15 July 2019  

Now is the season of active travelling and sports, when we spend every convenient moment outdoors.
In the present newsletter, we draw your attention to the benefits of solutions that will help you transform your home, office or sports facility in a smart way and how to be mobile in a more sustainable way.
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Have a nice summer!
Maya Kristeva
Exclusive proposal by Vaios
How can you track and manage your home and office remotely via automation solutions?
Vaios, exhibitor of Smart Cities 2019, offers smart solutions for homes and office buildings. Explore the company's special packages that are designed to deliver comfort, peace and efficiency. More

Which are the uncompromising vehicles for eco movement in the city and for off-road adventures?
We'd like to introduce two models of electric bicycles, produced by the company E-Mountain Bike, an exhibitor of Smart Cities'19.
The pictured model will offer you adrenaline in unlimited doses whenever you want it. It could give you an unforgettable adventure in the open air with moto speed. More
България: Министърът на транспорта на България: Търсим финансиране от ЕК за електротранспорт през новия програмен период
Свързано изображение
E-mobility is gaining momentum in Bulgaria

'We are looking for EC funding for electric transport during the new Programming period' 
Bulgaria, together with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, will seek funding from the European Commission (EC) for electromobility projects in the next programming period, Nino Dimov, Minister of Environment and Water, announced at the opening of the National Trust Ecofund Annual Event (NTEF), which took place at the Ministry of Environment and Water. More
The recently developed Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for Sofia gives priority to pedestrian and bicycle mobility.
The municipal program "Green Sofia" announced a scheme of 200 parking places for bicycles and electric trotters. A special regulation for the electric trotters is being introduced in the capital and electric bicycles are already being proposed for rent.
A new report shapes the future of cities
The Smart Cities Stakeholder Platform (partner of the SEE Smart Cities) releases news about the recently finalized Future of Cities report, produced in the framework of the EC Knowledge Centre for Territorial Policies.
It highlights drivers shaping the urban future, identifying both the key challenges cities will have to address and the strengths they can capitalize on to proactively build their desired futures. 
The report is supported by an online ‘living’ platform. More
Високотехнологични спортни съоръжения – част 2  
High-tech sports facilities
In the previous issue of TD Installations magazine popular modern solutions for digitization and connectivity, access control and accommodation, as well as platforms for overall management, were presented. Among the highlights of the second part of the article are: Advertising campaigns and ticket sales, Payments services; Energy efficiency and environmental friendliness; Concepts of the Future Sports Areas. More
Smart Cities 2020: 7-9 April
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