Issue #2                                                                                         July 2015
eNews for our Wholesale Customers
Hello & welcome!
Traditionally, July is the 2nd slowest month of the year for us, but that's OK because it gives us some extra time to plan and ponder, and that's a good thing, right? And one of the things we've been pondering of late is a question we hear quite often from customers...
As a matter of fact, we hear it so much that we recently devoted an entire post on our Blog to it. (Click HERE to read it.) We received a lot of interesting feedback about this topic, and we're actually considering putting one of the suggestions to the test on our new pattern cover when we launch later this Summer!
But here's the deal... prior to doing that I would love to get a store owner's perspective on this topic! So... if you're willing to weigh in, how do YOU answer this question about various pattern lines when customers pose the question to YOU?
(You can email your response to me at

But in the meantime, let's get started with this month's linkletter!
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So... Here's some links I thought were
worth clicking on this month!
From the World of Sewing
  • Retro, Vintage, Antique – what’s the difference?
  • These terms seems to be thrown around interchangeably but there really is a fundamental difference between all three terms, or there should be! Click HERE to read a post devoted to this subject and see if YOU agree with this authors definitions. Smile
From the Trade Show Floor
  • 12 Tips to Help Introverts Sell at Shows:                                         As an introvert myself, I can tell you first hand that trade shows can be a really intimidating place! Not only are you putting your work out there for people to critique, but you have to put yourself out there, spending the entire day around crowds of people, chatting with strangers... It's stressful, but even introverts can learn to sell successfully at Trade Shows. Click HERE to read more.
    From the IT Department
    • Pinterest to start adding "Buy It" buttons to posts: 
      Guess what! Instagrammers aren't the only social media users who are going to see new shopping options because Pinterest just unveiled Buyable PinsClick HERE to read more. Kiss
    From the World of Business
    • Get Pocket:
    • I don't go in for many "apps" but I REALLY enjoy using "Pocket" and thought I'd share a few reasons why! I find that my best time for catching up on my reading is on my phone while Im waiting... for my doctor's appt or hair appt, during rehearsal breaks and other times of unplanned for "downtime". So when I find interesting stuff online I'd like to read more about, I just put it in my Pocket account, and that way I can save it for later to leisurely enjoy when I'm ready!  Get more info and try it HERE!
    • Will YOU be Extraordinarily Successful?:
    • Wouldn't it be nice to be able to predict this? It seems to me that we could ALL save ourselves a lot of time, effort and perhaps a little heartache if we could, right? The author of this post attempts to answer this question and does so in a way that was a bit surprising to me. Click HERE and see if you agree with his assessment.
    From the World of Social Media
    • Creating a FaceBook Group to Build Community for Your Business:  Did you know that you can set up a private FaceGroup page for your business? A couple of designing friends of mine have done this and have indicated that these groups are an easy, free way to build community with their fans. They say it take very little setup time and allows them a place where they can get to know their customers and talk about how they’re using their products. Click HERE to read more ...
    • Royalty Free Photos to Use for Your Website or Blog!
    • I don't know about you, but sometimes I struggle coming up with pictures to use on my Blog. It's not a problem if the post calls for product pictures, but sometimes the post calls for general scenery, like a sunset or a rainy city street and it's difficult if not impossible for me to even have the access to take such a picture... let alone do it well. That's why I'm glad I ran across this source of FREE photography! Click HERE to see the options and don't forget to bookmark this page, or better still... put it in your "Pocket"!
    For Dealing with People
    • What's a "SuperChicken" & what's it got to do with Business?" In this short video, business leader Margaret Heffernan makes the case that it's NOT star-employees, but social cohesion that leads to great results. This "flys in the face" of what's being taught at most of our elite business schools today, but it makes sense to me. Click HERE to listen.
    StudioKat Designs Product Spotlight
    Two years ago we introduced our revolutionary sew-in invisible magnetic snaps and the response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Once our customers use these new magnetic snaps they say that they NEVER want to go back to the old clamp-in style.
    And if you haven't traded in your pliers for our much easier & more reliable sew-in magnets, click HERE to watch a quick video detailing the installation process!
    And just in case you have customers that are concerned about the relationship between magnets and credit cards, click HERE to find out the facts and the fiction about magnets and how & when they effect the credit cards you carry!
    And don't forget-- It's a GREAT day to be sewing!  Laughing
    I hope you found some of these links useful and if you'd like to give us feedback about what you liked or didn't like about this newsletter, we're all ears!
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