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February 2020
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NEWS - Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland
*NEW* Orphan Rearing & Fostering Course

 Course date announcements  - **March & April **
We are excited to bring you our brand-new course for 2020 – “Orphan Rearing & Fostering”.

On this two day course we will focus on the rearing and fostering of orphaned Irish birds and mammals. Over the two days you will learn about appropriate housing, feeding techniques, recommended food and equipment for the short term, the dos and don’ts of orphan rearing & fostering, as well as rehabilitation licences, and examples of forms that will make your record keeping run more smoothly.

We will also have practical sessions which will include identifying the young of different species, intake procedures, handling advice, clinical exam and crop feeding, content of a “foster kit”, and lots of interaction with our experienced WRI and RSPCA Instructors.
Credits: tbc
Venue: Ashbourne, Co Meath
Dates: 7th & 8th March  &  18th & 19th April 
REGISTER: March     April
WRI's Introduction to Wildlife Rehabilitation Course

Course date announcement -
** June 2020  **
This Introduction to Wildlife Rehabilitation training course focuses on the theory and practice of wildlife rehabilitation. Topics include: the legal and ethical issues regarding wildlife rehabilitation; safe rescue and handling; how to perform a physical examination; first aid and common ailments; what to feed wildlife; how to house them; zoonotic diseases; and release considerations.
The highlight for most attendees - the practical sessions!! (on cadavers), include: capture and handling; physical examinations; injections; tube feeding; bandaging; etc.
The course is limited to an intimate group of twenty attendees and is open to anyone - regardless of your wildlife experience.

Credits: 22.5 CVE credits
Date: 6th and 7th of June
Venue: Ashbourne, Co Meath
Convicting people of wildlife crimes is extremely difficult
and a huge amount of effort goes into it, so each month we're going to draw your attention to the cases we've been told about (both old and new)
Wildlife Crime Prosecution: NPWS

Illegal hedgerow destruction
[2017 Court Case] On January 13th 2017 Richard Douglas  a  cattle  farmer  from  Rathmoylan,  Co Meath was  before  Judge  Gráinne  Malone at Navan District Court on a summons relating to the destruction of 800 linear metres of hedgerows during the bird nesting season. 
Mr.  Douglas  pleaded  guilty  to  the  offence  and  admitted  that  on  the  22nd  of  April  2015  he  destroyed hedgerows and part of a woodland during the bird nesting season. When  passing  sentence  the  Judge  told  the  defense  solicitor  that  based  on  his  guilty  plea,  she  would reluctantly not impose a criminal conviction on Mr. Douglas; however, in view of the significance of the destruction and given the evidence presented to the court by the NPWS ranger Kieran Buckley of the impact this had on nesting birds, she ordered that Mr. Douglas pay a total of €3,500 to two wildlife conservation charities -€2,000 to Butterfly Conservation Ireland and €1,500 to the Irish Wildlife Trust.
More Info - 'Case Details' tab on the 'Prosecutions' page of wildlifecrime.ie
Wildlife Crime Ireland website offers:
    Basic information on wildlife crime
    Links to further information
    Advice on Recognising & Recording a crime
    Contact details for Reporting a wildlife crime
Raptor Persecution Continues in Ireland

Revulsion at the illegal poisoning of rare Hen Harrier in Co. Meath

The Hen Harrier called Mary, hatched in 2019 from a nest on the Isle of Man met her tragic end in a field in Drumconrath, Co. Meath. Hen Harriers are fully protected in Ireland and to kill or injure one is a criminal offence. Despite this, Hen Harriers and other protected birds of prey continue to be killed, or disappear in suspicious circumstances.
  Read More Here

Birdwatch Ireland Meath have invited Ryan Wilson-Parr of the Hen Harrier project to talk about the poisoning, the unique ecology of this bird, the current population in Meath and other raptor related issues. Date: 16th March at 7pm in Navan Education Centre. All welcome.
EVENTS - Ireland
Kildare Bat Group - Bat Symposium
Bat Health, Rehab & Pathology Symposium

This course, organised by Kildare Bat Group, runs over a day and a half and looks at bat health, rehabilitation and pathology.
Course content: Bat species Identification; Dr T. Aughney, Bats and the Law; Enda Mullen NPWS, Q&A Bat casualty examinations, conditions and treatment; David Couper, MRCVS Senior Veterinary Clinician, Bat Rehab workshop; Karen Healy, NIBG, Bat Disease Surveillance and Investigation; Alex Barlow, MRCVS Pathologist, Bat1K and protocol; Prof. Emma Teeling, Rabies and Vaccination TBC, WRI Director June Stanley on activities and Wildlife Hospital.
It is open to rehabilitators, ecologists and veterinary nurses and surgeons.
Credits: 12.5 CVE credits 
Venue: Westgrove Hotel Clane, Kildare  
Date: 28th & 29th March
Details: Registration forms from kildarebatgroup@gmail.com
Cataclysmic Climate Change Animation

Digestible climate crisis

Explaining the climate crisis and how it results from our dependence on fossil fuels is a bit heavy. Here is a beautiful (but very pointed) animation by Tim Britton of Forkbeard Fantasy theatre exploring the apocalyptic Evolution of the Carbon Weevil.  It's only 7 minutes long - take time to enjoy the irony.
And Finally..
Low, Forest, Rainforest, Environment
Did you know

A scallop has approximately 100 eyes around the edge of its shell.
They allow the scallop to detect light, dark, and motion. In some species like the bay scallop, the eyes are a vivid blue colour.
Photo flickr/Kevin Bryant
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