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August 14th 2016 Newsletter
Keep Calm and Trump On
Yea Gods…. All the handwringing and whining by the RINOs the last few weeks, sounding like a bunch of twittering old women over the attacks against Donald Trump.  I keep my car radio tuned to two stations, KTOK to listen to when Glen Beck isn’t whining about Trump and  KOSU the NPR station.  Why listen to NPR? Two reasons, first know your enemy, second they don’t have many ads running (probably can’t sell them) and there are some interesting stories on occasion.   You are either shaking your head in disbelief or laughing at the stupidity of the liberals that call in.
Another good source is Yahoo News, as liberal as they are they have Trump stories that are heavily weighted against the candidate.   But listening to Glen Beck and KOSU and watching the posts on Yahool give you an excellent insight to how the liberals and RINOs are literally crapping their pantloons as Trump maintains course.  Manufactured outrage such as the 2nd Amendment quote by Trump last week generally fall flat with the commenters weighing in on the stories.  Meanwhile the stories about Clinton sharing a stage with the father of the Florida gay club terrorist or the stories of DNC staffers being found dead seen to never be written about.
And polls… outdated and nearly useless these days as websites attract a partisan audience and who in the hell answers their home phone anymore except mostly old folks?  And figures don’t lie but liars can figure you know.
Absent massive voting fraud Trump is going to win in a landslide in November.   No he isn’t the most polished man that ran for office but he speaks unfiltered, sometimes to his detriment, but his supporters understand that and find the lack of political correctness refreshing and long in coming.  I’ve talked to a lot of black people that love Trump’s straight shooting style and his policies and a lot of Democrats will cross over party lines, more than enough to offset those like incoming Speaker Charles McCall who supports Hillary Clinton.  As one of his lieutenants said “Trump is not our guy.”  In fact McCall’s worst nightmare will be seeing a landslide victory that repudiates his State Chamber of Commerce/good old boy plan for Oklahoma in the coming legislative session.
McCall is working hard and he spent a LOT of money buying votes for the Speaker chair, buying some votes that even I didn’t think could be bought.   McCall’s plans to support illegal immigration, higher taxes, and corporate cronyism are likely to hit a wall once the citizens of Oklahoma see that Trump is getting the support he will get in November.
Conservatives need to relax about the November election.  Trump will win unless there is massive electronic voter fraud at the county and state election board levels.   The machines are easily rigged, we know that, but there will be exit polling going on and a huge outrage if Hillary steals the election.   As far as the GOP in general, they might lose some seats as the vast majority of Republicans understand that the Republican Party has become a tool of corporate welfare and no longer reflects the will of the average Republican voter.  Trump showed us that by destroying 16 other candidates.
Yes, the voting machines are likely rigged.  Do a Google search or visit this result for “rigged voting machines” and there will be plenty of demonstrations on how easily this is done.  Democrats and RINOs control most of the state election boards.   A recount for a single county will require around $30,000 in deposits before a recount can begin to count the paper ballots here in Oklahoma.  Other states with complete electronic voting will be unable to verify a rigged election short of visiting each voter in a precinct and getting an affidavit.
However, rigged machines or not a 70% landslide result will most likely overwhelm the malicious software unless the election officials are really, really bold.   And there would be a backlash as people started comparing with their neighbors and precincts were polled by activists.  The stakes are high but Trump has massive support.
Does CLEET Track Cops Fired or Pressured to Resign for Cause?
Officer Lee Coel killed a 73 year old woman at a PR event staged by the Punta Gorda Florida Police Department last week.   Coel shot the woman in front of 35 people at an event that was supposed to show citizens how little time police have to make judgment calls.  Only a year earlier Coel was asked to resign from the Miramar P.D. after 14 months and allegedly for failing to pass a field training program.  However Coel admitted on his application for the Punta Gorda department that there were two excessive force complaints filed against him as a result.
An area lawyer said Coel ought not to have been a cop at all and he had been asking for Coel to be fired months ago before he killed someone.  The lawyer,, Weinberg represented a 25 year old man that was mauled during a 2015 arrest for riding a bike without a headlight or taillight.  The video showed a non violent but uncooperative suspect, probably because he was drunk at the time of the arrest. 
Coel triggered the remote control that let his K-9 dog out of the car after the suspect pulled his arm away from the officer.  The video shows the dog grabbing the suspect by the arm pit and mauling him for about two minutes while the officer had the man pinned on his back using his knee.  During the mauling you can hear the officer ordering the man to roll over and drop his arms, an impossibility as the man had a 200# cop kneeling on his chest and a 75 pound dog chewing on his armpit.
The suspect spent 11 days in the hospital repairing the torn apart muscles under his arm.  For riding a bicylce at night without lights....
Coel was not initially disciplined for the mauling but had a reputation of excessive force and refusing to follow procedures that resulted in a lot of cases being dismissed.  However, once the dash cam video was obtained by the lawyer and went viral online in June of 2016 the police department decided that the Coel needed retrained and they took the dog out of service during the investigation.  Coel sunk himself by filing a false police report stating that the suspect walked toward him in an aggressive manner and refused to “go to the ground”.  The video shows that the suspect had his hands up and was kneeling when the dog was released upon him.
What was really strange about the situation was that the 73 year old woman was role playing the part of the arresting officer and it appears that Coel was playing the part of an armed suspect but had a real gun loaded with real ammunition instead of the training guns with blanks.
All of this makes me wonder if Oklahoma’s own CLEET organization, responsible for training and keeping records on law enforcement officers (LEO) tracks these officers and any disciplinary actions that force them from a department.  Doing so would prevent a bad apple from moving from one city to another and spreading destruction and ruined lives as officer Coel did.
Can we say we Told you So?
Last week after we published our story on teacher pay and the lax requirements for achieving a teaching certificate we expected a crush of negative email and phone calls from irate teachers and the supporting public.  To our surprise we received just two emails, one agreeing on the lax requirements, and another pointing out that a recent paper agreed with our findings that teachers were well paid considering the cost of living rates in Oklahoma.
The report found that teacher pay was ranked 30th when adjusted for cost of living in each state and ranked 19th for teacher starting pay.  We also rank considerably higher than the surrounding states.  Even a modest pay raise of $2000 per year would catapult Oklahoma above other states once the cost of living is considered.  Oregon as an example pays teachers $15,000 more  than Oklahoma, 34% higher,  but Oregon cost of living is 49% higher than the cost of living in Oklahoma.
Plus the study used the latest available data for teacher pay, 2013 so the state is doing far better than the education mafia would want us to believe.   This is their tactic for ratcheting up pay, poor mouth and use misleading statistics to get a raise for one state’s teachers then use that as leverage to shame the other states into stripping more of the state budget into education.
And who wrote this new paper showing Oklahoma at 30th in teacher pay?   A group of college professors out of OSU and one wonders how much vitriol they are going to face as this paper spreads.   On Facebook it is nearly impossible to bring up teacher pay and state the facts without being inundated by a howling mob of teachers attempting to close the thread and get posts removed by escalating and  name calling.
The group also has an excellent paper on college tuition and how students are leaving college with massive debt and unrealistic job availability for their degrees.  Visit this link for more information.  Click on “Changing the Convesation” for more info on the college tuition paper.
A Letter From a Reader
Thirty years ago (more?) there was a front-page article in the Norman Transcript about the incoming freshman class at OU; the point was that OU was quite pleased that the ACT scores were up around a half point to 23.5, an indication of improved recruiting, secondary school preparation, etc.

Late in the article they mentioned that the average for the school of education, still a flagship for women in those days, was 18.

The dumbest of the schools was education, and the Transcript missed that meaning of the data (and of course the 23.5 included that group).

I never saw those stats again in the Transcript.
B.P.  Norman Ok
Senator Yen
Poster Boy for a Recall Law
By the Watchman
Thomas Jefferson is famous for numerous reasons. One saying that he is quoted to have said is “When the people fear the government there is tyranny; when the government fear sthe people there is liberty.” Lately we sure have put a lot of petty tyrants in office from local governments on through the national government. We will present to you the facts as we have found them on one of those petty tyrants that are only half way through his first, and with any luck, only term as a State Senator. A man who believes that because he is a physician that he feels that he knows everything there is to know about all things medical. Yet he has the backing of the Governor and they both ignore the facts on medical records showing them to be wrong.
The individual we’re talking about is Senator Ervin Yen. We started our research by going to his web page at You can see it here Oklahoma State Senate - Senators. As we have found to be typical of our state Senators it was for the most part void of any information outside of bragging on himself.
The next article of interest we found was his campaign web site here Home. Right off the back we noticed that he failed to identified himself as a Republican on his campaign slogan and sign even though he claimed to be a lifelong Republican. We also noticed a blaring change between his official profile page and his campaign page. In one he claims that he and his family fled Taiwan to escape Communism. In the other he claims they fled because of the fear of a Communist takeover of Taiwan. One would think that he would know better. Not all Americans or Oklahomans are as dumb as you think we are Doctor. Yes Taiwan is under threat but there is this thing called a treaty that was in place even when you were born that said the United States would come to the aid of Taiwan.
 The next article of interest we found was this Ervin Yen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Once again we were disappointed in the lack of information provided in this page. There is very little, if any, new information about the Senator on this page.
We next went to this article Ervin Yen - Ballotpedia to see what information they had available on Senator Yen. We did learn some information on the Senator here. He claims to be pro-2nd amendment and even to hold a concealed carry permit. Yet groups like the National Rifle Association fail to give him a complete endorsement. We would suspect that he’s not as pro-second amendment as he claims to be and is just saying what the voters want to hear.
The next article of interest we found was this State senator: Vaccine effort would save Oklahoma lives | News OK. This is an article laid out by the lame stream media that supports Dr. Yee’s contention that all children should be vaccinated. He says this despite the evidence of the death of some children within hours of receiving the Gardasil vaccine and the growing numbers of children with autism that is associated with the growing numbers of vaccinations children are required to obtain. What was his thinking?
The next article of interest we found was this Oklahoma Psychiatrist, State Senator Debate Vaccinations - - Tulsa, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports - This makes it painfully clear that Senator Yen feels that it should be his way or no way at all. He claims at one point to have fled Taiwan for fear of the Communist yet here he is trying to deny parents in this state the right to decide what’s best for their children. That friend is tyranny.
The next item of interest we found was this Oklahoma State Election Board - 2014-CandidateFiling. Now the reason we found this to be so interesting was because of the Senators Campaign Finance Reports. We find it interesting that the Senator was allowed to file for office in October of 2013 when the official filing dates weren’t until April 9, 2014 through April 11, 2014. Did someone at the election board make an exception in his case? If so he was running with a distinct and unfair advantage over the other candidates in the race.
The next article of interest we found was Now this is important simply because there is a potential violation of this law during his campaign.
We next went to to see what information they had available on Senator Yen. We started by going to his biography page here Ervin Yen's Biography - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. It appears that the Doctor values his privacy more than he values the privacy of the citizens of Oklahoma. There was no new information to be gained from reviewing his biography page.
For some reason we get the feeling that the Senator is submitting the information to himself. We went to his voting page and all we found after two legislative sessions were six votes that he indicated were “Key Votes”. This just doesn’t add up. This tells us that he is hiding all the bad votes that he has made.
We next went to his ratings and endorsements page. We know that the Senator ran as a conservative, but were taken off guard by what we found on this page. You’ll find a few examples below.
2014 Oklahoma for Life Inc.                         100%
2016 OCPAC                                                       10%
2015 OCPAC                                                       70%
Fiscally Conservative
2016 Sooner Tea Party                                     5%
2015 American Conservative Union         71%
2016 Sooner Tea Party                                     5%
2015 American Conservative Union         71%
We could go on but it just gets repetitive.
We next went to the Campaign Finance page and were surprised to find that no one had submitted any information on his campaign finances. We have submitted all available information that we have obtained to them for inclusion in their records.
We next went to to see what information was available there. Here is where we first started noticing irregularities in the Senators campaign. As mentioned in an earlier paragraph, candidates were not able to file for office until April 9 through the 11 of 2014. Senator Yen’s Statement of Organization is dated October 13, 2013. That is well prior to the legal date for which filling is open. This is something that the ethics commission should investigate. This cannot be allowed to stand.
The first thing we noticed right off the bat was that he decided to make this a one man operation. He appointed himself as the treasurer and assistant treasurer. Judging by the look of things he should have left that task to someone else.
We first took a look at his donations from committees and other special interest groups. As he is himself an Anesthesiologist we were not surprised to see contributions from there PAC. We do question the legality of the donations received from the Political Action Committees based on the fact that the Senator was somehow allowed to register his campaign earlier than the state law allows. In 2013 alone that would be $18,500.00 from special interest groups alone.
We have repeatedly tried to inform our readers that the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce is not the friend of the people. In 2014 Senator Yen shows us what we mean by his campaign donations. Here are a few examples:
Jun 17, 2014        Devon Energy                    $2,500.00
Jun 26, 2014        Devon Energy                    $2,500.00
Jul  28,2014         Greater OKC Chamber   $5,000.00
It just keeps on going . All the big names that support the State Chamber of Commerce have donated to his campaign. He’s not working for the people of his district. He’s working for the people who financed his campaign through the State Chamber of Commerce. He is officially a Chambercrat.
We next looked at the individual donations and found a couple that truly need some looking into by the ethics committee.
Nov. 19, 2013     Arden Dorney                   $5,000.00
Jun.  09, 2014     Charles Bowen                  $2,000.00
Jun.  09, 2014     Cassandra Bowen            $2,000.00
Now the last two names we entered above have been reported twice. Same name same date and same amount. Mistakes like this happen when you decide to do everything yourself. This should be enough to call for a full audit of his campaign finance reports.
We next went to the 2016 RINO list to see where the Senator stood. He scored a total of 5% in the rankings. He was at the bottom for following the party platform and the State and U.S. Constitution. For a man who wrongfully claims to have fled Taiwan because of communism he sure has a profound lack of understanding of the United States Constitution. The man is what we like to refer to as an undocumented Democrat.
 HB 2275 DNA Collection, Voted Yea, Liberal vote
HB2531 Internet Tax, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
HB282   Music Therapy Practice, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
HB 2962 Autism Mandate, Voted Yea, Conservative Vote
HB3098 Open Carry, Voted Nay, Liberal Vote
HB3126 Phone Tax Increase, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
HB 3128 Pro-Life, did not vote and not excused
HB 3168 Capitol Bonds, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
HB 3208 Fee Increase, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
HB 3220 Court Fee Increase, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
HB 3231 Transportation Bonda, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
HB 2929 Equal Pay, Voted Yea, Conservative Vote
SB 1206 Park Tourism Improvement, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
SB 1362 Real ID, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
SB 1552 abortion bill felony bill, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
SB 1606 State Tax Deduction, Voted Yea, Liberal vote
SB 1610 Court Fee Increase, Voted Nay, Conservative Vote
SB 359   Ticket Cameras, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
SJR 45    undercut term limits, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
SJR 4      CON CON, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
There is one particular vote that shows the complete and total lack of understanding that and Article 5 Con Con at this particular time in our nation’s history is a mortal threat to us all. That convention would be following the rules of the U.S. Congress and you can count on every one of them will ensure that they are delegates to it. Those ten amendments will be gone. Anyone of the legislators who voted for it actually fell for the idea pushed and financed by George Soros and his team of crooks.
In conclusion we can only say that for a man that ran as a conservative he must have taken lessons from Tom Cole. It is the opinion of this group that he is about as conservative as Hillary Clinton. This could be remedied if the citizens of Oklahoma had the ability to recall bad politicians and hold them accountable for their actions. That is not the case. We would like to hear from all those interested in seeing a state wide effort to get such an initiative on the ballot next year for a vote.