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April 2012 Newsletter
Rethink…Energize…Action!  Connect Your Strategic Plan and Fundraising
NJ Nonprofits - Connect and Learn
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On this blog I write about a wide variety of topics of interest to nonprofits and provide information about new studies and surveys.
I co-host of this blog at with Priya Small who writes about evaluation.
I love blogging so much that I started this blog before my grandson was born. It has blossomed into a blog about grandparenting with product reviews and giveaways. Truly a different side of me.
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Rethink…Energize…Action! Connect Your Strategic Plan and Fundraising
This year I have been working with nonprofits on board retreats, strategic planning and overall capacity building. Each of these nonprofits has very different missions, but I’ve been noticing some interesting common threads. They are all dealing with external changes that are causing them to take a broad look at where they are and where they are going. So what’s changing? More.....

NJ Nonprofits - Connect and Learn
So many workshops today are done via webinar that it is getting harder to connect in person. But it really isn't the same. I confess that I frequently am multitasking on webinars and so I don't get as much as I should. If they are one way, I miss what I learn from the Q&A. But most of all there is no networking opportunity. The ability to network with our peers and business contacts is very important. There still are some inexpensive and excellent ways to learn and network in NJ and here a few events coming up in the near future.
Morris County Not-For-Profit Conference
Theme: Telling Your Non-Profit's Story - The Key to Success in 2012
April 26, 2012
Randolph, NJ
Registration info
Association of Fundraising Professionals – NJ Chapter
Monthly meetings and workshops
Meets at Pines Manor in Edison
5/10 – Awards Luncheon –Recognition of Outstanding Philanthropic leadership in NJ
6/14 – New Imperatives in Nonprofit Governance
Grant Professionals Association MidAtlantic Grants Conference 2012
Theme: Grantsmanship - Developing Your Winning Game Plan
May 21, 2012
Monroe Township, NJ
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