Dear Macro members,

Don't forget to send in your proposals for our new 2017 session:

Teacher's Pets: Favorite Theory Teaching Materials. Share your favorite teaching piece with other workshop participants. Submissions for this session are due on April 1, 2017.

We also have another opportunity for your students, offered by MACRO member Momilani Ramstrum. IMPORTANT, this event runs weekly during the month of April!

Music Theory Scholarship Tournament 2017
All music students are eligible. It is an opportunity for our music students to gain recognition for their strong music theory skills.

Qualifying rounds will be held weekly during the month of April. The top 5 music theory scholars from each school will be advanced to the nation-wide finals. The finals will run the month of May. Any MACRO students winners will be announced in June at the MACRO conference and scholarship checks presented.

How does it work?
There is a weekly music theory tournament that is accessed online. All problems are randomly generated and automatically corrected. In each weeks competition quiz, there will be five sections covering music theory topics such as key signatures, scales, rhythm, intervals, note reading, chords and Roman numerals.

Students compete in two areas: speed and number of correct problems answered. Students can repeat the quizzes as many times as they choose, until the competition closes each week (Thursday evening at midnight), improving their speed and adding to their number of problems answered correctly. At the end of the qualifying rounds students will see their cumulative total and average speed. Winners are calculated automatically, so students will know their standing as soon as the qualifying rounds close.

How do students gain access to the online competition?
Any faculty member that expresses interest will have online access for the qualifying rounds set up for their school. Information will be sent to give to their students to register. Students can begin working as soon as they register.

Scholarships and Fees
There are no registration fee for students.
At the end of the final round, the 2 highest-ranking students in speed and number of correct problems will win scholarships - $200 for first place and $100 for second place.

How many finalists will be chosen?
The number of finalists depends on how many schools are participating (5 finalists per school).

How do I sign up?
Contact Dr. Momilani Ramstrum ( with your contact information and the name of your school. Only one contact per school is necessary.

Best wishes,