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Colleen volunteering at an Arizona Human Society Event


My sister and her children left their pet guinea pig, Dee-Dee, with me last night, before their vacation.

Dee-Dee acted very distressed after her long car ride and temporary move to my house which smells and sounds quite different from what she's used to smelling and hearing.

Her cries of distress echoed in my living room as she cowered under the plastic shelter in her cage. This was her first time away from home since they'd adopted her as a tiny baby.

My nephew, a big EFT fan, asked me to tap with him to help his pet feel safe.

First we imagined what Dee-Dee must be thinking and feeling about her frightening situation.  She was trapped in a cage, with no way to escape to where she felt safe.  We used these setup statements:

Even though I'm so afraid of all these new sights, sounds and smells, I release this fear and choose to feel safe NOW.

Even though I am out of my comfort zone, and I miss everything I know and trust, I know my human family love me and will keep me safe. I release my fears now!

Even though my instincts tell me to be afraid and run home but I cannot, I choose to release this fear and feel love in my new home. 

* * * *

Within minutes, Dee-Dee stopped crying, began hopping around her cage, eating, grooming herself and acting like a happy little guinea pig. 

Later, after everyone left for home, Dee-Dee again acted distressed and cried out for her family.  I tapped away her fears of rejection and abandonment by her loved ones, then did surrogate muscle-testing to ensure ALL her fears were gone.

No wonder my nephew insists that only his Auntie Colleen the EFT Practitioner pet-sits his precious girl, Dee-Dee!?


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    "More pets are lost on the 4th of July than any other day....Don't blame the fireworks or the people setting them off. These negative emotions will just feed your dog's anxiety; it won't help the situation." --Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer (July 2008 Newsletter) 

This month's column is to help our animals, but the information can be used to release fears of children and adults, too!

Tapping Into A Fear-free Pet

Do you have a pet who's frightened by loud noises, especially fireworks?  Even if your animal does not act afraid of loud noises, they most likely feel startled as we humans do when we hear an unexpected loud noise. 

As humans, we can identify the noise source, then evaluate if the situation is safe or not.  If we hear a car or motorcycle backfire, we can relax after we realize what caused the noise.  Animals DO NOT have that ability.  They cannot fight or flee and may remain on the alert for hours or days...or forever, unless you release their fears. 

ALL animals need to feel safe and secure, especially pets who have no control over their environment.

Luckily for us pet owners, this is an easy task with EFT!

American Independence Day is every July 4th.  After a day of barbeques and picnis, we Yanks love to watch huge public fireworks displays.  Some people even buy their own fireworks and put on a private display for hours in their backyard.  

These noises distress most pets who have no idea what's going on. Their instincts tell them that loud noises mean danger and they must flee, but most are confined and cannot run.

On July 5th, I usually see several terrified dogs and cats running through my neighborhood, lost and frantic with fear, unable to find their way home.  At the very least, I do surrogate EFT to calm them down then send them mental pictures of being reunited with their families again.

BEFORE July 4th, or for my many International Subscribers, before your next national holiday with fireworks, please surrogate tap to release your pets' fears. If your pets like to be directly tapped on their faces, chests and feet, you can do that, too.

You can also use this information for pets afraid of thunder, construction noises or any unusual sounds that cause them to cower under the furniture.

Here's how to tap into a fear-free pet:

(1)  As my nephew and I did for Dee-Dee the guinea pig (see EFT for Pets - Tip of the Month column to the left), first sit quietly with your pet, put yourself in their place and imagine what kinds of fears they might have about loud noises.

(2) Remember how frightened you are by unexpected loud noises, then imagine how terrified your pet feels. The biggest fear for animals is the fear of not being safe.

(3) Feel the love you have for your pet, then connect a beautiful love link from your heart to your pet's heart.

(4) Begin the EFT tapping with Setup Statements that reflect what you know frightens your pet.  Speak aloud to your pet, as if you were talking for them, as you tap. Below are some examples to inspire you:

  • Even though my instincts tell me that these noises mean danger or death and I am so frightened, I now release this fear and know my human caretakers will keep me safe.
  • Even though these noises make me so afraid and want to run and hide, I now release this fear.  I feel confident and safe, because my human family will keep me safe.
  • Even though these noises frighten me and make me want to hide under the furniture, I choose to feel safe and love and release this fear NOW!  My human Mommy and Daddy will keep me safe and loved in my forever home.

(5) Continue with a 9-Gamut routine on yourself or your pet's foot.

(6) Do the Reminder Phrase tapping, feeling and imagining your pet's distress as you talk about it and tap it away.

(7) Sit quietly and try to feel through your heart link if your pet feels afraid about loud noises.  If you feel some anxiety, keep on tapping until the fear is gone.

EXTRA TIP: Remember that your animals can SEE the pictures in your mind.  This is one of the ways they communicate with each other and try to talk with YOU.  If you imagine your pet's negative reactions or behavior, your pet might think that this is how they must react, that this is what you want them to do.

Please know that I LOVE YOU and YOUR PETS and I BLESS YOU for being such a wonderful animal caregiver, sharing your time, heart, soul and home with your critters!

 Create a joyful, healthy month...

... and keep on tapping! 

--Colleen Flanagan, EFT-ADV

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