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August 2012
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Award winning upcoming North West Tour
Our first writer/director led event
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Our upcoming North West Tour
Actors, Stage Manager, Fundraiser, Sponsorship Manager
AfterWords by Michael Hart
'AfterWords' charts the journey of Julie, a recent arrival in the afterlife, as she attempts to be reacquainted with her husband Derek who passed away many years before. The controlling dynamic throughout is that in the afterlife your physical appearance is determined by the age at which you were happiest in life. This simple conceit has significant effects on the relationships between husband and wife, father and daughter and past and present. Julie took her own life to be with Derek. This afterlife will keep them apart forever.

supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England
Winner of the NEW WRITING AWARD at Buxton Fringe Festival
**** Well crafted play directed with panache. Excellent writing... Stirring stuff. (What's On Stage)
The acting is good and the direction is sharp. It is confidently written and performed work. (Buxton Fringe)
Super writing, excellent acting, thoroughly enjoyable evening. (Audience member)
Tour dates:
* 6 September - Preston Tringe Festival 8pm, New Continental, Preston
6-7 November 7.45pm - (with Bottled Wasps) The Carriageworks, Leeds
* 16-17 November 7:30pm - (with Bottled Wasps) Lantern Theatre, Liverpool
* 22 November 8pm - (with Bottled Wasps) Square Chapel, Halifax

Bottled Wasps by Paul Buie
Grace and Patrick have returned to the scene of their great romantic adventure, the small seaside hotel where they stayed when they left their respective partners in order to be together. During the course of an evening they realise that much has changed. Walter, mine host, has his own issues: defender of his country and its traditions and what thanks do you get? With a complimentary bar and a sniper’s rifle that can take off the top of your head from half a mile away, how bad can it get?

Supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England
Bottled Wasps presents an intense hour of entertainment. (Buxton Fringe)

Very well acted, a lot of issues dealth with in a very concise, very funny hour (Audience member)

Lover every minute! Perfect example of comedy/drama (Audience member)
Tour dates:
* 6 September - Preston Tringe Festival 9:30pm, New Continental, Preston
* 19-20 September 8pm - Smiths Restaurant, Eccles
* 6-7 September 7.45pm - (with AfterWords) The Carriageworks, Leeds
* 16-17 November 7:30pm - (with AfterWords) Lantern Theatre, Liverpool
* 22 November 8pm - (with AfterWords) Square Chapel, Halifax

Continuing on from our successful Chaotic Combinations series Perspectives brings writers and directors together to create four thirty minute pieces. 
The teams were put together and given ideas to show different Perspectives, the themes are Modern Britain and Pregnancy
The shows are at Three Minute Theatre 19th-22nd September 2012 7:30pm - booking opening soon
The pieces are:
Duty Of Care
Writer:  Rik O’Neill and Director: Melissa Anne Ward

Diabetic Penguins
 Writer: Jess L and Director: Kathryn Docherty
 Writer: Ben Spencer & Director: Andrew C. Husband 
Staying Positive
 Writer: Gregory Skulnick & Director: Rebecca Fearnley
We are currently casting for the roles involved in this production - see below
For more information on this production please check out this link 
Casting/Creative Calls
We are currently casting the following roles in Perspectives
Dan - 26-30 (Duy Of Care) Male
Gaz - 32-36 (Duty Of Care) Male
Raha - 31-35 (Duty Of Care) Female
Wiliam Beverage - 60-64 (Duty Of Care) Male
Harold Wilson - 24-28 (Duty Of Care) Male
Kali - 16-20 (Duty Of Care) Female
Ryan - 17-20 (Diabetic Penguins) Male
Jamal - 17-20 (Diabetic Penguins) Male
Danny - 17-20 (Diabetic Penguins) Male
Mark - 30-35 (Inhabited) Male
Female - 24-28 (Staying Positive) Female
Male - 24-28 (Staying Positive) Male
For more informaiton on these roles please check out this link  -
We are currently looking to fill the following creative roles
Stage Manager
Sponsorship Manager
For more information on any of these roles please check out this link -
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