Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Psalm 119:99 I have more understanding than all my teachers, For Your testimonies are my meditation.


Many of us are familiar with the story of Martin Luther as a monk reading "the just will live by faith" from the chained Latin Bible in the library. Something clicked in Luther's mind (it was, in fact, the Holy Spirit enlightening him with the truth). Luther's finding this truth is considered an important moment in the Lutheran Reformation.

But surely many monks before Luther had read that passage from Romans. Why didn't they start proclaiming the truth that salvation is a free gift from God grace that requires no work from us? Well, it's not easy to come across information that clearly contradicts what you have been taught. It's not easy to confront your teachers with the truth and expose their errors--especially if you know they don't take criticism well.

Many of us have a timid nature when it comes to these things. We are more likely to ignore facts that are different than what we were taught and move on as though it never happened. This happened an untold number of times, and still happens every time someone goes to the Bible with the impression that they will learn what they have to do. They want the Word of God to back up what their teachers have told them.

Thank God that Luther didn't ignore the declaration of righteousness for those who have faith in Christ! In an instant, the Holy Spirit made him realize, like the Psalmist, that whoever meditates on the truth of the Lord's testimonies has more knowledge and wisdom than any earthly teacher. Oh, those false teachers may fight tooth and nail, but our Teacher was nailed to the cross by "teachers of the Law" to redeem us.

And we thank God that He has given us teachers who faithfully teach in accordance with Scripture; who do not tout their own wisdom, but submit to the testimonies of the Lord. Christ has also sent us to be teachers to the world. He was given us the truth, and we preach it to the world knowing that we don't have to justify ourselves to the worlds teachers, for we are vindicated by the God who alone is wise.