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GOP Convention Battles Continue
Cheryl Williams, the State Committee Woman for Oklahoma County made a great post on her face book page that covered the battle at the Oklahoma County Convention on March 3rd.  Having an insider be so bold as to set the record straight is amazing, and it speaks volumes for Cheryl’s courage and integrity.  The comments posted in response to her article were illuminating as well and the information stung some of the RINOs that have worked so hard to keep the Republican Party from integrating newcomers or following the wonderful 2011 State GOP Party Platform.
Here is another link to read the article if the facebook page isn't up.
That wasn’t the end of the fallout over the Oklahoma County Convention battle as several counties circled the wagons and excluded Ron Paul supporters in fear of having their corruption exposed.
First up to bat was Steven Taylor, the County Chair of Bryan County.  Stephen took the equally bold approach of telling Ron Paul supporters that they simply wouldn’t be allowed to be a delegate to the District or State conventions based upon the fight at the Oklahoma County Convention.  Taylor specifically mentioned the name of the Ron Paul State Director, stating that the Ron Paul organization was just too “pushy”.
Once word got back to the campaign, State Chairman Matt Pinnell was given the information along with the phone number of one of those Republicans that were excluded based upon their support of Ron Paul. 
Rule 3 a of the 2011 State GOP Rules calls the right to participate is sacred and inviolate.  The rule explicitly states that the abridgement or willful disregard of this right is sufficient grounds for the removal of any officer or committee member.  The rule is quite specific and explicit on this matter and the rule is front and center, not buried in the back of the rules.  Obviously those who formulated the rules understood that without this protection the Republican party would become corrupt and wither.  One could say that those that wrote the rule understood human nature better than most.
So it was with much surprise that after the Ron Paul Campaign called for the dismissal of Steven Taylor that nothing was done right away.  Indeed all that occurred was one of the women that complained got a nasty and intimidating phone call from Steven Taylor:  
Al thank you for standing up for my sister and I,  we are both so new and still learning so it's nice that we have you,  not letting them pull the wool over our eyes!
Stephen Taylor called my sister this afternoon and chewed on her butt pretty good, as though it was our fault. Said he would be calling me next!    I am a little scared am not gonna lie, I am not for confrontation but I guess I better hurry up and get over that!  It's just so sad that we have to fight them too; we just wanted to have our voice heard, to be involved.  Well anyway thank you again Al.   Your one courageous man!  I guess I will wait now for Stephen to call and chew on my butt!  ; )
State Chair Matt Pinnell did offer to seat both ladies as delegates on the Bryan County, an offer that was initially refused due to the intimidating tactics of Bryan County Chair Stephen Taylor.  After some reflection and assurances that the Ron Paul Campaign would stand behind them, the two ladies accepted State Chair Matt Pinnell’s offer.
To: ""
Subject: Delegates for Bryan county
Matt I just spoke with my sister and she was FURIOUS at me for saying no to delegates so YES please have Stephen Taylor add us delegates.   I was kinda on the spot this morning wasn't sure what she wanted me to do but.  We are both confirmed we want to be delegates and maybe Spencer since Stephen Taylor left him out in the cold too.
Thank you so much
Bryan county
Cxxxx Axxxx
But allowing two people to reclaim their right to participate doesn’t erase the early stain of excluding Republicans based on their support for a particular candidate nor does it erase the basic fact that Bryan County Chair Steven Taylor refused to include other Ron Paul supporters after they contacted him at the precinct meetings to be included as a delegate.   All that Bryan County can offer as an excuse is that their Chair selected 19 delegates and called for a vote to accept the slate of delegates. But once again the State GOP Rules are violated.  Rule 16 h declares that all delegates are to be elected at the precinct level and specified as either “Open” delegations or “Delegate/Alternates”.   Here is another Bryan County Republican that didn't get to be a delegate thanks  to  Chairman Stephen Taylor:
Hi Cxxxx,
I haven't heard anything from him.  The evening of the party meeting he took down names and said something about they normally had to call people to be delegates for the county.  Sounded ignorant then but I really didn't want to point that out to him since he didn't seem to understand the process himself to make sense.  Anyway, as I remember I gave him my name and number and haven't heard anything.
And another email expressing the dismay of being disrespected:
I will call Matt this morning, and i will email a few other people from first meeting that wanted to be delegates, but I'm certain to no avail.  They kinda say one thing and do another. So I'm sure even if they put us on delegate list at this point we would not have enough people to vote us as a delegate, but guess that doesn't mean we should be EXCLUDED!  There were five at first* meeting including my sister and I that were asking about delegate process. And obviously got no answers from Stephen .    I did call my sister this morning so she could send you a letter of what was said between her and Stephen Taylor yesterday   Both her and I are leaving town tomorrow so I may not have contact with you until Monday in case you call or send email and I don't respond.   Thank you so much!
*State Chairman Matt Pinnell did respond to these emails and noted in surprise that according to the email complaint that there were now five Republicans excluded from the process in Bryan County rather than the two that I first brought to his attention.  Only three have been in contact so far.
Furthermore, Rule 5 b specifically states that the precinct committee (Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary-Treasurer) is the supreme Republican authority for the precinct and no one other than the precinct committee may remove a qualified delegate from the county convention.  Bryan County bypassed all of this by selecting individuals to represent their county rather than holding precinct meetings to elect the delegates.
Bryan County GOP Chair Stephen Taylor claims that they called for anyone to ask to be a delegate before voting on the list of 19 that he had picked and no one spoke up.   Few would speak up after being told that they wouldn’t be allowed to participate nor would they speak up after asking several times to be a delegate and not making the list of 19.  I would say that they had been humiliated enough by Chairman Taylor to have the nerve to stand up in front of a crowd and beg for their rights.
Bryan County has been on our radar  before after a straw poll rules were changed after the poll had been closed and allegations were made by other attendees of various irregularities during one of their meetings.
 Below is an email and some notes taken by one of the Bryan County ladies:
Dear Al,
Cxxxx  asked me to put together a letter referencing the interaction of the phone conversations and the two meetings I attended at the Bryan County GOP meetings.  Please see my statements and previous notes below and let me know if you have further questions or if I can be of additional assistance.  I appreciate your looking into the matter.
First Meeting:
I attended the Bryan Count GOP meeting on Feb 6th at the Nazarene Church located in Durant, OK.  In attendance was the chairman Stephen Taylor, myself and at least 25 other attendees with the meeting lasting about 90 minutes and included a speaker from the Oklahoma Watch dog organization. In addition to the Oklahoma Watch Dog speaker the other discussions covered included state and local business issues related to Oklahoma.
 At the end of the meeting I spoke with Mr. Taylor the GOP Chairman asking about information on how to become a Ron Paul delegate. In response, Mr. Taylor told me that he would have to check into that and that there were 6 delegates done taken and that there was 19 total delegates for our county.  I am new to the process of becoming a GOP delegate and was unaware that the delegate packets were to be issued at this meeting.
 It has been 6 days since the meeting and I have not heard back from the GOP chairman in regards to the information or packet in becoming a GOP delegate.  I am inquiring on what steps I should take in regards to the meeting held on Feb 6th and any other further action I can take to become a GOP delegate?
Phone Interaction:
I asked Stephen Taylor on our first meeting that I attended (Feb 6th) on how to become a GOP delegate and he stated he would have to get back to me. I never heard back from Stephen on the issue and while researching and trying to understand the process I began trying to research the GOP rules and found that I should be coordinating with my precinct chair.
 I called the Bryan County election clerk who referred me back to Stephen Taylor.  Stephen Taylor never followed up with me on the questions concerning the GOP delegate information so on March 1st or 2nd I phoned Stephen to see if the Bryan County GOP party had a precinct chairman for my precinct and I gave him the number of my precinct and he asked if that was Bryan Co, I said yes he said he would have to get back to me and Stephen never got back with me on information on the GOP delegate or information concerning the precinct chairman.
Second Meeting:
On March 5th me and my sister Cxxxx Axxxxx attended the GOP county convention meeting, we walked in and Stephen asked if i was Cxxxxxx Gxxxxx and I said yes, he then handed both Cxxxxl and I a red colored paper with delegate wrote on it.  We were not told instructed of the process or exactly what we were to do. The group proceeded on with the meeting and then the meeting went right on to nominating delegates in which they starting calling off names of 19 people in which they did not identify themselves and I did not know if they were actually in attendance at this meeting.
Stephen Taylor nominated them and Hollie Gerrod seconded that motion and the people held up the red colored paper and nomination was over.  Then Richard Engle spoke and then there was another speaker, and the meeting was over in about 90 minutes total.  Then Stephen Taylor came over and talked to us about voting for the delegates and that he did it that way because he was afraid of the Ron Paul people showing up.
Phone Interaction:
March 6th Stephen Taylor called me to see if I had a problem with the way he conducted the meeting and that he had been called by the state republican committee man.  I told him that I had not complained and that my sister Carol Ashley had called a county coordinator that she had met at a rally and that it had went from there. 
Stephen continued to explain to me what had happened at the meeting and the reason he did what he did concerning delegates.   I had to explain to him that I have been trying for a month to get information from him on delegate information and precinct chairman and that he had not responded to my request and ignored my reaching out for help.  I expressed to him that I was interested in trying to stay informed about Local and State and Federal levels of our government so that I could help in engaging my neighbors on what is going on and helping the GOP in their efforts.
 Then he preceded to tell me that he didn't know me and that I would have to nominate myself for a delegate and that the other people they nominated had been involved in their meetings for about 2 years and I told him that I have been attending for about a year now and based on my limited knowledgeable that he had not followed the rules and nor did he help me when I was trying to be informed, involved and be of help to the GOP party.
Cxxxxx Gxxxxxx
Bryan County wasn’t the only county GOP organization that retaliated against the Ron Paul campaign for standing up for Republican’s rights on Saturday.   Cleveland County continued their amazing ability to stymie transparency and the rule of law.
Bobby Cleveland and Lisa Shrieves
Several weeks ago after some grassroots Ron Paul supporters were planning to go after Cleveland County Chair Bobby Cleveland, the state campaign stepped in to negotiate to avoid any acrimony between the two groups.   At contention was the list of delegates that were moved forward from the February precinct meetings to the county convention on March 10th.   As the stories of corruption and dirty tricks were still resonating from 2008, along with the problems in 2011 when County Chairman Bobby Cleveland decided to require an “application” before divulging the location and time of the precinct meetings, the local Ron Paul community was in no mood to trust the Cleveland County GOP.
Al called Bobby and in return for a copy of the delegate list at least ten days in advance of the county convention, as called for in State GOP rules, the grassroots Ron Paul supporters would back off attacking Bobby politically.  All was well till the day arrived when the list was to be provided and the Vice Chair Lisa Shrieves emailed refusing to send the promised list.
Some claim that Al’s return email was harsh but knowing that an agreement had been breached, the checkered past of the Cleveland County GOP organization, and the likelihood that Ron Paul supporters were once again set to be hosed down the email was both restrained and good tactics.  Of course the proof of the pudding would be revealed once the delegate list was scrutinized for problems and refusing to provide an electronic copy was a big old red flag that Cleveland County didn’t want that list scrutinized without first causing some delay and a lot of trouble.
But Cleveland County Ron Paul supporters went down to the County GOP Headquarters and took pictures of the list that was taped to the inside of the window and started entering the data into a spreadsheet.  What came out after a few days was a list of 42 problems ranging from Ron Paul supporters that had attended the precinct meetings being thrown out as delegates, to having people that didn’t attend the precinct meeting added as delegates.  Some delegates were demoted to alternates, and both open and closed precincts had more people added as delegates, in violation of State GOP Party rules.
Local Ron Paul supporters started sending lists in to the County GOP organization pointing out problems and many of the Ron Paul supporters that had been expelled went down Friday night to try to clear up their case.  Despite all of that, there was another three hour long credential meeting that delayed the county convention on Saturday morning and not all problems were addressed at the convention.
Local grassroots leaders did manage to do a fairly good job of getting the rules changed to allow those left behind Ron Paul delegates added at a later date but what is the likelihood of Cleveland County GOP adding people once the convention was closed?  At the convention you could vote to force them to do the right thing, you could embarrass them in public but once the convention is over the same old corrupt party officials are still in charge and any fight has to occur at the district and state conventions.
More indicative of the complete corruption and disrespect for the State Party rules was Cleveland County Chair Bobby Cleveland kicking out Al, the Ron Paul State Director, and another delegate.    Bobby brought a couple of sheriff deputies over to Al before the meeting was started, stating that “a few people didn’t want Al present at the convention”.  When asked to name the people, Bobby declined to answer.  When asked to show what rule allowed someone to be thrown out of a county convention Bobby again refused to answer.
And the delegate that was thrown out?  What was the “crime”?   Cleveland County Chair Bobby Cleveland stated that the delegate had “argued” with him.  Apparently standing up for a State Director of a National Campaign that was getting kicked out for no reason isn’t allowed, or is it that you have to agree with Bobby on all things to be allowed to participate?
Now this happened after both men had paid their $10 admission fee and received their badges.    As for allowing others to decide who gets to stay and who gets kicked out, I can tell you that 40% of the attendees would have loved to kick out the 60% of the Ron Paul supporters.  At what point did we start allowing people to decide who gets to participate?
After being ejected by two sheriff deputies and while waiting for a sheriff supervisor to arrive so that the ejection was documented, Bobby Cleveland came outside and “allowed” the delegate to go back inside.   After being told that violating rule 3 a was sufficient cause to remove him from office, Bobby Cleveland retorted that “You would be doing me a favor!” and stomped back inside.  Bobby must have had second thoughts because after the supervisor had arrived, Bobby came back out and said that Al could re enter as long as he didn’t cause “trouble”.  When asked if Al had caused trouble to get kicked out the first time, Bobby snorted a rude answer and stalked back inside.  And yeah, that wasn’t a typo; they illegally threw Al out twice!
Cleveland County had done a masterful job of confusing the Ron Paul supporters at both the precinct meetings and at the county convention.   One of their more masterful tricks was to not put the number of votes allocated on the precinct packets.  If you didn’t know how many votes were in a precinct, you couldn’t decide whether or not to leave the precinct open or closed (delegate/alternate).  What would happen was two people would be present at the precinct meeting, both were elected as delegates and then they ”closed” their precinct so that the corrupt Cleveland County GOP wouldn’t add more delegates to water down their votes.  So then the corrupt GOP officials would remove one delegate, leaving “their” person as the only delegate. The proper method is to send both delegates with half a vote each.
Is this possible to kick off an elected delegate?  No, not without breaking the GOP rules but if it were possible a decent and honest person would be calling both delegates and asking what they prefer be done.
Even more egregious was the fact that Cleveland County had gone to the trouble and expense of renting two halls for the convention!  They put what they thought were the “safe” delegates in one room and put other delegates in the room across the hall.  Their excuse was that “the fire marshal wouldn’t allow more than 208 people in the main hall so they set up an “overflow” room.   B.S.!  Everyone remembers the town halls in 2009 with packed, standing room only crowds squeezed into rooms.  Even worse was the Cleveland County GOP stationed “guards” at each door and kept the doors shut!  Why?  Because they had dozens and dozens of empty chairs in the room!
The “overflow” room (reminds me of someone describing a basement flooded with sewage) had a big screen TV so that the second class delegates would be “allowed” to watch the proceedings in the main room.  Which leads us to why Al was kicked out the second time.
A lady Ron Paul supporter had asked Al for help resolving her case because after nearly three hours this woman still didn’t know if she was a delegate or not.  After asking that someone come out of the “guarded” room to address the lady’s concerns, a Cleveland County official named Melinda Daughtery who is also the State Committee woman for Cleveland County arrived.  Melinda gave the same old non answers and said that the lady Ron Paul supporter would have to sit in the “overflow” room until her case was resolved.  Al asked if the overflow room was wired with a microphone so that the delegates sitting in the room could participate or object to motions using Roberts Rules of Order and Melinda snapped “No!”   Al then asked why they were being treated as second class citizens without the ability to participate.  Melinda stormed off in anger.
Melinda Daughtery second from left
So it was no surprise when a few minutes later a building manager showed up with another deputy in tow to tell Al he had been accused of “harassing” a woman and was going to have to leave.   Al asked the building manager what would happen if someone accused the building manager of molesting a three year old in the bathroom, would he be asked to leave as well?   The point, drenched in sarcasm, was that an accusation was just that, and it wasn’t enough that someone claimed something without some sort of proof.  When asked to identify the accuser the building manager hesitated, then said he wouldn’t identify the accuser.
So once again the State Director of a national campaign was thrown out of the convention, this time ordered to leave the property immediately or be arrested.  Al asked for the supervisor to show up again to document the ejection but the deputy said that if the deputy showed up that Al would be arrested for trespass.   The deputy did understand what was going on though, even made the comment that “ I am caught in the middle.  This is just politics and I am being used as a tool to commit a crime.”   With that, the deputy agreed to take a minute to call in the incident to the dispatch room so that it would be entered on the dispatch log.
Eventually we are told that all the delegates and alternates were allowed to sit in the main room.  Must have been a miracle that there suddenly was plenty of room, and the meeting went on.  Ron Paul supporters reportedly did a credible if somewhat torturous job of getting some of the problem cases solved.  The problem was that those grassroots leaders were more concerned about avoiding any scandal for the Cleveland County GOP than representing Ron Paul supporters.  In Oklahoma City we didn’t leave a soul behind, in Cleveland County that can’t be said.
So it is little wonder that Cleveland County GOP officials went to so much trouble and strife to avoid giving over a list of delegates and chose to break State GOP rules by throwing out anyone that was a threat to this getting exposed.  They also went to a lot of trouble to get Al thrown out so that the leadership wasn’t there to protect all of the Ron Paul delegates.  It turned out that there were enough to win the day, around 60% Ron Paul supporters according to several estimates and indeed Bobby Cleveland found himself losing several key votes. 
The issue though is that one shouldn’t have to go through hours and hours of political mischief to protect one’s political rights, the State GOP ought to be proactive in these cases and read the riot act to these corrupt county organizations.   I can tell you one thing, if the GOP wants to split the vote in November, they could do no better than disrespecting Ron Paul supporters with all this corruption.  If the GOP wants to be the cause of a third party being born, they could do no better than to behave as they have the past few years.
This entire mess has been laid at the feet of State GOP Chair Matt Pinnell.  In his defense, when we talked late last week I told him that I didn’t expect trouble at the Cleveland County GOP Convention because Bobby Cleveland had been acting nice.  But after a week the Bryan County ladies still haven’t received a call from Bryan County GOP stating that they were delegates and no doubt both are too intimidated to call Bryan County Chair Stephen Taylor.  But there is more than enough proof in the emails that the ladies sent and from the phone call where Matt talked to one of them. 
  The Cleveland County fiasco is newly laid in his lap so Matt needs some time to investigate but the proof is there, Bobby Cleveland and Melinda Daughtery are both guilty of breaking rule 3a, refusing to allow a Republican to attend a Republican function.  One of the witnesses sent this reply after being sent a picture of State Committee woman Melinda Daughtery:
“That is 150% her. She was sitting up front during the delegate meeting. She was conversing with the shorter officer after you were thrown out right beside the overflow room. They were whispering. I walked past them to try and catch some of the conversation and they immediately stopped talking.”
We did receive a call from State Chairman Matt Pinnell late Sunday night before this story was published.   Matt assures us that these are serious issues, that the Bryan County delegate list will be corrected before it is sent to the State GOP for use in the District and State Conventions.  Matt also assured us that the issue of Bryan County Chair Stephen Taylor, Cleveland County Chair Bobby Cleveland, and Cleveland County State Committee Woman Melinda Daughtery will be addressed either before the conventions using an executive session, at the Credentials Committees before the conventions begin, or that we will be able to address the issues from the floor of the convention using Roberts Rules of Order.  We also discussed the possibility of drafting new State GOP rules to prevent these corruptions from occurring in the first place and the possibility of presenting these rules at the State Convention.
All we want is to clean up the party, Matt.   Make the Oklahoma GOP an organization of rules and law, not one that one uses brute tactics and lies to accomplish political goals.  We can choose to hire plenty of goons and deputies to keep people in line at the conventions or we can choose to respect the rules and respect the people and not need to turn the conventions into a police state format.   But what we are calling on Matt to do immediately is to return a sliver of integrity to the State GOP by removing Stephen Taylor, Bobby Cleveland, and Melinda Daughtery for willful disregard of a fellow Republican’s rights.
But make no bones about this, if we need to challenge an entire county or even entire counties delegate list to punish bad behavior we will be ready to do just that from the floor of the convention.   By cleaning up the State GOP, by forcing GOP officials to follow the rule of law, we begin the process of forcing politicians to follow the GOP party platform and to keep their campaign promises.
Budget Shortfalls and our Big Spending Government
Can We Afford Their Big Government Ways?
By R.H.
Recent reports from the Oklahoma Tax Commission have indicated continued growth in the amount of tax collected from all sources. This is a good thing for Oklahoma. It indicates a rebound in our economy from the devastation of a deep recession and an increase in employment despite all the obstacles placed in front of it by the bureaucracy in Washington, D.C. But before you start to stand up and cheer, a closer examination of the numbers is required.
To begin with, Oklahoma has a Balanced Budget Amendment. This means that the Legislator cannot spend more than the state takes in each year. Any shortfalls must be made up by cuts, or borrowing. With liberals in power in the House and Senate, and I include RINO Republicans in this group, they chose to borrow to close the gap. This left the state in debt, which added a budget item to the next budget year. We also have a “Rainy Day Fund” for emergencies. Now a budget shortfall is an emergency wouldn't you agree?
State Treasurers saw this recession coming a full year before the general public did. Beginning in 2007, revenues to state coffers from all sources began to decline. No one sounded an alarm. I guess they didn't think we had a right to know this information. This information can be found in a Center on Budget and Policy Priorities report here: States Continue to Feel Recession’s Impact — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities . The representatives providing information for this report from Oklahoma are State Tax Commission and the OK. Policy Institute. All of the information they provided were estimates.
Now they don't show any actual figures until FY09. In that year they indicated a shortfall of $114 million dollars projected and closed when the budget was adopted. It does not indicate how it was closed. If I remember correctly, they were called back into special session to address a budget shortfall in the Corrections Department later that spring.
The FY10 budget indicated an initial gap that was closed by the time the budget was adopted of $777 million dollars. That was a huge number, and quite an accomplishment by the legislature. Unfortunately it appears to have been all accounting tricks. An additional $864 million was a projected shortfall a mere six months later. How was this made up? Where did the money come from? Did they drink from the cool-aid? No explanation was given. I do not recall a special session being called to address this shortfall either.
The FY11 budget comes along not looking much better. It starts out with a $725 million dollar projected shortfall that was closed by the time the budget was adopted. As I recall, this was accomplished with a combination of budget cuts and “fee increases”. Except some of the fee increases were challenged in court, and thrown out as illegally passed. So was the budget shortfall really closed?
My guess is yes and with a slight surplus. It was about this same time that Oklahoma's economy started to improve. Our un-employment rate started to decline. Our tax revenues started to increase. That along with a raid of the Rainy Day Fund made up for the rest of the short fall. They also failed to return the fees they already collected that had been ruled unconstitutional by the Oklahoma State Supreme Court. So yes they did eventually balance the budget.
For Fy12, they closed a $500 million dollar gap in the budget. Again budget cuts and fee increases were how they accomplished this. With Oklahoma's economy looking better, the shortfall was less. They even found money to place into the “Rainy Day Fund”. It's funny how this fund works. It's always there, but when we need it, it never seems to have money in it.
Now FY13 is a complete mystery. No figures have been released yet. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. From the bills I've seen under consideration, the big spending RINO Republicans and liberals are having a spending spree that even President Obama would be proud of. Speaker Steele and his cronies are pushing a “Social Justice” agenda that includes several soft on crime bills, cutting spending to the Department of Corrections and letting repeat habitual sex offenders out of jail with ankle monitoring devices instead of jail time. The Senate is doing their best to implement Obama/Fallin care despite the fact that Oklahoma voters overwhelmingly rejected both and they're doing it without recording and publishing for the record committee votes.
The Great State of Oklahoma is in a financial mess. For too long we have let the liberal Democrats and liberal Republicans run this state. Now they are taking their cue from the D.C. Politicians and trying to borrow our way to oblivion. WE THE PEOPLE must now be heard. It's time the political class in this state be reminded that they work for us, not the Corporations and not the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. Demand no more borrowing to close shortfalls. Use the “Rainy Day Fund”. That's what it's there for. No more legislative pay raises until our financial house is in order. For those that don't want to live within the means of the state, resign. For those that refuse to live within the means of the state, we know how to vote you out.
It isn’t Thanksgiving Yet, Why mess With a Turkey?
Last year Representative Doug Cox presented the same type of bill to honor the nation of Turkey in a resolution.  One of the conservative Republican Representatives asked former Israeli ambassador Yorum for his take on the resolution:
Shalom xxxxxxxxx,
This is not an Israeli issue.  It is an American issue. 
The proposed resolution is oblivious of Turkey's policy toward the US and its most vital interests. 
Since 2002, when the Islamic party became the ruling party, Turkey has switched over from a US-driven policy to an Islam-driven policy. 
For example, Turkey has become an ally of Iran and Syria, getting much closer to Putin (who attempts to resurrect the USSR hegemony in his region and beyond).  Ankara has been supportive of Hezbollah and Hamas – two major terrorist organizations in Lebanon and in Gaza respectively – and has embraced the IHH, a notorious Turkish terrorist organization, which supports Islamic terrorism in Europe and beyond.  
The current regime in Turkey attempts to restore Turkey's grand era as a ruler of the Muslim World, at the expense of the USA, while advancing the fortunes of Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and Syria.
Hang in there and hang tough, 
Rep. Bennett objected to this & they changed it to a Citation instead of an HR.  Rep. Reynolds added the amendment that if anyone receives any free trips from Turkey they should not introduce this legislation.  Here is that amendment:
State of Oklahoma

I move to amend HR1044

By striking the language on page 2 lines 10-14:
"WHEREAS, it is the policy of the Oklahoma Legislature to recognize the contributions of our allies and the value of maintaining beneficial relationships with allies of the State of Oklahoma, such as the contributions made by the Republic of Turkey and the value of our positive relationship with this ally.aa"
And inserting
"WHEREAS, it is the policy of members in the leadership of the Oklahoma House of Representatives to recognize the value of passing resolutions of this nature in order to continue to receive free, unreported, extravagant trips to exotic locations paid for by unknown sources."  by Reynolds...
RESOLUTION 1044 By: Cox 
A Resolution recognizing the many contributions made by citizens of the Republic of Turkey; and directing distribution.
WHEREAS, the Republic of Turkey and the United States of America are long-standing allies, both dearly cherishing the universal values of freedom, democracy and human rights; and
WHEREAS, in its alliances with the United States, the Republic of Turkey has demonstrated its commitment to world peace and liberty, as well as its tolerance of others in the secular and religious venues; and
WHEREAS, the Republic of Turkey is the world’s fifteenth largest economy and Europe’s sixth largest economy, is a valued trading partner with the State of Oklahoma, and is to be commended on its contributions to the global economy; and
WHEREAS, the State of Oklahoma and the Republic of Turkey have enjoyed a strong, vibrant and mutually beneficial economic relationship with the prospect of further growth; and
WHEREAS, it is the custom of the State of Oklahoma to welcome all who come to our state, especially those who come in the interest of friendship and commerce; and
WHEREAS, it is in the best interest of the State of Oklahoma to further cultivate the good relationship between Oklahoma and the Republic of Turkey and other Turkic Nations; and
WHEREAS, it is the policy of the Oklahoma Legislature to recognize the contributions of our allies and the value of maintaining beneficial relationships with allies of the State of Oklahoma, such as the contributions made by the Republic of Turkey and the value of our positive relationship with this ally.
THAT the Oklahoma House of Representatives recognizes the many contributions made by the citizens of the Republic of Turkey.
THAT an official copy of this resolution be distributed to Turquoise Council of Americans and Eurasians.
Oklahoma Insurance Act of 2012 - SB1629 –
We were all set to run this story this week on the Obama care/Fallin Care Health Insurance Exchanges but several things happened to cause us to question if the bill had been killed in the House and in the Senate.
First off during the GOP presidential watch party at the Marriott last Tuesday night, Senator Bingman approached Al, introduced himself and shook hands.  It was one of those handshakes that older men still do, sizing each other up in the process.  The conversation quickly turned to the Obama Care/Fallin Care bill that had passed the Senate the week before and how the public didn’t want Obama Care implemented in any form or fashion.  Bingman made an odd comment about the Senate not passing Obama Care and not wanting Obama Care, then said thank you for the email, and walked off.  The email that Bingman was referring to was sent a few weeks ago when the Senate bill was still in committee, pointing out that the Sooner Tea Party had generally left the Senate alone and concentrated on the House of Representatives, also pointing out that the Senate had been much more responsive to the will of the people, thus allowing the Sooner Tea Party to leave them alone to do their work.
However, the conversation with Bingman was a bit puzzling at the time but when a phone call came in late Wednesday night giving the credit to the Sooner Tea Party and two others for killing Obama Care this year, things started to make sense.
The story starts with one dedicated activist, Ronda Vuillemont-Smith  of the Tulsa 912 Group who was   working the Capitol on Wednesday pushing as discharge petition on HR 1004 when she saw a white board, basically one of those erasable marker boards, with a note that Glen Mulready’s  favorite issue, the Obama Care/Fallin Care bill was being dropped.  Ronda knew that Mulready was the author of last year’s Obama Care/Fallin Care bill, the leader of the public hearings on the program this summer and fall, and was the leading supporter of Obama Care/Fallin Care in the House of Representatives.  Seeing the bill being killed tweaked her interest.
That lead to a phone call between Ronda and Mulready where Mulready allegedly said :
“it was that crazy Dave Bell and that crazy Al Gerhart” and  Darren Gantz that killed the Obamacare bill”.
The story first came in from Northwest Tulsa, then was verified with Ronda Vuillemont-Smith via a phone call.   Ronda knows as do we all that the credit is much more widely spread, it took attacks from all sides and all angles to kill Obama Care/Fallin Care in Oklahoma, but it was nice to hear from the bill author’s own mouth that our brand of activism is effective.  We don’t hold rallies, we don’t go down to the Capitol and talk to the legislators very often but we do a lot of talking with the politician’s own constituents.
On reflection though, perhaps it isn’t quite yet time to hang up the gloves on Obama Care/Fallin Care this year.  This might be an elaborate trick to divert our attention.   It would be a good idea to make some more calls to thank the Senators and Representatives for finally killing off the bill and to remind them that you don’t want it brought up in any form or fashion.  Here is their press release on the killing of the bill:
And here is the story that we were going to run, then decided not to run, but decided to run it just incase.  And yes, that is as confusing as it sounds. 
SB1629 has all the markings of introducing Obamacare to Oklahoma. Federal tax dollars will be used as stated, “Title XIX of the Social Security Act” as well as other sources “otherwise specified or authorized by law”. One reason for all these sources is to create a “premium assistance program”. In short, socialism. Our State Republican Senators who are promoting this legislation are essentially saying that the way to stop federal socialism is with state socialism and then tag it with buzz words such as “conservative” and “free market”.  This bill has already passed a committee vote and appears backed by the governor. This means it is on a fast track for a Senate vote.
 Action - Send a single BCC email to EVERY Republican State Senator at once and ask them to oppose SB1629 when it comes up for a vote on the Senate floor.     
Preventing Enforcement of Federal Health Care Acts
– HB1276 – authored by Rep. Ritze
By staff writer
This helps to stop Obamacare …
This key text in HB1276 is self-explanatory. “The Legislature of the State of Oklahoma declares that the federal laws known as the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” (Public Law 111-148) and the “Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010” (Public Law 111-152), signed by President Barack Obama on March 23 and 30, 2010, are not authorized by the Constitution of the United States and violate its true meaning and intent as given by the founders and ratifiers, and are hereby declared to be invalid in the State of Oklahoma, shall not be recognized by this state, are specifically rejected by this state, and shall be considered null and void and of no effect in this state.” This bill passed out of committee.
Action – Call Rep. DeWitt ((405) 557-7332 and ask him to bring HB1276 to the House floor for a vote.

Defense in place of worship – HB2988 – Rep. Ritze
By Staff writer
Today, if someone forcibly enters your home they are “presumed to be doing so with the intent to commit an unlawful act involving force or violence.” As a result, you can defend yourself accordingly. HB2988 would extend this to “place of worship”. It has passed out of committee and is ready for a House Floor vote. Find this bill here.  
Action – Call Rep. DeWitt ((405) 557-7332 and ask him to bring HB2988 to the House floor for a vote.

Oklahoma Riot Control and Prevention Act
– SB1760 – Sen. Sykes
This key text in SB1760 is self-explanatory. “Nothing in this section shall be construed to allow any official of a municipal or state entity to prohibit or suspend the sale, ownership, possession, transportation, carrying, registration, transfer and storage of firearms, ammunition and ammunition accessories during a declared state of emergency, that are otherwise legal under state law.” This bill just passed out of committee.
Action – Call Sen. Schulz ((405) 521-5612 and ask him to put SB1760 on the Senate agenda for a vote
By R.H.
Editors note:  This story was originally seven pages long and about as well written as one could ask but the length demanded trimming down.  However, if you want a really in depth look at the consequences of this bill please read the entire unabridged story here.
House Bill 3061 is one of the most confusing pieces of legislation I have ever seen. The history of this bill is enough to leave one’s head spinning. This is the bill that Speaker Steele is pushing for the Governor on Tax reform. It was originally referred to the Rules Committee on February 7, 2012. It was withdrawn from the Rules Committee, for reasons unknown, on February 20, 2012, and given to the Appropriations and Budget Committee. The Appropriations and Budget Committee amended it and passed it out of committee on February 28, 2012 recommending a do pass. On March 1, 2012, the Bill picked up a Co-Author, Senator Jolley, as a principal author in the Senate. That same day the bill was “Emergency Remove” from consideration. I was unable to find out why it was removed.
Not listed in the history of the bill is on the very next day, March 2, 2012, a floor version of the bill was introduced on the floor. No explanation as to where this “floor version” came from or who wrote it. It was amended from the version approved by the Appropriations and Budget Committee. It's a full page longer. You can read the bill here: .
This bill is similar in nature to HB 3038, which has also advanced to the house floor. There are major differences though. This bill is slanted towards the upper class and has no set dates whereas HB 3038 is un-biased as to class and has set dates. We will go through them in detail in this article. You can read HB 3038 here:
As stated earlier, this bill was “Emergency Remove” on March 1, 2012. Without a vote of the committee, the floor version of the bill was submitted on March 2, 2012. How can Speaker Steele get away with this violation of rules?
Section 1. “A new section of law not to be codified in the Oklahoma Statutes reads as follows:” This is very suspicious. How can you create new law and not have it codified in the statutes of the States laws? It can’t be done. Should this law be passed with this wording, it would have no standing.
Section 4.B. In part “and ending not later than December 31, 2012, a tax is hereby imposed”.
1.      Single individuals and married individuals filing separately:
(g) 5.25% tax on the remainder for the 2009 and subsequent tax years ending not later than December 31, 2012.
These same rates apply for married couples filing jointly, only you must double the dollar figure. This is a significant tax cut. As it goes back to the tax year of 2009, you should also be able to file an amended return and receive an additional return from the state.
Section 4.C. In part “Nonresident Aliens. There shall be a tax imposed on nonresident aliens --- a tax of eight percent (8%) instead of thirty percent (30%)”.
Section 4.D. Corporations In part “ beginning after December 31, 1989, a tax is hereby imposed --- in amount equal to six percent (6%) thereof.” This is a disgrace. This code hasn't changed in twenty-three years.
Section 4.E. Certain Foreign Corporations. In part “ In lieu of the tax imposed in subsection C-- there shall be imposed on foreign corporations, as defined in the Internal Revenue Code, a tax of six percent (6%) instead of thirty (30%)”. Now if foreign corporations can get a tax break, why can't American owned companies get a tax break?
Section 4.G. Tax rate tables. In part “For all taxable years beginning after December 31, 2012, in lieu of the tax imposed by Section 2 of this Act there is hereby imposed for each taxable year on the taxable income of every individual, whose taxable income for such taxable year does not exceed the ceiling amount ----- tables which shall be determined by the tax commission.” In other words, it's a crap shoot.
Section 6 AMENDATORY O.S. 2011, Section 2357.22, is amended to read as follows:
Section 2357.22.A. In part “beginning after January 1, 2013, and ending not later than December 31, 2014, there shall be allowed a onetime credit against the income tax”
1.      for investments in qualified clean-burning motor vehicle fuel property placed in service after December 31, 201
4.      In part “Property which is directly related to the compression and delivery of natural gas from a private home”
In other words, they have eliminated all tax credits but one for electric cars. They are encouraging the use of natural gas conversion. That's understandable. ONG will install a fueling station in your home at no cost, provided you already have gas service. Natural gas is one thing we have an abundant supply of.
Section 7 AMENDATORY 68 O.S. 2011 Section 2358 is amended to read as follows:
Section 2358 A.1. In part “ There shall be added interest income on obligations of any state or political subdivision thereto which is not otherwise exempted pursuant to other laws”. They certainly want to cover all bases. Tax whatever they can.
If you are like a lot of the rural farm workers, young teen agers, college students and people just setting out on their own this bill is a disaster. This bill will truly give the Democratic Party an issue to run on in the fall. It benefits the wealthy and middleclass first, while placing the burden on the poor and those just setting out on the road of life. By cutting taxes on those who are single and making over thirty five thousand dollars ($35,000.00) and those who are married and making over seventy thousand dollars ($70,000.00) you place the tax burden on the poor. That burden is lengthened by not placing any sure dates on implementing these tax cuts, but by arbitrarily placing a five percent (5%) growth minimum on state revenue before a cut can be given. This will ensure the upper classes will see some if not all cuts, while the lower wage earners will be lucky to see any.
One thing is glaringly missing from this package going before the House. That is a Fiscal Report. Where is the fiscal report that should have been completed after all these changes made by the Speaker where submitted to the floor. After all they were submitted without a vote.
Speaker Steele this is another blatant attempt by you to gain favor with the Governor by pushing her pet project. Senator Jolley, you're just trying to gain favor with the State Chamber of Commerce. After all you need some campaign money. Governor Fallin, how dare you propose such an audacious, despicable plan. You were elected to represent the people of Oklahoma. Not just the middle class and the rich. Look after the people who really need it for a change. Let the Speaker and Senator Jolley know that unless there are major changes to this bill, you will veto it. By major changes I mean the first to receive the tax cuts are those making less than thirty five thousand ($35,000.00) dollars a year. They are the ones that need it.
Those of you in both chambers of the legislature should demand accountability of Speaker Steele and Senator Jolley. Demand a new Fiscal Impact Statement be prepared by the Tax Commission. Demand the little guy get the tax breaks first. Demand these changes, or vote no on this bill. We will be watching.
DHS 101
Modifying drug-endangered children provisions
House Bill 2251, by Peterson
By Ms. D.B.
This bill presented by Rep. Peterson allows the DHS to investigate as well as assess if there is drug abuse suspected before placing the child in a home. After reading the long list of violations the court found the state guilty of this is not much of a reform step. Not at this point anyway. I don't think that the state could possibly move any slower at reforming a dept. unless they had no legs and were blind.
There is absolutely nothing as urgent or as important as this. Not because there is an ongoing court interest, but because there are children that are still suffering each day that the legislators and Governor drag their feet. Why they choose to give this the back seat is unexplainable. First it makes no sense that the Governor has not backed this with a magnitude of funding and ongoing support. There can't be a more urgent or deserving cause. The money is there for whatever else that the Governor wants to indulge in.
The state was put under the watchful eye of the court to insure that the "clean it up" was taking place with the insertion of co-neutrals (babysitters).The state did attempt to have the case thrown out of court before complete defeat. They lost due to the mounds of nasty evidence. Nothing says "no integrity” like trying to dodge responsibility when you have been busted red handed.
So now months down the road this shallow bill is thrown out here as a token of attempting to be "doing something". This bill and its contents should be listed in the DHS 101 manual. It should be on the no thinker/given list of terms. When a state employee is responsible for placing a child it shouldn't matter whether there is a possible drug issue or not, an investigation as well as an assessment should be done every time. To place a child sight unseen is sloppy, lazy, and unprofessional. They might as well forget any type of regulation at that point and just spin the wheel of fortune. At this point in the game why insert something this lame and sterile?
 Experience proves that their judgment leaned toward failure. Every case and child is going to be unique and skills like looking outside the box are in order. You can’t simply hand them a piece of paper with instructions.  The children placed in the care of DHS are not there because they have a healthy home. Nor are they there trying to check into the Days Inn Motel. To handle the need properly requires that some thought, skill, and common sense be put into play. The children are there to obtain safety. To handle any given case without checking it out thoroughly is unacceptable.
In reading a report by an expert witness for the court he stated this exact concern." That being that the employees lacked the ability to assess or judge and therefore the children were often placed in harmful situations". If the state insists on keeping the same employees then they can't expect those same people to have an ability that wasn't there before. I have felt from the beginning that the main problem was that the staff was not qualified for the positions and lacked the proper skills to make such decisions. Now what I am seeing with these one or two lame bills is the possibility that the problem may not be just a personnel problem. The initial sin may indeed be from much higher ranks that are just as lacking, just as unskilled, and wearing the deer in the headlight face with the rest of the DHS staff.  Dragging their feet not just because they aren’t concerned, but also because they are clueless to the proper fix themselves. They are also at the DHS 101 level in search for reform.  It is a very sad situation for the kids and a very sad state indeed.
Marcia Robinson Lowry , direction of the Rights for Children was involved with the court Process concerning this case. Here are several comments that she had to say along with some headliners about our State .These headlines and comments can be viewed on the Children’s Rights website Watchdog:
"The system has long operated without standards or accountability, resulting in serious harm to Oklahoma’s children,” said Marcia Robinson Lowry, executive director for Children’s Rights. The state’s 10,000+ kids in foster care suffer abuse and neglect in their foster homes at one of the highest rates in the nation. I don't see how the situation didn't get out long ago. I don't understand" Marcia Robinson Lowry, director of Children's Rights, Children’s
John Goad A.M. expert witness /Childs Rights.Org:
“DHS’s pathetically deficient practices ensure that every abused or neglected child who comes into its custody faces an inordinately high risk of suffering further maltreatment on its watch.”
“When attempting to describe the children’s harm and suffering, the words that come to mind are incomprehensible, unimaginable, outrageous, and immoral.  Children in OKDHS’s care are more likely to be abused and neglected than are children in the care of almost any other state,” the author writes. “It is probable that all children who are placed in the custody of the agency are in danger of being placed with abusive, neglectful, and dangerous caregivers who OKDHS has failed to identify because of its deficient response to child abuse and neglect referrals.”  
Kudos to Key
HR 1004
The Sooner Tea Party fought for this bill all last year using robo calls and precinct work but we ended the session with around 50 or so of the 68 signatures needed.  The discharge petition is back again this year and drawing more supporters thanks to the election year and the beating we gave a few of the House members last year.   George Faught was one of those legislators that refused to sign HR 1004 last year but during the Watch Party at the Marriott on Tuesday night Faught agreed to talk to Representative Charles Key about the discharge petition.   Rumor has it that Faught actually signed the discharge petitition on Wednesday but we have yet to confirm that.
HR 1004 would put a stop to chairmen continuing their dictatorial control over whether a bill gets a fair hearing. As it is now, chairmen can kill any legislation they choose. This resolution relates to the rules of the House of Representatives.
The reason for the fowl odor at the round house has been because those in power have killed our government the Founders set up and now the stench is quite obvious. The process has always been one of ideas and Charles Key has taken a huge step to protect our free society. The end result would be to hold our representatives accountable. What a glorious concept!
More Picking Winners by the Government
Will They Ever Learn? 
 By R.H.
Where did we get all of these RINO”s from? Here we have a bill, HB 2978, written by Representatives Dank and Pittman in the House and Senator Mazzei directing what at the state level amounts to earmarks for pet projects in the form of tax credits. Haven't they figured it out that there is a better way to do business than to award tax credits? What do we have to do? Stand beside them and beat it into their heads? You can read the bill here:
They have declared this an emergency. What emergency? Has the world’s axis shifted turning us upside down? Have we been inundated with massive floods? Have tornadoes destroyed Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and every town in the State? I see no emergency here. The only emergency here is how fast they can line their benefactor’s pocketbooks.
Section 1. In part “NEW LAW A new section of law to be codified in the Oklahoma Statutes as Section 2357.501 of title 68”.
Section 1.B. In part “Any measure providing for a tax credit shall contain provisions pursuant to which any member of the public can determine the identity of any person or entity that benefits from the tax credit”. They put this in there as if they are doing us a favor. What are they doing giving these things out to begin with? This is the people’s money they are giving away. Why do they think they are any better at it then the federal government? Hasn't the recent debacle at American Airlines taught them anything?
Section 1.C. “Any tax credit shall provide for the creation of new jobs or the retention of existing jobs within the State of Oklahoma.” They've got this only half right. If they insist on picking winners and losers, then they should insist on new job creation only. That would not mean they couldn't give a tax credit to an existing company in the state. What it would mean is that existing company would have to expand its operation and add employees in order to qualify.
Section 1.D. In part “With respect to each fiscal year of the state, any tax credit shall be limited based on the total amount of credits that may be claimed by one entity”. This is good. A company is given 100 tax credits for employees but hires 120; it can still only claim 100. It limits the liability to the state.
Section 1.E. “Any tax credit passed by the legislature shall contain a date certain for the termination of the provisions authorizing the credit.” This is also a good thing, but it doesn't go far enough. This clause was added to placate the fiscal conservatives in the legislature. What needs to be added to this clause is wording to the effect stipulating that the entity will not be eligible for any additional tax credits for five years or so.
Section 1.F. In part “No economic activity that qualifies for a tax credit may occur without the project cost receiving prior approval by a state governmental entity”. Okay this is questionable. I don't have a lot a faith in “governmental entities” to do a proper evaluation of cost of a project. It is with deep sadness that I must say this states agencies are full of corrupt, political hacks that will do whatever it takes to get a project going no matter what the cost.
Section 1.G. “Transactions for which a tax credit has been authorized and which results in a reduction or potential reduction of state revenue shall be audited by the State Auditor and Inspector.” Having oversight is a good thing. I see the hand of fiscal conservatives in this clause. I hope they plan on hiring more auditors.
Section 1.H. In part “No measure containing a tax credit shall receive final passage by either chamber of the legislature unless a detailed fiscal impact analyzing the effect of the tax credit on the state revenue and upon the economy of the state is prepared”. I'm in wholehearted agreement with this. A fiscal impact statement should be accomplished on everything effecting state revenue done by the legislature, unlike some of the tax bills we see sponsored by Speaker Steele.
Section 1.I. “No measure containing a tax credit shall be considered during the last five (5) days of a regular or extraordinary session of the legislature.” This too is a good thing. We wouldn't these things coming up when all these legislators have on their minds is going home. I will add though, the length of the legislative session needs to be longer. The business of running the government is more time consuming and the legislators need more time to accomplish the job right.
Section 2. “This act shall become effective July 1, 2012.” Why? Are you in a hurry to line the pockets of your benefactors?
Section 3. The emergency clause. “It being immediately necessary for the preservation of the public peace, health and safety, an emergency is hereby declared to exist, by reason whereof this act shall take effect and be in full force from and after its passage and approval.” I dare any single legislator, from the Governor on down, to give me a valid reason as to how a tax credit effect the 'preservation of the public peace, health and safety”. It cannot be done. This section of the bill should be stricken, and if the bill is passed, this bill should be allowed to become law on November 1, 2012. This IS NOT an emergency.
Although this bill is well intentioned, it lacks sufficient grounds for passage. It once again fails to recognize that there is a better way to attract business to the great State of Oklahoma, by lowering corporate taxes to begin with. Let me explain it to you. Lower corporate taxes mean more corporations are attracted to Oklahoma. More corporations attracted to Oklahoma means more jobs in Oklahoma. More jobs in Oklahoma mean more sales tax revenue in Oklahoma. Can it be any simpler?
This bill authorizes the continued use of tax credits. This is something this state needs to get away from. There are more loopholes in here than there are in the I.R.S. Tax code. Vote No on this bill. We are watching.
Noodle Nelson;
Rep. Jason  Nelson
By Ms. D.B.
I have to wonder just what the incentive might have been that persuaded noodle Rep. Nelson to associate himself with such a full blown, wide open, fiasco of a dept. Like DHS. This wishy-washy, Capital wall-weed, is a man who has been lying low, spinelessly, doing his time, refusing to speak out on any topic, and only standing for something during restroom breaks.
This is a Rep. that came to the capital on the shirt tail of the Chamber of Commerce, and with the unveiling of resent findings it appears that his loyalty still remains with them. What does this say about Rep. Nelson? It says that he is not for the citizens of Oklahoma, but for his own personal gain.  Why would Rep. Steele give such a person the job of “leadership” to a department that is in serious need of strong direction when he could care less and has nothing to offer?
Where might he be leading them to? Off a cliff? His appointment as leader certainly isn’t due to his outstanding leadership and success with the areas he has headed so far. The only obvious answer would be, once again, for personal reasons. His political courage rating given was a big fat zero because of his refusal to speak on any given topic.
He was given this new “leader” position by his partner in crime Rep. Steele who was also listed on the same “Shameless” list.  Rep. Nelson had already been given the task of “studying” the DHS problem. He has been studying it for over 2 years now. So, how much longer did he plan to “Study” the situation before he busted a move and did something productive? When asked this question Rep. Nelson’s answer was about as deep as his study. His answer being, huh?
It is an understatement to say that he isn’t the man for the job. Most likely this is a back scratching situation.  Rep. Steele, who has also been “studying” the DHS dilemma for years, assigns his commerce comrade as bogus leader knowing he will only be a stool pigeon by doing nothing. It would, however, give him cover up control as needed.
Rep. Steele also handpicked the other 4 people that are to be working on the DHS reform.  Needless to say, nothing has been accomplished. You can see the drudgery in Rep. Nelson’s face these days. He appears to be miserable. You should have just said “no” Rep. Nelson. He now sits with the mother lode dropped in his lap.  Whether his intentions are for the love of money or for favors owed no one is sure. Regardless, the outcome will probably be the same.  The DHS project will suffer and he’ll get burned unless Rep. Steele throws him under the bus first.  Oh what a tangled web.
Send Jason an email and offer a spine transplant.  While you are talking to him or his legislative assistant, ask him to sign the HR 1004 Discharge Petition.
Representative Lisa J. Billy
Her Legislative Career  
Representative Billy first got into politics, apparently, when she was elected to the Chickasaw Nation Legislature in 1996. She served there; I'm sure, proudly until 2001. This undoubtedly whetted her appetite for politics. She was elected to represent the 42nd District in Oklahoma in 2004. Since being elected, she has been appointed an Assistant Majority Floor Leader and she sits as the Chair of the A&B Public Safety Committee. She also sits on the Agriculture, Wildlife & Environmental Committee, Appropriations & Budget Committee, General Government Committee, Long-term Care & Senior Services Committee and the Redistricting Southern Oklahoma Subcommittee. In other words, she is one powerful lady.
Checking her legislative accomplishments has been rather difficult. I was only able to go back through the last two legislative sessions, and from what I saw, it appears the Representative Billy was an average to slightly above average politician. In the 2011 legislative year, she sponsored four bills and a House Resolution. Of those bills, four died in committee, one died on the floor and three passed into law. The House Resolution also passed.
On taking a closer look at the bills she had passed into law, one was an almost sure fire thing. It dealt with the levels of radiation a person can be exposed to. New data had determined that the levels of radiation exposure needed to be changed and Representative Billy saw to it. Plain and simple. One was a soft on crime bill. That one got through because it fit with the Speakers' social justice agenda, and the last was a funding bill for Attorneys Generals.
She had one bill that died on the House floor without coming up for a vote. It was a bill for a bridge near Maysville. She also had four additional bills that died in committee.
Legislative year 2012 has been very good to her. She has presented only five bills and one resolution this year. The resolution passed. All five of her bills passed and are awaiting action in the Senate. I guess nice things happen when you become part of the leadership.
Let’s take a look at her campaign finances. They read more like those of a Democrat than those of a Republican, but you would expect that from a RINO. This last election cycle looked like this:
Chickasaw Nation $5,000.00
Choctaw Nation $5,000.00
Osage Nation $ 500.00
Ok. Assoc. Of Realtors $2,500.00
Ok. Assoc. Of Electric Cooperatives $1,000.00
Ok. Indep. Pet. Assoc. $1,000.00
Ok. Quarter Horse Racing Association $ 300.00
Associated General Contractors of Oklahoma $ 200.00
Citizen 1 $1,000.00
Citizen 2 $ 155.00
Citizen 3 $ 100.00
Citizen 4 $ 100.00
Citizen 5 $ 100.00
It should be noted that the names of the individual citizens are not revealed for this article. They can be found on Project Vote Smart.
Oklahoma Education Assoc. $1,000.00
Ok. Public Employees Assoc. $1,000.00
Ok. Society of Anesthesiologists $1,000.00
Ok. Assoc. of Nurse Anesthetists $1,000.00
Ok. Ed. Assoc. Fund for Children & Public Ed. $1,000.00
Ok. Assoc. of Optometric Physicians $ 600.00
Oklahoma City Firefighters $ 250.00
OKC Retired Firefighters Assoc. $ 200.00
Unified Chiropractic Assoc. $ 200.00
Ok. Assoc. of Career & Technology Education $ 150.00
OneOk. Inc. $ 500.00
Union Pacific Railroad $ 500.00
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF) $ 500.00
Chesapeake Energy $ 250.00
HCRW Candidate Fund Account $ 100.00
That's quite a lot for one campaign cycle in such a rural district. Since she first started raising funds, in 2002, for her elections she has raised $99,313.00. A majority of these funds have come from government agencies, and education. Labor organizations are running third. It makes one wonder where her loyalties lie. Do they lie with the people she was elected to represent, or to the government and education organizations that seem to fund her?
Her sudden elevation to a leadership position raises questions. The state is currently embroiled in a battle with the Chickasaw and Choctaw Nations over water rights. The two Native American tribes own them by treaty with the U. S. Government. The State wants them. Did the Speaker hope to gain a bargaining position by appointing her to a leadership position? I hope that Representative Billy is true to her commercials, and isn't shallow enough to be used that way.
Knowing all this is it any wonder that Representative Billy is beholding to Speaker Steele? Is that why she hasn't signed the discharge petition known as HR 1004? Representative Billy, is power so important to you that you would silence the voices of your fellow Representatives by allowing the dictatorial rules of Speaker Steele to stand? Sign the discharge petition or we will work against you in your next election.
CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood:
The “Five Phases” Plan – Part III
CAIR is at it again.
You may recall that in the last several articles we’ve been looking at some of the evidence from the U.S. vs. The Holy Land Foundation trial, the largest terrorism financing trial in America’s history. These shocking documents were seized by FBI Counter Terrorism Agents when they the raided the Elbarasse home and seized the “Archives of the Muslim Brotherhood in America” hidden in a secret sub-basement. Let’s review a few of the main points we’ve discussed in previous articles:
  1. CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism-financing trial in U.S. history.
  2. CAIR is a front group for Hamas, an organization designated as a “terrorist organization” by
the U.S. government.
  1. CAIR is part of the Muslim Brotherhood (more coming soon on the Muslim Brotherhood).
4.   The goal of the Muslim Brotherhood here in America was described as follows: “The (Muslim Brotherhood) must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their (our)hands ...“ (The Explanatory Memorandum, p. 7)
5.   Congress passed a law preventing the FBI from doing business with CAIR.
6.    The Muslim Brotherhood (i.e. CAIR) has a 5-Phase plan known as “Phases of the World Underground Movement Plan,” to overthrow the U.S. government and replace the Constitution with Shariah Law.
Two weeks ago we looked at the first three phases of the MB’s “Five Phase Plan.” From the feedback we’ve received, people apparently think that this some pretty shocking material, especially the video clip of DHS Secretary Napolitano testifying before Congress about the MB’s infiltration of DHS. This week we want to look at the last two phases.
Before I get started on the next point, however, I need to make a disclaimer. Since the last article, almost as if on cue, CAIR has written a letter to illustrate the next phase in the “5-Phase Plan.” Honest to goodness, folks, before I wrote this article I really had no idea that CAIR was going to write this letter and be so cooperative as to highlight the message of this week’s article.
Let’s get started. Following are the exact quotes from the “Phases of the World Underground Movement Plan,” along with my commentary.
Phase Four: Open public confrontation with the Government through exercising the political
pressure approach. It is aggressively implementing the above-mentioned approach. Training on the use of weapons domestically and overseas in anticipation of zero-hour. It has noticeable activities in this regard.
Commentary: There are two points upon which I want to focus:
A.      The “Political Pressure Approach”
In previous articles, we’ve repeatedly referred to the “Understanding the Threat to America” seminar, held recently in Edmond, during which we received the documents which we’ve been studying in our series of articles. Oklahoma’s office of Continuing Law Enforcement Education Training (“CLEET”) certified this program for annual credit hours and a number of law enforcement officers from around the state attended. Once CAIR learned, however, that CLEET had certified the course for credit (ESPECIALLY by the presenters from the Strategic Engagement Group, Inc.), CAIR launched a withering campaign against the Director of CLEET to get the credit hour approval for the seminar rescinded and someone joked, at one point, they thought CLEET was going to have to “erect a guard tower” outside CLEET headquarters to repel CAIR’s attack. As CLEET’s Curriculum Director and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation’s Legal Counsel found when they attended the seminar, however, the presenters focused primarily on the evidence from the HLF trial as well as the Muslim Brotherhood’s own documents. To their credit, CLEET officials withstood the barrage from CAIR and allowed the seminar to go forward as planned. THIS, MY FRIENDS, IS AN EXAMPLE OF THE “POLITICAL PRESSURE APPROACH” IN PHASE FOUR OF THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD’S “FIVE-PHASE” PLAN TO TAKE OVER THE GOVERNMENT AND REPLACE THE CONSTITUTION WITH SHARIAH LAW!
But CAIR wasn’t finished. When they failed to get CLEET to back down, CAIR turned its guns on local police departments. In a letter to the Dell City Police department dated February 27, 2012, CAIR sought to
intimidate Chief Taylor by making an “Open Records Act Request” which contained the following language,
                “We are concerned with DCPD’s exercise of oversight to ensure that the trainings
it funds, hosts, sanctions or participates in contain credible information by credible
experts about Islam, American Muslims and counterterrorism. It is our objective that
this request will provide the documents needed to comprehensively assess DCPD’s
performance in this area…” (See link to CAIR letter.)
The request then goes on to ask for information from, among others, the two presenters of the seminar. Let me remind you that the seminar to which CAIR so vehemently objected was presented by a former FBI Counter Terrorism Agent who was designated as a “Subject Matter Expert” in the area by the FBI, an Army Major who formerly briefed the Joint Chiefs at the Pentagon and the former Commanding General of Delta Force who was also a former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence. In addition, the presenters offered a letter signed by, among others, former CIA Director James Woolsey which said this about the seminar the presenters offered: “While all four of us [signers] were in senior positions in the U.S. Intelligence Community and should have been aware of this information-we were not. We first heard this critical information from the two primary presenters. Tell me, do you really think CAIR is concerned about “credible information by credible experts”? Once again, this is a timely example of the POLITICAL PRESSURE APPROACH.
B.      Weapons Training
Are you aware of the fact that there are currently over 30 terrorist training camps, complete with weapons training, currently operating here in America? As documented in the film “Homegrwon Jihad,” these are Muslim Brotherhood groups sponsored by a group out of Pakistan and our federal government is aware of these training camps but has not yet shut them down. Furthermore, I’ve been told that there is a report to be issued soon with evidence that there some mosques in America that have stockpiles of high-powered weapons stored there.
There is another piece of evidence from the HLF trial I’ve recently come across, however, that brings the issue of weapons training closer to home to the citizens of Oklahoma. In 1981 the FBI secretly recorded a conversation that took place in Missouri between a Muslim Brother named Zeid al-Naman and some other Muslim Brothers. In it, the following exchange takes place:
                Q: “You mentioned to us that there is weapons training at the (Muslim Brotherhood’s) training
                camps but I did not see that at all in the mid-southern region camps. So, would you explain to
                us the reasons?”
                al-Naman: “(I)n Oklahoma they started to be strict about letting Muslims use the camps.
                They would ask them, for instance, to submit their names and they would ask you to bring
                an ID or something to prove your name… These harassments exist then in the state of
Oklahoma, for instance. And these are among the reasons which made our brothers in the (region)
                to have their camps here in Missouri….” (See attached “History of the Muslim Brotherhood”
                transcript, p. 16)
Tell me, in view of CAIR’s “political pressure approach,” do you think that law enforcement officials here in Oklahoma today would dare to ask a Muslim for his ID “just” because he’s engaged in weapons training? Why don’t you ask Chief Taylor of the Dell City Police Department what he thinks the answer might be. I suspect that “these harassments” no longer exist in Oklahoma.
Phase Five: Seizing power to establish their Islamic Nation under which all parties and Islamic groups are united.
As stated in the seminar, the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is twofold: 1) Establish worldwide Muslim rule (a “Caliphate”) and 2) impose Shariah Law. While not all Muslims ascribe to the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood, we should no deceive ourselves. Phase Five is clear and needs no further explanation.
Remember, friends, CAIR has been identified as a Muslim Brotherhood front organization. Keep that fact in mind the next time you see a CAIR spokesman in the media. Forget the question of why ANY government would do business with a Muslim Brotherhood organization, why do we even allow an organization that advocates “Seizing power to establish their Islamic Nation” by use of force to operate here in America?
Remember also, CAIR has invited your state legislators to their Annual Conference on March 31st. Rumor is that there is going to be a little surprise for CAIR but if you don’t think your elected officials should be doing business with CAIR, why don’t you let them know how you feel? Stay tuned here to find out which legislators attend. Shariah Law, coming soon to a neighborhood near you, compliments of CAIR.
The Emasculation of Speaker Kris Steele
As a young boy I had a knack for breaking and training horses so people would bring me young horses, even older horses to break and gentle.  Occasionaly they would be young stud horses, males that had reached maturity and were becoming too difficult to handle around mares.   So I'd take them down to one of the older horsemen's place outside of town, back them up to a forked tree, wrap their tail around the trunk while someone else used a twich on the horses nose.  The old man would step in, castrate the horse, and the horse wouldn't make a wimper or move an inch.  Twitches are nothing more than a short stick or club with a small loop of nylon rope that is twisted around a horses nose, twisted tight, and you can do about anything you want to do to a horse and he won't even "twitch" or move a muscle.
The emasculation of Speaker Kris Steele was predicted late last year but few thought that the event would attract as little notice as it has.  Indeed we were caught unaware ourselves until a legislator pointed out that a lot of Democrat bills were passing through the House of Representatives, far more than normal with a Republican dominated House and Senate.
Looking into the story, we found that Floor Leader Dale DeWitt had recieved standing orders to not piss off anyone!   Watching some of the videos of the House action showed several conservative legislators amending bills just because they could and no one would object.  Speaker Steele is so afraid of any sort of showdown with conservatives or Democrats that the session has been described as a "lovefest".
One legislator warned that too many are not watching too closely and that bad bills are likely to be slipped through at the last moments.   Legislators are literally not paying attention knowing that most of the bills will be killed in the Senate, the only ones that seem to be unaware of this are the Democrats.
So what many expected to arrive in a flurry of action turned out to be done with nary a whimper from House leadership.   What we thought would be a very, very, contentious session has turned out to be as tame as a gelding.  This won't last though, something is afoot. 
 Two things are possible:
  1. JW Hickman's clique might have become disinchanted with Speaker Steele and might be discussing throwing in with the Democrats in overthrowing Speaker Steele.  If so, then they will move before too late in the session in order to have time to pass bills to pay their political debts.
  2. The JW Hickman clique has cut a deal with the Democrats and is planning another run at the Speaker designate slot for 2013.   The Democrats are savy enough to get their payment up front, thus the large amount of Democratic bills being rammned through the House.
Regardless of the reason, the House is unusually calm this session, so much so that legislator are relaxing their guard. Expect something to break before sessions end, something that would either knock out three to four Conservative legislators to tip the balance into the JW Hickman clicque's favor or watch for a sudden shift once the Democrats wise up to the fact that no matter how many of their bills get passed, passing  through the House and making it through the Senate are two different things.
Yippee Kia Yaeah  Speaker Steele.   Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.
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