bookAfter debuting our new book, About Face: Military Resisters Turn Against War at the Veterans for Peace conference in Portland last month, we are ready to hit the road! Courage to Resist staff and contributors to the book will be spending the next few months traveling around the U.S. meeting with veterans groups, holding public events, and raising awareness about military resistance. 

About Face, now available directly from Courage to Resist for only $20 (free shipping).

For the upcoming September events, Bradley Manning Support Network organizer Emma Cape (photo below right) will be speaking about the case of alleged WikiLeaks whistle-blower PFC Bradley Manning, who has been imprisoned for over a year without trial.  Key points of the presentation include: 1) the content of the leaked documents, which have been mentioned in over a third of all New York Times editions of the past year, 2) the WikiLeaker's motivations, as revealed in chat logs attributed to Bradley Manning by the FBI, 3) development of the case, including the UN's attempt to investigate alleged torture of PFC Manning in Quantico, VA and 4) the growing international campaign to support Bradley Manning, who many view as the greatest war crime whistle-blower since Daniel Ellsberg released the Pentagon Papers. 

emma capePlease come out and support our staff during these events! If you'd like more information or would like us to come and speak in your area, please call or email Jen Angel,, 510-910-5627. 


September 16, 7 PM - New York, NY - Bluestockings

September 20, 7 PM - Philadelphia, PA - Wooden Shoe Books

September 21, 3PM - Fairfax, VA - George Mason University "Fall for the Book"

September 24 - Washington, DC - Positive Force

September 25 - Baltimore, MD - Baltimore Bookfair - Radical Pavillion

September 26, 7PM - Amherst, MA - Food for Thought Books

September 28, 6 PM - Boston, MA - Encuentro 5

In January we will be visiting the Pacific Northwest (Oregon and Washington) and in February we'll be in the Midwest (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois). We're still setting up events - please get in touch if you or your organization would like to host an event!