30 January 2020                                               
We are pleased to present the highlights of the forthcoming seeSUSTAINtec (7-9 April 2020, Sofia, Bulgaria) - SE European exhibition and forum for sustainable technologies (Energy Efficiency, RES, Waste Management, Air, Smart Cities). We believe that SE Europe can play an active role in Europe's transition towards climate neutrality. Our aim is to promote environmentally friendly and intelligent solutions, to facilitate the entering of leading green tech developers on the growing regional market. 
Until now companies from Bulgaria, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Switzerland have joined the exhibition:
Hitachi Zosen Inova, Herz (wood gasification boilers, pellet plants and wood chip plants), Balkanika Energy (biogas and biomass installations, photovoltaic and thermo-solar installations), Novonetics (partner of Molinos AFAU, CPM Europe, Dutch Dryers, Vyncke N.V.), Hybrid Energy Saving Systems, SKE Engineering (Huawei), etc.
• We are expecting a growing visitor interest (in 2019, 21% of the visitors came from abroad, 71% from Bulgaria).

Hitachi Zosen Inova's W2E technology can be implemented on the Balkan market
Interview with Rolf Hunt, Senior Sales Manager
Dear Mr. Hunt, why did you decide to participate in seeSUSTAINtec?
We have deemed this event to be the best opportunity for us to get exposure for our company Hitachi Zosen Inova and technologies on the Bulgarian and surrounding markets.
What novelties will you present?
We will present our Energy from Waste combustion technology and plant capabilities for plants converting residual solid waste into power and heat as well as the dry Anaerobic Digestion AD system for the production of biogas from green and kitchen waste. More
AmBIENCe project will accelerate the transformation of the European building stock
Interview with Jessica Glicker - Project Manager at Buildings Performance Institute Europe
Dear Ms. Glicker, what are the main goals of the AmBIENCe project?
The overall objective of the AmBIENCe project is to accelerate the transformation of the European building stock in support of the Energy Efficiency Directive by utilising demand response in buildings. The AmBIENCe project will focus on the potential that active building energy performance contracting (EPC) provides for energy savings projects. More
Some of seeSUSTAINtec's partners

• Magazine Industry is the first and so far the only magazine dedicated to all industrial branches in Serbia, starting from energy to all additional industrial activities and business deals.
• SolarNews is a magazine, specialized in Solar energy, with more than a decade in the sector, consolidated as a reference between Spanish and international professionals.
• proPellets Austria is an association of the Austrian wood pellet industry. The goal of it is to make a contribution to the energy transition in heating.
Perspectives in Bulgaria
The country will have a good opportunity to finance business projects for transition towards a climate-neutral economy through ‘Just Transition Mechanism’ which will consist of three main sources of financing: A Just Transition Fund, InvestEU programme, European Investment Bank, backed by the EU budget. The Green Deal will reflect on Bulgaria's National Development Program 2030 and the Bulgarian National Energy and Climate Plan.
Become an active participant in the sustainable transformation of South-East Europe.
Book your stand at seeSUSTAINtec or organize your workshop.

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