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Cat petition...
Lost cat goes to England....
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Pet Food Info...
Pet first aid book...
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This cat killer needs to be punished for beating his girl-
friend's cat to death because he got scratched. (Has any of
us never been scratched by our beloved kitties? Duh... and


You can read about the incident there before signing the
petition. And don't forget, The Petition Site exists for
people to start their own petitions on important issues, so
if you have something you need to bring to everyone's attention,
you can use their services, too.

Thanks to Donna for sending in this information.


"Lost" Cat Travels From France to England

About a month ago, a cat turned up in
the offices of the company, Displaysense, of
Hertfordshire, England, inside a shipping crate
from Lille, France.

Displaysense is the UK's leading supplier of
display equipment for retail stores, including

A clothes shop owner in France had ordered
a wrong gender mannequin, so packed it back
up and returned it. Luckily, he sent it by next
day courier service.

The cat, named Etoile, which is French for
"star," made the 200-mile journey in fine shape.
She was a little shaken when surprised workers
were greeted by a cat in the crate when they
opened it, but seemed to enjoy the attention on
her arrival.

Another bit of luck... she was wearing a collar
with her name and address written on it. Her
owner was contacted, and he made arrangements
to get her back.

[Side Note: Statistics show that 95% of lost
cats with no identification never get back home,
but 95% of cats with some form of identification
DO get home.]

Story link:


Last issue I mentioned a litter box odor control spray called
Smart Scoop Odor Control. Thanks to Jean for researching the
best price, here:


Now we need someone to tell us if it works!


My good friend Nancy Dutton just completed her poetry book
project and got her book listed at Amazon.com! Way to go,
Nancy! Here is her listing for her Book of Animal Poetry:



As pet owners become more and more aware of feeding issues
for their pets, more choices are available as new companies
arrive on the scene and some of the older stand-bys add new
foods to their line-up. An increasingly popular way to feed,
for example, is raw.

More pet owners are preparing homemade foods, too, which is
putting the petfood industry into a tizzy, so you can expect
to see more advertising about supposedly "natural" foods on
shelves now. But be careful... much of it is just hype. Most
of those new foods are no more natural than the old formulas.

If you think about it, before animals became pets, and before
commercial foods were sold in stores, people often shared their
own foods with animals if they felt so inclined, or simply
left them to find their own in the great outdoors.

And what did they eat? Why, they hunted. Cats, in particular,
are still adept hunters (providing they were taught by their
mothers) and eat MEAT. This is what Nature programmed them
to do.

So why do so many people feed them cereal?

Somewhere along the line, petfood manufacturers found they
could save money by using grains, usually corn meal, as a
primary base for food, and added what the industry calls
"palatants" to make this mash taste like meat. The side
effect over so many generations of cats fed such unnatural
foods has been the appearance of many new diseases and
conditions never known in cats before, such as diabetes,
arthritis, kidney diseases, and of course, obesity.

The argument is that outside cats didn't live long enough to
get sick, but now that they are often kept indoors, they get
what many think are diseases of old age. I don't agree, but
it's more complicated than we have room for here.

We can debate the point some other time. For now, here is a
list of natural pet food companies you might want to explore:

http://www.onlynaturalpet.com (several brands, including
Nature's Variety)

A note from Ashley:

Hi Roberta! I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for
the article/info about the new carb-free, high-protein dry
foods out there. I started Zooey and Clack on the Wellness
brand Indoor Health variety cat food. ...

They are a lot more active and playful, their coats are shiny
and more oily and there has been no vomiting.

I feel really great about feeding them something so good
for them.

Thanks again!

WEB SITES to explore

Get Dr. Jones' new ebook on Pet First Aid:

Be sure to sign up for his free e-course and also download
the free ebook on how to heal your pet at home. I just got
mine and have printed it off to have handy if I need some
information or advice in a hurry. It's 36 pages and applies
to both dogs and cats.

Check out the video on my website, at the bottom of the page:

Another cute video is on my other page, also at the bottom:

A cheery thanks goes out to Paul DeCeglie in Thailand
for his contribution of some cute cat jokes, which I'll put
in here one at a time until we run out of them! Paul is an
American writer based in Thailand and does a newspaper
column called Pattaya Today. He can be reached at
mrwritepdc @ yahoo.com.

Today's joke:

Cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature
has a purpose.
-- Garrison Keillor

(Tell that to a mouse... eek!)


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