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Febraury 2017
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  • A Tribute to Herr Klaus Bommers
    by Frank O'Leary
  • NADKC Membership Dues
  • Veterinary Corner
    by Phil Kress, DVM
  • Member Profile
    by Ralph Martinez  
  • 2017 WR Fall Schedule
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 A tribute to
Herr Klaus Bommers
July 15, 1939 – January 22, 2017
by Frank O’Leary
We met Mr. Bommers in June of 2005 at his castle in Düboslar, Germany.  We were there to pick up a Hege-Haus pup (Atlanta) and had the pleasure of spending two days with Mr. Bommers, his wife Renate, daughter Rita, and son Klaus.  This was the first of thirteen trips we have made to Düboslar relating to our dogs in training with Mr. Bommers but most of all to visit the Bommers and for me to spend time with Mr. Bommers in the field, forest, and at the water with the dogs.
Mr. Bommers showed me so much and shared so many training secrets.  It was very a special experience and I will always be grateful.  What makes it even more special is the fact that Mr. Bommers spoke as much English as I do German, yet we communicated effectively and when we didn’t we would say “Rita”.  When we returned to the castle Mr. Bommers’ daughter would translate for us, she speaks perfect English.
Our trips to Germany will never be the same without being able to spend time with Mr. Bommers in the fields, or our evenings around the round stone table in the courtyard drink a Klösch, or at the Dodge City Saloon, our name for the Pub in Düboslar, eating Jâger Schnitzel with Heinz Ketchup (made in Düsseldorf).....
NADKC Membership Dues
The deadline for 2017 NADKC Membership dues is February 15th.  Each of you should have received your renewal statement via email.  Payment can be made using PayPal for your convenience.  Reminder, a $25.00 late charge will be imposed on those who fail to renew by February 15th.
Please renew now to avoid any inconvenience or late charge.
Veterinary Corner
by Phil Kress, DVM
Last month we talked about the steps of successfully breeding your female dog.  Now that she is pregnant one needs to consider proper nutrition.  Feeding a high quality dog food is a must.  Remember, you usually get what you pay for.  There is no significant body size/weight gain of the fetuses the first 35-40 days of pregnancy.  At week five food quantities should start to increase gradually getting to 1 ½ times the female’s normal ration by the end of pregnancy.  Food with highly digestible, increased protein and carbohydrate levels insures that enough building blocks are there for proper puppy growth.
One needs to plan ahead for where the mother will be whelped.  A warm, sheltered area that you can easily access and clean is desirable.  A tarp laid down with a square or rectangle of nailed together 2X6s on edge, then covered with a blanket,  is sufficient.  I don’t like a loose blanket that can have folds that will trap and suffocate a pup, or hide it so that the mother inadvertently lays down on it. 
Around day 42 is a good time to schedule another exam by your veterinarian.  He/she can palpate (feel) the dog’s abdomen for puppy growth.  If possible I like to ultrasound the fetuses to check for proper development and observe for normal heart beats.  Also, a 2-view abdominal x-ray reveals how many puppies to expect.  This is also a great time to arrange for whom to call if you should need veterinary assistance at delivery time (i.e., who’s on call and may I call day or night for advice).  
Member Profile
by Ralph Martinez
Hello, I am Ralph Martinez from Norco, CA.   I am thirty-three years old, married to my wife Kelly and the father of three Olivia (6), Ryann (3), and Riley (2).  I am a history teacher for ninth and eleven grade students and also a soccer coach at the school.
Throughout my training for the NAVHDA tests the late Guido Dei really became a training mentor to me.  With his assistance I was able to make Citori into a NAVHDA VC Champion.  Guido also convinced me of the benefits of the DK testing and breeding system.  In 2014, I purchased a pup from Guido's “C” litter, Cassandra vom Dei-Haus (Cassi).
2017 Western Region Test Schedule
The Western Region Board of Directors has set the Testing Schedule for 2017.  Please review the schedule and make your plans in advance to participate. 
You will notice that the schedule is more limited than in 2016.  The decision to scale back the number of tests was not an easy one for the Board but given the fact that we wound up cancelling two tests last year when dogs scheduled to participate withdrew we felt that this was the correct schedule to put forth.
We hope to have all the judges committed ASAP.  Please check the web page prior to entering and confirm that you do not have a conflict with your dog and one of the judges.
Additionally, when dogs are entered in the tests the entry fee will not be refunded if they withdraw.  We have to schedule the judges, fields, water, and the game.  Cancelling a test is not convenient for anyone involved, especially those who want to run their dogs and can’t because we don’t have the required number of dogs to comply with the rules or make it financially feasible. 
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