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Mid-October 2011
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  1. Your Community Update: Get "Forgive to Win!" book & 155 Bonuses only on Oct. 18th (EDT)!
  2. Self-Healing Article: How to Forgive YOURSELF for body-mind-emotions wellness.
Your Community Update
Forgive to Win!
Most of us have difficulty forgiving others, whether they be family, colleagues, friends, sweethearts or polliticians for whom we voted only to feel cheated and betrayed.  We all KNOW forgiveness benefits OUR health and peace, but sometimes it's tough to do.
That's why Dr. Walter Jacobson wrote "Forgive to Win!" which includes his easy, effective Forgivness Diet. He's a board-certified psychiatrist who's been helping people for years to overcome self-sabotaging behaviors blocking their happiness, health, relationships, AND their success and prosperity.

Today, October 18th only (EDT) when you order this extraordinary, life-changing book, you will receive 151  BONUS GIFTS WORTH THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS from people like myself who partnered with Dr. Walter on his book launch. We believe in the power of his Forgiveness Diet to help you transform your life and destiny! (We're not earning any profits from the sales.)
Dr. Walter included 4 bonuses of his own in this amazing package, too. Read what the experts and lay people have said about Forgive To Win! Check out the awesome bonus gifts being offered by everyone at

Dr. Walter says this about Forgive to Win and his Forgiveness Diet:

"I wrote Forgive To Win! because during my many years helping people as a board-certified psychiatrist, I realized that the cause of most people's unhappiness, depression, anxiety, anger, and frustration with their health, their relationships, their career and their finances is self-sabotage.

Most people get in their own way. They don't do things they know they need to do and when they do take action they make poor choices that impact negatively on their lives and keep them from attracting and manifesting all that they desire and aspire to accomplish.

When I started teaching my patients the secret to ending their self-sabotaging behaviors (spiritual techniques and cognitive tools designed to increase self-esteem and eliminate guilt, shame and self-loathing deeply embedded in the unconscious mind), their emotional turmoil subsided and their lives got better!

I realized that the Forgiveness Diet, my structured 90-day program for ending self-sabotage, was something that could benefit a great many people, particularly those who repeatedly buy self-help books but don't get the results that they desire.

My Forgiveness Diet is not complicated. And it works! With diligent practice and persistence, you can:

Be successful in your career.
Generate wealth & prosperity.
Be successful in your relationships.
Generate love & harmony.Increase self-confidence.
Eliminate fear & worry.
Be happy & healthy.
Get in shape.
Live long & live well.

When you re-program your mind to neutralize your negative, harsh Inner Critic, that voice inside yourself that subconsciously causes you to sabotage your opportunities and best efforts, EVERYTHING CHANGES! Opportunities miraculously appear. Positive people are attracted to
you who cooperate with you, share their blessings, and help you to succeed and prosper! There are NO LIMITS to what you can accomplish with Forgive To Win!"

Today's the day to make a renewed commitment to your happiness and success. GO RIGHT NOW to, order Forgive To Win!, download the 155 FABULOUS BONUS GIFTS which are AVAILABLE TODAY ONLY, and watch your world get better! 

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Q: How do I get over my OWN fears that if I forgive my actions, I’ll continue with my bad behavior?
A: Most of us have this fear. We’ve all said or done things we later regretted. We keep beating ourselves up, telling ourselves how bad, stupid or insensitive we are, as if punishing ourselves is going to make us a better person.
I used to heap tons of blame on myself for many things. From eating an extra piece of cake to causing emotional pain via dating breakups, I chastised myself and let the guilt times roll.
As I did emotional release work on myself for various physical conditions, I found years of self-unforgiveness causing everything from joint inflammation to skin bumps to back pain. I cleared my unforgiveness and the conditions vanished.
Forgiving ourselves for making unwise choices won’t open the doors to making those choices again. It will bring more peace, joy and spiritual-emotional-physical healing to us.
Here’s the steps to clear the fear of forgiving yourself. Combining this with Dr. Walter’s “Forgive to Win!” book and bonuses could transform you into a master of forgiveness!
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Wishing you prosperity, peace, love, and successful healing results!
Colleen Flanagan, EFTCert-I & FREED Founder, is the world's trusted authority on finding & clearing painful emotions that prevent the healing of stubborn physical & emotional conditions. She resides in Phoenix, Arizona, USA but helps people and animals worldwide.
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