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May 2019
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NEWS - Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland
Advanced Wildlife Veterinary Treatment Course

Course for veterinary professionals  **June**
This Course concentrates on the theory and practice of wildlife treatment available to veterinary practioners.
It is limited to just 20 attendees.
This course is open to anyone IN THE VETERINARY PROFESSION - regardless of your wildlife experience.
We're offering this course only once a year so book early to avoid disappointment.

Credits: 11 CVE credits
Venue: Ashbourne, Co Meath
Date: 29th June  

Introduction to Wildlife Rehabilitation Course

Course date announcement  - **November**
This 'Introduction to Wildlife Rehabilitation' course focuses on the theory and practice of wildlife rehabilitation.
Topics include:
the legal and ethical issues regarding wildlife rehabilitation; safe rescue and handling; how to perform a physical examination; first aid and common ailments; what to feed wildlife; how to house them; zoonotic diseases; and release considerations.
The highlight for most attendees - the practical sessions!! (on cadavers), include:
capture and handling; physical examinations; injections; tube feeding; bandaging; etc.. 
The course is open to anyone - regardless of your wildlife experience.
Credits: 22.5 CVE credits
Venue: Ashbourne, Co Meath
Date: 30th November & 1st Dec  
Convicting people of wildlife crimes is extremely difficult
and a huge amount of effort goes into it, so each month we're going to draw your attention to the cases we've been told about (both old and new)
Wildlife Crime Prosecution: NPWS


Hedgerow destruction outside the legislated time frame
[2019] Tommy Malone and Ronnie Ovington, both of Coolhenry, Portlaoise, Co. Laois were found guilty of removing over a mile of hedgerow and the wilful destruction of birds’ nests in Clogrenan, Co Laois.
Congratulations to investigating Ranger Kieran Buckley for this successful outcome.
This case demonstrates that using ‘in the ordinary course agriculture’ as a defence does not work everytime.
More Info - 'Case Details' tab on the 'Prosecutions' page of wildlifecrime.ie
Wildlife Crime Ireland website offers:
    Basic information on wildlife crime
    Links to further information
    Advice on Recognising & Recording a crime
    Contact details for Reporting a wildlife crime
RAPTOR Report 2018

Details of Raptor persecution in Ireland
The 2018 report of the RAPTOR (Recording and Addressing Persecution and Threats to Our Raptors) protocol is now available.
The RAPTOR protocol is a cooperarative approach between the NPWS, regional veterinary laboratories, and state laboratories, to systematically determine the extent to which poisoning and persecution are threats to Ireland's native birds of prey.
NPWS maintains a database of incidents and the three departments undertake to publish an annual report. The reports published to date can be accessed by clicking on the links below:
Ireland Declares a Climate Emergency
Banksy - Marble Arch, London

'..Despair ends and tactics begin'
Extinction Rebellion (XR)’s main demands include the declaration of a climate and ecological emergency, immediate government action to halt biodiversity loss and targets to reach net zero emissions by 2025.
On the 9th May 2019, Ireland became the 2nd country in the world to declare a climate emergency. What does the Dáil's declaration of a climate emergency actually mean?
There are peaceful XR events/talks taking place all over Ireland, full list of events HERE
How To Use Your Vote For Wildlife
Play your part - vote for nature

Birdwatch Ireland (BWI) have created a fantastic set of resources for those of you wanting to use your vote on May 24th to support the environment.
'Nature in Ireland and across Europe in under unprecedented pressure yet it is the foundation for our economy and critical to human health.
If you love nature, we, Birdwatch Ireland, are calling on you to vote in the European elections this year and vote for candidates that support our policies for nature protection. #IvoteNature.'
Ireland's National Biodiversity Week 2019
Over 50 free wildlife events across Ireland

Biodiversity Week will take place from 18th - 26th May.This year the theme is "Our biodiversity, Our food Our health". This is an opportunity to reconnect with the natural environment around us.All events are free to attend and open to all the family!
And Finally..
Low, Forest, Rainforest, Environment
Jamie Dunning
Did you know

Puffins' beaks glow orange under UV light. The puffin is the latest addition to more than 180 known species, many of them sharks, corals, and other marine animals,that emit a luminous glow.
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