for Mary Fallin to have another

go as Governor.  At first I couldn't figure out how she could have possibly won considering the horrible condition things are in .  Education for example. We are now the lowest in the entire country.


It was pointed out that the voter turnout was the lowest since 1962. That  made it all to clear that she won because half the state didn't even bother to vote. The people that needed to see change more than anyone else. The people that have been ignored, overlooked, and deceived. The people that for no other reason needed to get off the sofa and take a few minutes to vote for better education standards for their children.


So now I sit here so disgusted knowing that people are so lazy, unconcerned, and submissive to this lousy leadership that they are willing to allow it to continue.


What happened? Okla. has never looked so nasty.


There was absolutely no excuse. It takes 5 minutes and it is free.

I guess I should congratulate Mary. She obviously knows the mentality of these people. The state that is labeled poverty ridden and uneducated is how she plays her game. She probably counts on these people being lazy and gullible.


I heard that because these people made her gravy train ride continue she would like to send each of them a complimentary jar of Vaseline. And- when the time or times come that it be necessary to get it out do so with a smile knowing you made it possible.


Know that by your actions you are on your own. Mary wouldn't want to over step on your constitutional rights unless something is in it for her. If there is ever an issue it will be your problem. Sink or swim. Want to complain? Forget it. She has no problem owning the lowest ratings in the country. What makes you think anything else would get her attention?


She gave you gun rights. Go shoot- em up,  If you can never afford to buy one.

Swing by Brick Town area to gaze at pretty multimillion dollar buildings with million dollar sidewalks. That is if you have transportation to get there. Not her problem either.


Anyway, enjoy this brand new term of self serving leadership. 


D.B. Oklahoma City



OCPAC Leader Charlie Meadows and the Klu Klux Klan

Last week we brought up that one website was accusing OCPAC leader Charlie Meadows of stating that he approved of the KKK after hearing that the KKK was responsible for helping to stamp out socialism in America. Being under a deadline for the newsletter we briefly mentioned the allegations and linked to the article were they brought up the connection but didn’t really look too deep into the allegations.

This week we took the time to dig into the controversy and indeed there was a YouTube video of Charlie Meadows speaking at a Tea Party event up north and he did indeed joke about having more respect for the KKK after learning they helped drive socialism out of the U.S.

Watching the video was good for a laugh. Sure enough Charlie broke the ice with some humor about his new found support for the KKK around 2:36 into the video there is old Massa Charlie joking about calling in to a radio show and saying maybe the KKK isn’t all bad. Charlie is in his element, talking about himself mostly, his favorite topic, and he rambles on for a bit over an hour about how famous and powerful he is and how he controls politics in Oklahoma. The autistic blowhard even claimed credit for defeating Obama Care after talking to a Senator.

The KKK of course was a powerful racist organization or allied groups that used the name and it had three major periods in U.S. history.

The first was right after the War of Northern Aggression, also called the Civil War. The KKK violently opposed Reconstruction in the South and waged a war of terror against blacks but the movement died out around ten years later. The movement started in Tennessee when six Confederate veterans and adopted a platform of opposing anything to do with black civil rights and wrapped itself in the Christian religion. The movement was largely informal with groups just popping up with little structure or interconnection.

The second resurgence of the brand was in the 1920’s where the home made Klan costumes of the 1860’s were replaced by readymade Klan robes that were sold as a fundraising project, along with membership dues. This second emergence was highly organized and it was claimed that between four and seven million citizens were members. They introduced the tactic of burning a cross to intimidate victims and as a celebration at their outdoor meetings. In addition to racism they focused on immigration, “political purity”, enforcing prohibition and morality, and were violently anti Catholic.


After WWII the third emergence of the brand erupted to oppose the Civil Rights Movement. They frequently allied with the Democratic Party and police departments like Alabama’s Bull Conner, the Birmingham Police chief. Several members of the KKK were convicted of murder after bombings of black churches.


The overriding thread within all three versions of the KKK was white supremacy coupled with religion and later in the third resurgence the KKK took on unions and progressives so it is easy to see why Charlie Meadows found common cause with the group. Google searches turn up several of his weekly newsletters where he rambles on about race and politics and several newsletters about a black pastor named Peterson. Peterson apparently loves to shock white audiences by using the N word and Charlie’s glee over the use of the word is ill concealed as he writes about Peterson’s appearances. Indeed one of his newsletters was headlined: “his newsletters was headlined: “Rev. Peterson, the word "nigger", corporate bullies & P. Dean with the P. Dean referring to Paula Dean who had run afoul after her use of the N word became public knowledge.

About a month earlier the OCPAC newsletter covered Pastor Peterson’s remarks once again.

There were other OCPAC newsletters where Charlie Meadows spoke of inviting militia leaders to speak at the weekly OCPAC meetings and how he would support militias. In one of those newsletters he expresses that he has no use for the KKK but would defend their right to assemble and associate, leaving us quite confused at where his heart truly lays.

So looking back Charlie Meadow’s white supremacists views are well documented and well known and also that he is either somewhat confused with his loyalties or continues to hide his affiliations behind a civilized veneer. It is obvious that he escaped media scrutiny simply because he was considered ineffectual and was universally unknown outside the small circle of politics and the John Birch Society.


The original stories of Charlie Meadow’s racist remarks continue to spread throughout the internet on sites like this that republish and repost stories. The issue isn’t going away, indeed it is quiet malignant, a ticking time bomb for every candidate that received OCPAC’s or Charlie Meadow’s political endorsement.


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