September 2007

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HELLO and Welcome!-
So today is Labor Day, which means summer's just about over and its time to think about things like school, football, and cooler weather, and not a moment to soon for me! Many of you have inquired about how Jeter and the new kitten are getting along. Well the first thing you need to know is that we've changed the kitten's name, from Jinx- to Joba, (pronounced Jobba). We found we NEVER called him Jinx, I guess it just didn't fit. Anyway, my FAVORITE NY Yankee this year, is a 21-year old phenom named Joba Chamberlain. I LOVE to watch him pitch and I dig that name, and it sounds great with Jeter's name, and well... there ya go. Joba it is. You know with a baby, you get nine some odd months to figure out a name, but a kitten walks thru the door, and you have to name them before you get to know them. That's really hard... But, I digress. If you like, you can click here to see how little Joba is doing, at learning to be a "Studio Cat". Then come on back and we'll get started!
Also, especially for the convenience of our friends at Pattern Review & AOL, all of the hotlinks are listed in order at the bottom of this letter, and as always, if you prefer, you can go to to see the online version of the newsletter.

Feline Quote for September- "The smart cat doesn't let on that he is." H.G. Frommer

New on my Website!-I love it when folks send me stuff, and here's some of this month's best!

Martha Meyers of Atlanta, GA., sent in a picture of a VERY cool Apropos Pack.

Mandy Hall of the United Kingdom, sent in a pic of a beautiful Gadabout she made with scraps passed to her from friends!

and THREE new cat stories w/ pics:
     Smokey, from Linda Wheeler of Raleigh, NC.
     Lazurus, from Wanda Steffanson of Portland, TN.
     Spot, from Terry Chew of Ridgecrest, CA.

Quiltshop Spotlight- Sewing.Com
Here's a super site I think you'll want to book mark. Sewing.Com is a general information site that's dedicated to all things sewing. How cool is that? Do you ever get bumfuzzled by some of the sewing terminology used in a pattern or magazine? Sewing.Com has a terrific dictionary that's chock loaded with words and terms used in sewing. You can download a free project or two, post a question on the message boards or sign up for the free monthly "Sew 'n Tell newsletter. This months newsletter is the Back to School issue, featuring lunch box recipes, a sewing crossword puzzle, and you may even recognize the guest writer this month! (Hint: It's ME!) You can click here to read the whole newsletter.

Get your FREE pattern! Roly-Nester Storage units
What in the world are Roly-Nesters? They're tube-shaped storage units and they're perfect for makeup, jewelry, small toiletries, you name it! And here's the REALLY cool part... when you're not using them, they nest inside each other for easy storage. (I just LOVED those Russian dolls that nest inside each other! They fascinate me!) Make them up in a fun, colorful print and your school age kids can use 'em in their bookbags. Change the fabric again, and they're the perfect gift for teachers, coaches, and even the men on your list! And here's the best part... All you need is 2 fat quarters, 3 zippers, and less than a yard of single-fold bias tape. Ready to get started? Just click here to get your instruction sheet, and get "rollin"!

New at StudioKat Designs- The Nesting Queen Challenge!
Up for a challenge? My new FREE pattern gives you instructions for 3 Roly-Nesters, however, the measurements can easily be adjusted to make plenty more Roly's, both smaller and larger. So here's your challenge, should you decide to accept it.

1) Make more Roly-Nesters, as many as you want to, or are able to. The only stipulations are, that your Roly's have to nest inside each other, and they have to maintain their unique tubular shape.

2) Send in digital pictures of you, and your Roly's, both nested and un-nested.

3) If you submit your pictures, and you have made more Roly's than the reigning "Nesting Queen", (and right now its only THREE), then YOU will be crowned as the NEW "Nesting Queen", and your pictures will be posted on the Free Pattern Page until such time as someone knocks YOU out.

Right now I am the "Nesting Queen" (I've posted a "Simpsonized" photo of me and Jeter), but i would just love it, if someone would stage a coup and overthrow me! So start "rollin'" those Roly's out, and be the QUEEN!

Surf HERE for Neat INFO!- LibrarySpot.Com
Since the school year is just beginning, it might be smart to bookmark this library site for the students in your family. It pulls together leading reference resources in a single convenient spot, including Wikipedia, WorldCat, The Library of Congress, and Britannica. You can also ask homework questions, find science project ideas, and listen to the two-minute Daily Almanac Podcast, featuring historical happenings, notable birthdays, and a word of the day!

Laws Overlooked by Murphy-
Enjoy these "Workplace Laws" sent in by Peg Rice of Westport Island, Maine.

  • Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.

  • As soon as you sit down to a cup of hot coffee, your boss will ask you to do something which will last until the coffee is cold.

  • Love Handbags?-- LucyBags.Com
    LucyBags.Com features unique, one-of-a-kind purses designed & crafted by fiber artist, and fellow North Carolinian, Linda Cornwall. For a fun, kicky bag, check out her Ribbon Bags. What a neat way to embellish a purse! Linda even lets you choose the color and pattern, (stripes or polka dots) of your ribbons, for a personalized touch!

    Did You Know?-
    23% of all photocopier problems world-wide, are caused by people sitting on them and then photocopying their butts? It's true!

    "Catsite" of the Month-- CatClaws.Com
    I don't know about you, but I'm always up for a new "catsite", and here's a good one. At CatClaws.Com, you can find some of the most unique cat toys , and the most imaginative cat furniture on earth! And if you're in the mood for a laugh, they have some cute cat videos and pictures to pick through!

    Surf HERE for FUN!- SimpsonizeMe.Com
    I don't know about you, but I can't help but love "The Simpsons". It just cracks me up when they feature various celebrities in their cartoons, like Britney Spears and Al Gore. You can tell it's them, but they've got that crazy look... they've been "Simpsonized". Well now there's a website you can go to and see how YOU would look if YOU were "Simpsonized"! Simply click here, upload your photo, and VOILA!... you'll be ready for your screen debut! For example, here's the the regular me & Jeter, and now, the "Simpsonized" me & Jeter. Think that's good? Here's a picture of my super daughter, Erica, and now the "Simpsonized Erica". My fabulous son-in-law Steve, and the "Simpsonized Steve". (He didn't exactly appreciate the pink hair!) And best of all, my husband, Bubba, and the "geekified and Simpsonized Bubba! Ready for some fun of your own? Go ahead and try it on pictures of you and YOUR family

    Question of the Month-Why does a round pizza come in a square box?

    Monthly Trivia-
    Today is the first Monday in September, so if you're reading this newsletter in the U.S., today is Labor Day. Labor Day differs from all other holidays, in that it is devoted to no person, living or dead, and to no sect, race, or nation. It's just a day to kick back and relax. It also means the cooler days of autumn are not far away, and after the wickedly hot summer we've had here in NC, that cool weather can't get here soon enough!

    Today is Hollywood badboy, Charlie Sheen's birthday, and if today is your birthday, here's a great, big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU, from StudioKat Designs. And if today is not your birthday, you can celebrate the day anyway by maybe taking the time to check out one of your local independent fabric stores, since most of them run special discounts and events, because September is National Sewing Month. Or what about this? Since the kids are out of school today, why not pick out a fun, free project and spend the day helping them create something special, while also passing on the love of sewing? (This little lunch bag looks cool.)

    Well, that's it for now, so until next month, remember!
    Sewing Forever, Housework Whenever!

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