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September 27th, 2018


Welcome to -MasterMagic- the plug-in that you will not want to miss anymore as part of your virtual mixer Master-Section! Just place -MasterMagic- at the very end of the master FX chain and be surprised at how much it can do for your track!  The ‘Mono/Stereo’ section, will make your low end much tighter and the ‘AIR’ function is sheer magic…even if you only use it a tiny amount.
YouTube Introduction

--> Please note that MasterMagic will be part of the eXplorer5 bundle <-- 
--> eXplorer4 users please use RP-EQ instead and wait on the eXplorer5 release <--
Demo version available here
Hello I am Reuven Amiel, Grammy Winning Mixer
--NOIA, Mushroom Symphony, Prime Ministers, PVRIS, Gian Marco, Ricard Arjona--
I am a long time Rob Papen software user, I love his products because they are original, innovative, sonically different and provide a unique way to see and manipulate sound. Their recent MasterMagic is a simple and effective tool to give your mix a magic touch!
eXplorer4 -Deal-

eXplorer5 is on its way, with an estimated time of arrival Early October 2018!

Next to Go2, the new eXplorer5 bundle will also contain the brand new MasterMagic and RAW-Kick products!

If you upgraded to eXplorer4 in September, the upgrade to eXplorer5 will be for free!* 

So please check your options below for upgrading.

* All eXplorer4 purchases in July, August and September 2018 will get a free upgrade to eXplorer5. Once eXplorer5 is released, we provide the details on how to obtain the free upgrade.

Upgrade to eXplorer4 options:

Owners of 1 purchased Rob Papen Plug-in or Rack Extension:
€ 249-- | $ 249--

Owners of 3 or more Rob Papen products, including Rack Extensions:
€ 129-- | $ 129--

Owners of EDM Synth Bundle or Urban Synth Bundle:
€ 129-- | $ 129--

-> Please contact us or your local Rob Papen Dealer for your upgrade options.
Before contacting a Rob Papen dealer, please log-in at,
visit 'My Products' and scroll down. There you will find an option to print (as PDF) your product registrations. Provide the dealer with this print or PDF as proof of your purchased products. 
Note: only purchased plug-ins are eligible, free plug-ins, such as RP-AMOD, Attention, Prisma or RP-Distort (Deal version), are not included in the above-mentioned offers.
-> Propellerhead crossgrade options: Please send a screenshot/receipt of your RE registrations(excluding the free Attention and RPSpec) to and we will send you a crossgrade offer.
Our new go to synthesizer has been released and has been well received by many users and reviewers.

Now we released an update for Go2 with new presets, but also with the support of the NI NKS system! 
Check out the NKS video here
Go2 is now also available as Rack Extension for Reason and this one holds these new presets as well! So Reason user, check out Go2-RE

Check out the Go2 introduction YouTube video here
Check out also the raving reviews about Go2 
Go2 comes with over 750 presets and has a dazzling price:

€ 49-- | $ 49-- 
PC: 32 & 64 bits VST/AAX for: Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Compatible with the NI NKS system.
Mac: 32 & 64 bits AU and VST and AAX for OSX 10.6 or higherVery soon to be compatible with the NI NKS system.
To obtain the new version if you already own Go2:
Please log-in to and visit ‘My Products’.
Open the download page below your product registration and download the latest installer. Run this installer and all new features and presets will be available the next time you start up Go2.
NOTE: there are now two types of Go2 installer. One with the NKS files and one without the NKS files. In case of questions about NKS, please log-in to and check the FAQ section.

Information for the eXplorer4 owners:
Go2 is a new product and is not part of the eXplorer4 bundle.In the near future though, once we have two new Rob Papen products, the eXplorer5bundle will be released. Most likely sometime in the Autumn of 2018.
So then, Go2 and the other new product will also be part of eXplorer5.You still can purchase Go2 now though. Once we release the eXplorer5 bundle and you upgrade to this, we will take off the Go2 purchase from the upgrade price to eXplorer5.
For support, please log in to
In case of other questions, please contact us.

Rob Papen and Team