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Mozambique - Rising Star
Someday I guess, film industry will read the history of Mozambique and make a blockbuster movie out of it. Consider this story line. A prince from Zimbabwe does a “salt march” a few hundred years before Mahatma Gandhi. Prince Mutota (that’s his name) quest was to locate a new source of salt for his kingdom and so traveled east and came to Mozambique. Here he ends up setting a new kingdom that grew with time to become known as the Mutapa Empire, heralding the start of a flourishing civilization.  For several centuries, this trading empire enabled people across this large territory to live in peace and security under a stable government and succession of rulers. The Mutapa Empire provides an example of indigenous working system of government in Africa that is today largely (and wrongly) assumed to be absent before the advent of Europeans.  In contrast it is the arrival of Europeans that signaled the start of long period of decline, subjugation and suffering that is only now showing signs of recovering....Read More  

The Mozambique I never knew
Listen how Indian women from different backgrounds and places in India are living in Mozambique. Hear their personal experiences about the culture, values, food, lifestyle, climate, language and people...Listen Now
Diamond in the Rough
Listen what successful businessmen, researchers and entrepreneurs have to say about opportunities and challenges of doing business in Mozambique – a rising star in the world economy...Listen Now
Mozambique a low profile country, better known as just Africa to outside world. Mozambique is name of just 1 nation among the 53 nations that AFRICA Continent has in total. Mozambique is approx One fourth the size of India however Mozambique’s population is less than 2 % of Indian Population.....Read More
Mozambican Proverbs
You cannot dance well on only one leg.
Witch doctors do not sell their potions to each other.
...Read More
Listen as H.E. Dr.A.K.Amrohi (Indian High Commissioner, Mozambique) welcomes Indians and shares his experience of working in Mozambique; His views on business opportunities and the path ahead for Indians in Mozambique...Listen Now
The Beautiful Mozambique 
Listen as H.E. Mrs. Yamini Amrohi (wife H.E. Dr. A.K. Amrohi, Mozambique) shares her enriching experience of living in Mozambique as an Indian, citing her close association with the local society...Listen Now
This remarkable anthology of children's stories by famed Mozambican writer Paulina... Read More
Santos : Guitar Hero
Read this amazing story about Santos and his songs about HIV. He brings hope and sends messages through his music ...Read More
Run a Business in Africa
Africa has a large sector for growth and development listen to what the I4A contributor's had to say about this topic... Read More
Aunty Rao: Habit Wise
The stillness in the cloudy weather is indicating that it will start raining in a few moments.
Standing in my balcony, I am enjoying the dark clouds when my thoughts are interrupted
by a phone call...Read More
Mozambique Top 10
Limpopo Transfrontier Park: A massive swath of land that comprises national parks in Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe View Now
It must have been somewhat less than a decade ago that I landed in Maputo airport sometime late morning. ... Read More
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