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Starting with Season 2, all our mixes are being mastered by Jay Frigoletto (Oasis, X-Men 2, India Arie, etc.) at Master Suite. Jay rocks - check out his toys HERE or read his blog about fun things like dither, sampling rates, and all things digital HERE
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The Singles - Season 2: Krankypants
Krankpants, "episode" #3 of The Singles - Season 2 is available today! Click HERE to download!
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Notes from The Commissioner
About Krankypants
Fair warning: If you're easily offended, you probably shouldn't listen too closely to this song! Started as an homage to Ministry (one of The Mayor's biggest influences), Krankypants is crude and filthy, but seriously tongue-in-cheek. Krankypants, the song, features the secretly-taped mutterings of Krankypants, the man. Ironically, despite his gruff demeanor, Kranky is an amazingly sensitve, award-winning jazz pianist, arranger, and accordionist. He's easily one of the best improvisers I've ever worked with...or even seen for that matter. And on some level, that talent translates when he's telling his very un-PC stories - you might get a little disturbed, but they're funny as hell and told with a certain.....shall we say, "flair" ;-)

The Music
Here's a good drummer joke (and it's funny because it's true): We had recorded most of this song around a programmed drum part, but it just wasn't clicking. During one tracking session with Lou Caldarola, we played him the song and asked if he wanted to replace the programmed drums with a live part. Lou goofed around a bit, and ended up recording a few measures each of the four or so "standard" Ministry beats. We edited the tracks he cut, fit them into the song, and a few weeks later sent Lou a rough mix of the result. His response was: "I love this song - who played the drums? They're awesome!" He still doesn't remember tracking this song....

cover art: "Mmm...yuck" by Tone Deaf
Conrad St. Clair: keys, programming
Mike Stehr: bass
Lou Caldarola: drum kit
Chris Huntington: guitar
Beaker: guitar
Tone Deaf: wow
Krankypants: voice samples
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