Leith Hill Action Group – Newsletter 35 (16th August 2015) 

Stop the Leith Hill oil drilling!

Dear Supporters

With the disappointment of the result of the Public Inquiry behind us, we felt that it was time to let you all know what happens next.

First and foremost, however, we want to say a big thank you to everybody who wrote to us in the aftermath of the result.  We hugely appreciate all your kind words.  It means a lot to us to know that we have your support and that you feel the same way we do.

Now onto the future.  Europa have stated that they are looking to start their exploratory drilling in Winter 2016/17.  Between now and then, they will need to obtain permits from the Environment Agency.  We will be looking to stay in close touch with this process, to ensure that the Environment Agency have all the information they need.  If Europa are to successfully obtain permits, it needs to be only if they can prove to the Environment Agency that they will not be contaminating the land and water supply.

Europa also have considerable hurdles to cross with regards to the planning conditions.  Surrey County Council are responsible for enforcing these conditions and we will seek to work with the parish council to assist the monitoring of them and the reporting of any breaches.

It’s fair to say that Europa are still a long way from putting metal to earth.  We’ll keep you updated as and when we know more. 

Patrick Nolan

The Leith Hill Action Group