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Limited Special on Deeply Discounted Bulk Purchases of AFCNA and ABP Items
* We buy alpaca fiber! *

Deep Discount Sale on Bulk Purchase Items
** We're up to our necks in AFCNA socks! **
Offering Bulk Cases of Socks at DEEP Discount!

We bid on the closeout of 1000s of pairs of 
closeout Alpaca Fiber Co-op (AFCNA)
Hiker, Qtr Hiker and Dress socks.

Winning the bid, we now have TOO many! 
With lots of planned other products coming to our warehouse, we need the room!

 DEEP discounts on volume purchases
The socks come in cases of 120 (Dress) and 72 (Hikers).

Historically retailing in the $20-$25 range, bulk purchasers can get these socks right now for as little as $5/pair! 
The number of cases available for this special is limited.
We purchased ALL of the remaining Co-op inventory (at closing bid) of these items and are passing the discount prices to our wholesale customers on these popular items.

Choice Alpaca Products has also recently received ALL remaining inventory of
100% ALPACA Blanket Throws and Scarves from
The Alpaca Blanket Project (ABP)!
Choice Alpaca Products Alpaca Blanket Project 
Large volume purchase means lower prices
for these American Made high quality items.
Get a true piece of Alpaca Americana while you still can!
These too are available at DEEP discounts, for cases of 16 blankets.
Offer available only while bulk supply lasts.
We buy alpaca fiber!
It's easy!

With the Choice Alpaca FiberCall program,
get paid quickly for contributed alpaca fiber in popular
 wholesale alpaca products for you or your store.

We love making NEW Alpaca products and
do so frequently.
What would you like to see? 
email: product_ideas@choicealpacaproducts.com 
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