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 A Reckoning Is About To Unfold
By Ms PM
When were the wheels set in motion that placed a nation in the middle of a churning cesspool of deception and lies? If you think about it and talk about it there will probably be as many answers as the ones trying to come up with an answer. The results can’t be disputed because the end will be the same for everyone. Loss of freedom you see is what we’re all up against. It won’t matter if you have paid attention or not, the difference will be that many will come to the realization others had a little too late. The signs have been many and freedom has been plucked away piece by piece by a government that encompasses the mass of its entire people.
We’ll start this chronology with government run healthcare even though we could go back many years. Most readers already know where this system is headed. It was sold on lies. Some knew and some didn’t…and why does this matter? It doesn’t, we have been pulled into the trap by the masses that refused to see the whole picture. We now have a government intent on killing the very thing that allows people hope. Close your eyes…can you remember your life when you thought you were free? Do you know what it smells or feels like? Is it the wind on your face or the aroma of wild flowers? Were you happy?
Another scenario is the conservative nonprofits targeted by the beast we call government. Regardless of what the media says, we are not and never were against government. Our Republic was set up for the people to have a way to keep a watchful eye and stop the over reach of government control we face today. What is this about other than to silence? And we ask how this fits into a free society?
Then there was the attack on Gibson Guitar because of wood. They were stormed by armed thugs pushing big government weight around. This seems to be a normal way of keeping people in line and history will repeat itself.
We can’t forget about the NSA all done in the guise of safety. Who believes the government will protect a country when its people are afraid and refuse to question what they do? How is it acceptable for the people to condone what the government says is true or false when their roads lead to corruption?
What happened in Benghazi? Will we ever find out? What makes anyone think our government will protect any of us considering the liars only care about their power, money and how to cover-up their screw ups?
We now have the Social Security Administration going after family members to collect money that was allegedly overpaid decades ago to their parents. Your only mistake was to be born and you will be held accountable because your government says so. 
The rancher in Nevada made a stand. The BLM and their thugs tore up his fences, destroyed his water tanks and shot his cows. 
This lie started because the EPA aka Agenda 21 decided he was infringing on turtles. Many of these turtles, due to lack of taxpayer funding, ended up being killed by the idiots that elected themselves to care for them. Why did the government use 200 armed men and snipers? The cost of this standoff was once again paid for by tax dollars. How proud do you feel for their freedom of doing what they want, when they want, and to whom they want? Government wants everyone to know that they NO LONGER WORK FOR YOU! 
And then you get to listen to the almighty Harry Reid saying Mr. Bundy is a lawbreaker and all the people helping are domestic terrorists. I recently watched a program that covered John F. Kennedy’s assignation. Texas law stated that the Presidents body could not be removed from Texas until the state was finished because it was a murder. Rightly so, his body was not left and the law was broken. There is something to be said about breaking bad laws. When the only difference is a justification by government or a justification by people, who wins? Why are we not to question law breakers when illegal people are allowed to come into and stay in our country?
Another bit of news comes from Wyoming where a man is facing a $75,000 a day fine because the EPA has determined that the pond he built his family breaks the Clean Water Act regulation. It is his property; he and his wife put their blood, sweat, tears and own money into it and YOUR GOVERNMENT has decided otherwise. He has the permit but the EPA says they have the final say. Is this another bad law that needs to be broken?
We have another BLM land grab in Texas which leaves a legal property owner picking up the tab. He has the deed, paid off the loan, paid the taxes and poof…gone in the wink of an eye with no compensation. Who broke the law this time?
The Colorado couple with 10 acres spent $80,000 dollars in lawyer fees to hold onto their land…and it’s gone…eminent domain, but nothing will be done with the property, it was snatched for open space. They paid $550,000 for their dream cabin and government gave them $115,000 for it. And was that sum taxpayer money? Who broke the law?
These atrocities happen at the federal and state level under your nose. The states house the people that are responsible for allowing the federal government to derail a nation. It is understandably easy to acknowledge these same people do not hold their state government accountable. When the state government isn’t accountable to the people it is an easy assimilation to the effect this has on a nation that is out of control.
This example of out of control state government will become transparent on May 5th, 2014. We ask this; how far is Oklahoma government willing to go to ruin a man’s life? This isn’t going to be any different than the attack in Nevada, Wyoming, Texas or Colorado. It’s the same powerful government going against a citizen. In the case of the State of Oklahoma vs. Al Gerhart, it isn’t about a law being broken. It is about a law so loosely written that the state can force their will by their interpretation against a citizen. These instances indicate a government perched atop a bully pulpit ready to pounce. Oklahoma wants to silence Al and the federal government wants to silence the rest of the citizens if they don’t dance to their tune. And Agenda 21 is taking land, is your property next!
Al gets up early every morning because he has a business to run but today the reasons are a little different. He has to suit up and show up for his court date. Thinking back to when all of this started he never imagined his government would be willing to go this far. He, like many others, never paid much attention to the actions of government. He, like many others, never dreamed his government would be capable of doing things that could change his life forever.
He has accepted that if he is on the wrong end of the verdict his home life will be nonexistent. His feelings are no different than the folks already targeted. He is right in his mind that the time has come to take a stand, be it alone or with support. He can only hope that there are enough people that care about freedom as much as he does. This isn’t a popularity contest; this is freedom…everyone’s freedom.
One consideration he thinks about if the trial doesn’t go his way is what he will do with his dog. The business will either stand the test of time or dissolve. The fact is he can’t leave his dog to make it on his own. He has had his friend for a long time and the tough part is that he can’t explain to him why he would no longer have a comfortable home with someone that has taken care of him and loved him for all these years. 
He always gets his pet on the head and he always wags his tail; they eat their dinner and settle in for a quiet evening. He watches as his master finishes the nightly chores before turning in. He always sleeps next to his dad; it’s a comfortable place that has been provided over the years. He has openly accepted the responsibility to alert his master in case someone wishes to do harm. He makes sure nothing gets past his keen senses.
He knows that his dog is the one that must suffer the consequences. He knows that there is no way to make him understand that he has done everything right and nothing wrong. He looks into his heart and begins to feel his loyalty to a beloved pet slowly slip away. The bond between man and dog is something to behold. Dog stands for loyalty. He wonders about everything about to unfold.
“Dog has been considered the servant of humanity throughout history. Dog is a guardian.” The question he must answer… how will he ever be able to abandon such a loyal friend.
People walk in and out of your life. Sometimes it’s talked about and other times it isn’t worth the effort. The why of it all doesn’t seem to matter. Two things I know is Al and his dog will not be the only ones affected and when, not if, it comes to war against tyrannical government, I want him on my side. This lawsuit will affect the freedom of every citizen in Oklahoma.
When freedom is gone… where will you go?
HD 76 David Brumbaugh Draws a Challenger
Rep. David Brumbaugh has a very conservative challenger in the upcoming primary for House District 76.
Cliff Johns, who calls himself a Constitutional Conservative has entered the race.   He is an attorney and a teacher of Federal Government and American History at Tulsa Community College. 
His website is fairly outspoken, a welcome relief from the usual say nothing/offend no one campaign website.
His stand on the issues include a call to repeal the Oklahoma income tax and replace it with a two to three percent flat tax, repealing the sales tax on groceries, opposition to federal control of local schools including Common Core, and requiring the teaching core values of our founding fathers and civics education.   He is pro 2nd Amendment and pro life, anti illegal immigration, anti gay marriage, and believes that progressive laws in our state Constitution need reforming.
The man talks like a real believer in the Constitution as one would expect from a history teacher and believes that a strict interpretation is needed to get us back to where the founding fathers intended us to be.  He is pro states rights and some of the locals in the Tulsa area are saying that they are backing him and volunteering in his campaign.
Cliff can be reached at 918-724-7786
Speaker Election May 5th
Republican House members elect the next Speaker on May 5th to serve a two year term to replace or re elect current Speaker Jeff Hickman.  Only one person entered the race to challenge Hickman, Rep. Jason Murphy.
Murphy would be an excellent Speaker but it is doubtful that he is going to have enough votes to put up much of a contest.   Hickman carried the vote in early February thanks to the freshman class of legislators sticking together and voting as a bloc and Hickman rewarded several House members after the election with committee positions.   As much as I’d like to see Murphy sitting in the Speaker chair the problem is that Hickman just hasn’t done that much wrong since taking the post in February.
The dynamics of the election are going to be very simple.  Hickman is a rural legislator and will be considered more moderate than Jason Murphey so he will get around thirty RINO votes as a base including some of the freshmen from the class of 2012 who are into their second year.  Murphey will pick up a few less than that and once again the election will likely hinge on whom the freshman class decides to back.    Murphey served as a lieutenant in the Shannon Speakership and took some heat for some policies and unilateral actions that weren’t well received by the rank and file House members.
Once again my gut feeling is to just stay out of this race because as long as the freshman class remains united the conservative cause is going to be well served no matter who wins the election.   Hickman isn’t going to run rampant if he gets elected, he might want to, the State Chamber might be putting a lot of pressure on him to perform if he wins, but a solid bloc of House members ensures that at any time Hickman could be reined in.     If I could vote I would certainly vote for Murphey but once again Hickman hasn’t hacked enough members off to be in trouble and only the freshman class has the clout to unseat the man.
The Watchman
Recently the educators in our state held a rally at the State Capital to voice their concern over classroom spending. We are appalled at the idea of bringing children from their classrooms to the event. We did, however, find it a subject worth looking into. So we did. What really concerned us was the ranking of 49th in the nation. We found that hard to believe so we decided to do our own investigation.
We began our research on and the first item we found was this. This article rightly points out that over the last decade while our schools have seen an increase of the student population of only six percent (6%), the administrative cost during that same time period has risen a stunning forty-nine percent (49%). Now this report framed it in an increase in teachers’ salaries, but if they would have simply kept pace with growth of student enrollment, each teacher would have received a $4,924.00 pay increase.
The article above also indicates that a CATO Institute study on Oklahoma State Education reported a steady increase in spending over the last forty (40) years with a virtual flat student achievement during the same time period. This would make one question if money is really the problem.
We next went to the web site of the U.S. Department of Education. We did this for two (2) reasons. The first reason was that the educators were claiming that Oklahoma was ranked forty-ninth (49th) in the nation when it came to education, and we wanted to verify that. The second reason was we wanted to check on some statistics from the surrounding states. We were not able to verify either at the Department of Education site. We did find this that should interest every Oklahoman. This document from the U.S. Department of Education shows what is reported to the federal government about Oklahoma’s education system. These pretty much say the same for every state, but they don’t really give you much of a true picture.
We next went and did a search on the individual states to see what we could come up with. We’ll start with Oklahoma since that was the initial subject of our story. We found this. Now this is an important link for you all. This link will show you not only the teachers’ salaries, but the administrator’s salaries. Some of you will be quite surprised by how some of these administrators are jacking up their incomes. In addition, you also want to look at this link. This will show you that Oklahoma although is not 49th in the nation, we are not far from it at 47th.  Average classroom size is 16. The Average pay for teachers is $44,343. Percentage of education budget spent on teachers 34%.
We went to all the states in the surrounding area after that and here is what we found. Colorado is ranked 36th. A teacher’s average salary is $49,228. The average classroom size is 17. Now that’s not that much different than Oklahoma. Percentage of education budget spent on teachers 29%.
We next took a look at Kansas. We found this on the internet. Kansas is ranked 22nd. Teachers Salary averages to $46,598. Classroom size averages 14 students. Why are they doing so much better than Oklahoma? Percentage of education budget spent on teachers 35%
We next went to Arkansas to see how they were doing. We found this article .Average teacher salary ranked at 42nd. Average Salary $46,500. Average Classroom Size is 15. Percentage of education budget spent on teachers 25%
We next took a look at Missouri to see how they stacked up. We found this report. Missouri ranked 45th . Average teacher’s salary was $45,321. Average classroom size was 13. Percentage of education budget spent on teachers 35%.
We next went to Louisiana to see how well they were doing. Here is a report we found on them. Louisiana ranked 27th in the nation overall for teachers salary. Average teacher’s salary is $49,006. The average classroom size is 14. Kind of makes you wonder why they have so many failing schools. Percentage of education budget spent on teachers 33%.
We next visited New Mexico’s page to see what information we could get off of it. Here is the web page. New Mexico was ranked 30th with an average class size of 15. The average salary of a teacher was $48,638. Percentage of education budget spent on teachers 28%
Then we went and visited Texas. We found this site. Texas has by far the largest school system we visited. It ranked 39th overall. Teachers’ salaries average $46,888. They have an average class room size of 16. Percentage of education budget spent on teachers 37%
They all look to be pretty close, but what makes the difference between us here in Oklahoma being ranked 47th in the nation and being ranked a lot closer to the top. We hear the tired old argument of throw more money at the problem all the time, but this time, it can be done without adding a penny to the budget. We gave you a link earlier that proved it could be done.
Now we won’t use any names here, or school districts, but they can be found here, Teacher and School Administrator Salary Information | Oklahoma State Department of Education. I think you’ll find these dumbfounding. Understand that there will be a paragraph break for each individual. We’ll only list the district once.
District 1008   Superintendent     Base Salary         $63,380.00
                        Teacher                Base Salary         $10,620.00
                        Teacher                Base Salary         $12,000.00
                        Teacher                Base Salary         $12,000.00
That doesn’t include the fringe benefits such as a housing allowance.
District 1003 Superintendent    Base Salary    $99,500.00
                                                  Salary in lieu of fringe $  6,600.00
Then it goes on to list 5 fringe payments totaling $13,194.00. Seems to us he should give that $6,600.00 back and let it go into the class rooms.
We for once take a stand with the teachers saying more funds are needed for the classrooms, but not from the state coffers. Those funds must be recouped by the school boards from the hideous contracts they make with administrators. No more can it be tolerated $148,000.00 a year contracts for a Superintendent for a school district as small as a Guthrie School District. No more can a nationwide search be held for a superintendent while qualified and willing candidates are within our own school districts.
It must be made clear to all administrators that their contracts are up for renegotiation annually based on performance. It must further be made clear that those administrators that take on teaching or principal duties do so without additional compensation. That money is better spent in the classroom on our students instead of their perks and privileges.
Capital Update
The tax cut bill made it through both chambers this week.  The last House vote on the issue was passed 54 to 40.  A few conservatives were concerned that core functions of government can’t be funded until abusive tax credits are reined in prior to tax cuts and wasteful government spending is under control.   SB 1246 lowers the tax rate 5.25 percent to 5 percent, taking effect in 2016  only if state revenue grows. The bill authorizes a second tax cut two years after the first, cutting an additional .15 percent.  
The Capitol bond issue was shot down once again. SB 2044 went  down 62 to 34, reflecting a desire to hold back on spending millions of dollars for bond sale commission and interest payments in favor of submitting the issue to a vote of the people through a state question.     A House joint resolution is in process that will call for 120 million in bonds if approved by the popular vote.  We are not in favor of the resolution because law makers are just passing the buck and they could easily chop enough wasteful spending or unproductive tax credits to begin repairing the Capitol.
Crazy Anna Runs for Congress
One of the challenges that came with running the 2012 Ron Paul Oklahoma campaign was some of the “leaders” in the Ron Paul movement and few were as difficult as Anna Flatt out of Carter County.  Crazy Anna earned her moniker early in 2012 after repeated abusive calls to the Ron Paul National Campaign to call for my dismissal as state campaign coordinator.  Initially Anna had stepped up to serve as our county coordinator but paranoid behavior quickly caused us to replace her quietly which led her to begin her phone campaign.   Crazy Anna was convinced that I was an imposter and not connected to the Ron Paul campaign despite an official 2012 Ron Paul campaign website email address.
What set her off?  A discussion on notifying people of the last day to register as Republican to be able to vote in the primary.  There were two dates floating around and it was a weekend with no chance to call the state election board to verify so we sent out the word to the county coordinators to use the earlier date for now and that we would follow up with the later date if it turned out to be accurate.  The other reason was Crazy Anna had asked if I could find some speaker for the meetings in Carter County.  Yes, she was told, but prepare for the fact that those running for statewide office would probably try to recruit volunteers for their campaign if they spent their time and money to travel all the way down to Carter County to speak.
That set the poor woman off in a screeching rage, claiming that to “lie” about the registration date and that to have to endure a solicitation for volunteers was “dishonest”.  And thus began Crazy Anna’s phone call campaign.  After the first report was made I got a call from the campaign staff and I forwarded the emails that she had been sending.  The next day I was told to not respond to any messages, emails, or phone calls from the woman they had tagged as “Crazy Anna”.   Sadly this behavior was pretty common from the grassroots Ron Paul “leaders” in the 2012 campaign.  They wouldn’t work to call voters or organize the campaign but they excelled at raising hell with anything that the national campaign sent out.
After the primary in March out task in the state campaign turned to recruiting and vetting qualified candidates for the GOP elections for delegates to the National Convention.   The campaign wanted every single candidate vetted for unstable behavior, criminal background check, and willingness to follow the rules to avoid embarrassing Dr.
Paul, and willingness to follow the campaign strategy at the convention.  And of course since the delegates were bound under state law to cast their ballot for the winner of the primary in their district, we needed people that understood that to refuse to follow the law was both illegal and unethical.   Crazy Anna didn’t fit that specification to put it mildly.  But after the leaders of the grassroots Ron Paul campaign began ostracizing the National Ron Paul candidates for delegates and running a second, unauthorized slate of delegate candidates, Crazy Anna was what we got to represent the Ron Paul community.
And of course the nut job made it to the national convention and broke the law by refusing to cast her ballot for Mitt Romney who won the primary in her district.
But the Ron Paul community supported Anna in Carter County and elected her as the County GOP Chairman, not a difficult feat because a dozen or two people showing up at the county meeting would be enough in most counties to elect a chairman.  The problems started again once Crazy Anna filed for congress without resigning her GOP chair post.
It has long been the custom that GOP officials step down prior to running for election to avoid undue influence over other Republican candidates in the primary.  Even the notorious Bobby Cleveland stepped down as acting chairman to run for office, so when GOP state chairman Dave Weston called Crazy Anna and asked her to step down he was just doing his job.   Of course Weston pressured a lot of people after the filing period closed and he may have violated the law in several instances according to reports given to the Sooner Tea Party but Crazy Anna’s case wasn’t one of them.
Cronyism has been a real problem in the GOP.  People that helped establish and maintain a county GOP have a vested interest in defending their roles and they tend to keep outsiders at arm’s length, discouraging fresh people from coming in and making a difference.   Crazy Anna’s unethical retention of the GOP chair post isn’t any better than the RINOs doing the same.
And really, filing for office against one of the most powerful men in the state, one that has a massive political machine at his disposal including campaign consulting firm and a mailing facility, without having some sort of campaign staff or war chest is absolute insanity.  It reeks of mental instability or a lack of common sense to think that you can win without money for signage, campaign expenses, and rely upon a few dozen grassroots volunteers to cover one fifth of the state.    The 2010 challenger in that district was R.J. Harris and he got a lot of traction with the grassroots community and put on an underfunded but credible campaign.  What gravitas he earned was as quickly thrown away once he announced his run for president in 2012, earning him a reputation as a crackpot because he hadn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of putting on a national campaign.
How conservative is Crazy Anna?  On her website she brags about supporting John McCain and Rep. Pat Ownbey who has a 2013 RINO Index score of 23.  Of course she makes an issue out of legalizing drugs, supporting gay marriage, open borders, and the rest of the way out there libertarian stances.   Sure there are some arguments on the side of some of those debates like legalizing drugs but they are not politically viable and to adopt such a radical and unpopular platform is a suicide mission if you are running for office.
And of course none of her outlandish positions are reflected in the Oklahoma GOP Party Platform so she is asking Republicans to elect her despite her opposition to party goals and that makes her no better than the man she is trying to replace.
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