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May 2018
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  • Message from the Director
    by Frank O'Leary
  • Cedar Fort, UT Derby
    by Tyler Smith
  • Member Profile
    by Clayton Gaunt
  • 2018 NAKP
    Pierre, SD
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Message from the Director
by Frank O’Leary  
The Spring Testing season got under way with the Derby in Cedar Fort, UT.  There were two full days of testing with fourteen dogs participating.  By all accounts the event was very successfully thanks to the efforts of Test Coordinator Tyler Smith and his crew.  A full recap of the Cedar Fort event is included in this publication.
Spring testing will continue with the May 12th Derby in Walla Walla, WA.  Six dogs have entered the Derby and Zuchtschau.  Francois Aldrich, Jörg Kaltenegger, and Mark Peasley will be the Judging Team.  The test already has provided a bit of excitement.  Monday, April 30th, Test Director Hubertus Krieger notified us that his partner had been insured in a work place accident requiring him to be hospitalized for three to four weeks; therefore, Hubertus will be unable to attend.  Thankfully, Mark Peasley was available and able to step in.
In other Western Region news the Board of Directors has decided that we would not hold a raffle in 2018.  Hunt Oregon has generously provided the WR with a great four person three day hunt the last two years for our raffle and had made the same offer again for 2018.
Best to luck to all as you prepare for the Spring and Fall Tests.  In Walla Walla we finally are having some days that resemble spring.  The sun has been out and the weather is warming up. 
Best Regards,
Frank O’Leary
Western Regional Director
Cedar Fort, UT Derby
by Tyler Smith
This test had attracted a full field for 2 days of testing on April 6 & 7, 2018. 15 dogs entered the test. The excitement was big in Utah as there is much interest in the breed Deutsch 
Kurzhaar. The test took place at Utah’s legendary Wasatch Wing and Clay. This ground was settled by the early Mormon pioneers who came west. All 15 handlers and trainers were first time handlers. Some had experience in other versatile dog venues, however this was every handlers first DKV event. 
The first day started out in typical Utah spring fashion, rain showers. This allowed for near perfect scenting conditions (45 degrees, 5-10 mph winds coming from north west to south east, and slight rain). The judging team consisted of Senior Judge Mark Peasley, Test Director Jorg Kaltenegger, and Shane Loveland (VDD-GNA). The fields were a mix grass and CRP with a high ridge covered in sage brush on the west side for the gallery to view the dog work.
Dog 1: Baron vom Hügel-Hafen took the field handler and trainer Josh Morris. Baron search was wide and purposeful. Baron also showed very good pointing earning him a Prize 1. While Josh has handled dogs through other versatile organization test , this was his first DKV test. His experience as a handler was clearly evident. Well done!!
Dog 2: Caesar vom Großen Meer took the field.....  
Member Profile
by Clayton Graunt
My name is Clayton Gaunt, my wife and I were both raised in rural Nebraska and now reside in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  I am the luckiest man on earth to have met a woman like her, who not only puts up with all my hunting and fishing habits, but genuinely loves our dogs.  We are both very hard-working professionals, and I currently am a Safety Manager for a Large Commercial Construction Company with a home office in Centennial, Colorado.   Even though we both work hard, we enjoy our hobbies with equal enthusiasm.  We spend time together, golfing, fishing, hunting, Cross Fitting, traveling, loving our dogs, and spending time with friends and family.  As with most busy lifestyles by the time we work, workout, and run dogs the day is essentially over.
I am unable to recall a time in my life were a hunting dog wasn’t present.  I learned from a very early age the slogan “dogs a man’s best friend”, couldn’t be more accurate.  My dad owned Springer Spaniels from the time I was an infant until my early teenage years.  We tragically lost our last Springer Spaniel to a vehicle accident, and as any dog owner can relate this was devastating to a young boy.  When the heartache subsided, I kept begging my parents for another dog.  Eventually my persistence paid great dividends as my dad decided we were going to buy a German Shorthair, as he had been wanting a pointing dog.  This lead to the eventual purchase of General Rex Roscoe, who I claim as my first hunting dog.
Rex affected my life forever and taught me more life lessons than I could have ever in return. From that time forward, I have been blessed to have owned German Shorthairs or Deutsch Kurzhaars.  My next two German Shorthairs were named Gaunt’s Czar and Clayton’s Isis. We recently lost our black female German Shorthair Isis (named after the Egyptian goddess of love, beauty, and fertility) unexpectedly to cancer.  We still have Czar at an amazingly in shape, and ornery age of 13.   We mourned the loss of our girl, Isis and over time my wife and I decided it was time to get another dog. This would allow me to continue chasing my crazy obsession with upland game hunting and pointing dogs.  This led to the eventual purchase of Willow vom Holtvogt in February of 2018 a Deutsch Kurzhaar.  As with anything you chase passionately, there is a natural obsession for progression.  I had always wanted a “full German dog” and enjoyed the overall history and story behind the breed. I also like the breeding standards, and the versatile ability of the dogs that standard creates.
2018 NAKP
Pierre, South Dakota
The DKV will be holding the North America Kurzhaar Prüfung, in Pierre, SD, November 8 – 11, 2018.  This international event (equivalent to the IKP held in Europe) is held every two years and is only test of its kind held in North America.  This is a DKV event being hosted by the CDKA.
The activities for the test will be centered around Pierre, SD.  In addition to the field and water work there will be a breed show, receptions, judges seminar, and dinners.  The Test Director will come from Germany as will a number of the Judges and we are told there will be a number of dogs also making the trip.
It is worth pointing out that pheasant season in South Dakota starts the last week of October.  You can participate in the NAKP and have a SD Pheasant hunting trip all at once.
For information regarding the necessary qualifications to enter and the event itself go to and click on the NAKP link.
Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they will look forward to the trip!!
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