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Mid-April 2010 

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  Animals need stress relief, too!

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DISCLAIMER: EFT and FREED are gentle energywork techniques and have produced remarkable results in relieving emotional and physical distress. 
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 Saturday April 24th, 3-8 PM, get FREED mini-sessions of 20 minutes for $20 at Lightworkers Energy Healing Center Fair in Glendale, AZ.  Last month's mini-sessions helped people release fears, upsetting emotions, etheric cords, walls of heartaches, then clear their chakras... all in only 20 minutes. 
We can do remote FREED mini-sessions on your pets, too!
Stop by, lets meet in person if you're in the area.  Check out the Vegan Bake Sale to benefit the AZ-AWL no-kill animal shelter, enjoy a Spiritual Book Exchange and FREE presentations--all in one peaceful setting:
5PM Sunny K. Porter, Psy.D. 'Spark of Hope.' Ignite your spiritual connection to source energy by understanding the relationship between vibrational energy and brain functioning.
6PM Chiropractor Carla explains how you can live without back and neck pain! Learn more efficient movement techniques to improve your quality of life.
7PM Master Herbalist Angela Kann lectures on AZ plants and their medicinal uses in herbal remedies, aromatherapy and the healing flower essences.

For NEW Subscribers wondering "What is FREED?" 
I created FREED, after Gary Craig (EFT Founder) announced his retirment and end of his website.  FREED evolved after years of my experimenting with various types of energy work, including EFT.  FREED is a simpler way to release fears, phobias and negative emotions via the energy meridians. 
It's faster, easier and as effective as EFT or MTT. 
No more tedious tapping, humming, counting.
Clients have commented "It's almost TOO EASY!" 
Stay tuned for the soon-to-be-released
"Get Yourself FREED Manual"!
EFT FANS: Yes, I still do EFT if you'd prefer!

Saturday May 1st, 3-5 pm $30  
FREED for Physical & Emotional Healing
 at Lightworkers Gifts and Energy Healing Center

Sunday May 9th, 1-3 pm $30  
Lose Weight, Gain Confidence with FREED
at Lightworkers Gifts and Energy Healing Center 

  Saturday May 15th, 3-5 pm $30
FREED for Your Animal Friends (includes how to release fear blocks and communicate with your pets!)

Sunday May 23rd, 1-3 pm $30  
Get Yourself FREED for Abundance!
at Lightworkers Gifts and Energy Healing Center 

Get more value in each FREED session!
HOW?  We'll get about 33% more releasements done in one hour than in the EFT sessions!
FREED Sessions release emo-garbage so fast that some clients run out of issues to work on. 
(Remaining unused time is credited to their account for future use.) 
Everyone who invests in a session with me
will ALSO receive 5 days of 1-email-per-day  support after their session. 
You can ask follow-up questions, get surrogate muscle testing readings to work on yourself or energywork tips. 
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Save money by investing in multiple-session packages and getting 10, 15 or 20 days of email support.

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Featured Article
Boost Animal and Human Immune Systems
via Energy Work Techniques!*
by Colleen Flanagan

Due to the early warm weather, pet owners are being cautioned to prepare for an early tick season, too.
One of my clients already reported that her precious dog had multiple tick bites this spring.  She asked if she could use EFT and/or FREED to keep her dog safe, in addition to natural remedies.     
My surrogate muscle-testing indicated that boosting a human's and an animal's immune system via energy work is a fabulous way to keep them safe from MANY diseases and the effects of insect bites. 
Deb Shapiro states in her book Your Body Speaks Your Mind that "...just as external toxins or substances can put such a strain on the immune system that it loses its tolerance, so excessive stress, grief, trauma, loss, or loneliness can push you beyond your coping or tolerance capacity to a place of incapacity or intolerance." Any or all of these factors can repress the immune system of any mammal.
We all know that we're bombarded with physical and emotional toxins each day.  Why not take a few minutes each day to clear your immune system and that of your animal friend to maintain a healthy, energized body? 
The below stress releasing information can be used AT YOUR OWN RISK and with many energywork modality, including FREED, EFT, MTT, Reiki, Meditation or whatever you prefer! 
If you are new to EFT and want to try it, download my FREE EFT chart .  All my FREED clients can use their meridian fear releasing techniques, as we did in our sessions. 

FYI: I used these techniques on myself and increased my immune system from 60% to 100% effectiveness in just ONE round, per muscle testing.  I did the same for my lethargic Siamese Fighting Fish and he acted re-energized as well.  Lets take back our immune systems' power!

Here's how to boost your immune system and that of your animal --in 2 steps and a few moments!
Step 1- for YOU: If you're doing FREED, apply your magnet or hand 3 times and repeat the below statement. 
If you're doing EFT, tap on your karate chop point or rub your sore spot using the below as a setup statement 3 times, then do the 9 gamut procedure and reminder phrase tapping:
I now release all fears that may be repressing my immune system and health!  I BOOST my IMMUNE SYSTEM to 100% effectiveness!  I choose radiant health, high energy and a strong empowered immune system NOW!  
Step 2-Surrogate Energywork for your Critter: If you're doing FREED, lightly run your hand at least 3 times down your animal's back, from head to tail while repeating the below statement. 
If you're doing surrogate EFT, tap on your karate chop point or rub your sore spot using the below as a setup statement 3 times, then do the 9 gamut procedure and reminder phrase tapping:
I (animal's name) now release all fears that may be repressing my immune system and health!  I trust that my human mommy and daddy will always keep me safe in my forever home. I BOOST my IMMUNE SYSTEM to 100% effectiveness!  I (animal's name) choose radiant health, high energy and a strong empowered immune system NOW!  
NOTE: Doing these techniques each day may result in glowing health and a strong, energized body! Can you handle it?
Please contact me with your success stories or if you need personalized help with any stubborn conditions.  I'm available for energywork sessions as well as only surrogate muscle testing readings for those who are confident in applying their own energywork.

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Clear your energy system for the optimum health of you, your loved ones, and your animal friends!
Colleen Flanagan
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