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EFT for Pets

Tip of the Month 

Did you know that pets can sense their owners' money fears and anxieties and may respond with their own anxious behavior?

If you're worried about money isses, you may want to try surrogate tapping for your pets, using these sample setup statements:

"Even though Mommy and Daddy are frightened by something I don't understand, I choose to feel relaxed and trust in their leadership skills."

"Even though I sense a scary energy shift in Mommy and Daddy, I choose to believe that I am still a good boy/girl and I am safe."


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DISCLAIMER: EFT is gentle acupressure and has produced remarkable results in relieving emotional and physical distress. 


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Happy St. Patrick's Day 

to my Irish Subscribers!

 "You'll only earn as much money as your self-esteem allows."  --Author Unknown

My brother likes to brag on March 17th that there are two kinds of people on St. Patrick's Day: Those who are Irish and those who wish they were.  The same might be said for wealth: there are those who are wealthy and those who wish they were.  Which are you?

The second letter of my RICH acronym in Relax and Grow RICH is I for Income.  Are you satisfied with your income?  If not, what's holding you back from earning the money you deserve and creating the lifestyle you desire?
Many of my clients request help with money issues, especially with the recession threatening the USA.  Common money fears include: 

        Fear of failure
        I don't deserve to be wealthy
        People like us don't ever have a lot of money
        No matter what I do, I will never have enough
        Fear of not being safe if I'm rich
        People will want to borrow money from me
        People will love my money, not me
        I won't know who to trust with my money
        Fears of abandonment and rejection
        My loved ones will leave me if I don't share my money

        Family and friends will be jealous of my wealth and reject me
        I'm afraid I'll have to find a new circle of friends if I am rich
       Fears of success
        Rich people are snobs and I don't want to be a snob
        Family members will feel inferior if I earn more than they do
        I might be a bad money manager and lose all the money

Using EFT to Blast Income Fear Blocks

Are you ready to blast away your blocks to being a money magnet? 

Read the above example fears and write down any that apply to you.  Next, think back to your childhood and what your family believed about wealthy people and money.  Write down any negative expressions from that time of your life.  Things that our parents told us, like "You have to work very hard to earn a lot of money" are not necessarily true, but are likely stuck in our energy system and preventing us from attaining the income we'd like.

After you've written down all the negative beliefs and fears you have about a lucrative income and money, turn each one into a setup statement and tap it away.  I created the below setup statements using one fear from each section of my list above:

"Even though I'm afraid I don't deserve to be wealthy because I'm not working hard enough, I choose to release this stupid fear NOW!  I prefer to believe that working smarter not harder is the key to wealth and I work smarter starting today!"

"Even though I'm afraid that people will love my money, not me, if I'm rich, I now tap away this silly fear!  I know I am a loveable person and will attract to me the perfect friends and a sweetheart who love me for who I am, not what I have."

"Even though I am afraid that my family and friends will be jealous of my wealth and reject me, I now release this ridiculous fear and focus on earning an incredible income in 2008 and beyond"

"Even though I'm afraid of earning a large income because I think I am a bad money manager and might lose all the money, I choose to release this fear.  I prefer to believe that I will earn so much money that I will HIRE a professional who can manage my money far better than I ever could!"

 See how easy it is? If you're still feeling blocked about money issues and don't know why, please contact me to schedule an EFT session to blast those income blocks!  My surrogate muscle testing techniques can flush out hidden, subconscious blocks to your financial success!

Have a joyful month...

... and keep on tapping! 

--Colleen Flanagan, EFT-ADV  ~

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