A quick Urban Dharma update...

Urban Dharma the web site is getting around 500,000 hits a month, which is very cool, way beyond any exceptions I had when I made that first .HTML page and shot it up to the internet. The site itself is right around 1500 pages and growing, so I have purchased a few domain names to act as bookmarks and make it easier to get around the Urban Dharma web site.

First off, the podcasts I’ve been posting on iTunes have really taken off... I have them listed on iTunes, podcast alley and Urban Dharma. To get to the Urban Dharma podcast page you can go to:


One of the most viewed pages on Urban Dharma is the free Buddhist eBooks page. You can now simply go to:


Some folks are interested in what I’ve been up to and an easy way to find out is to go to:


The Urban Dharma Newsletter eMail list continues to grow, in part because of the new email service I’ve been using... To subscribe or unsubscribe just go to:

http://www.urbandharma.org/index1.html - bottom of the page

You can contact me by email at: kusala@urbandharma.org

And you can now find the Urban Dharma web site at:

www.UrbanDharma.org - www.UrbanDharma.net - www.UrbanDharma.info

Last but not least... Thanks to all of those folks who have made a donation to Urban Dharma through PayPal and Amazon.com, you have helped make Urban Dharma a better place to visit and learn about Buddhism.

Donation Page: www.urbandharma.org/udharma6/dana.html

Peace... Kusala

PS... You can now find the LA Buddhist/Catholic Dialog web page at:


I’m not sure who owns this domain name, but a big thanks from Urban Dharma for your kindness.