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New York Magazine: Reality Winner Unlikeliest Leaker

"Not every leaker is an ideological combatant like Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning. Reality Winner may be the unlikeliest of all."

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New York Magazine published an article on Reality Winner this week. For folks that are still wondering who is this person with a quirky name, please do take the time to read Kerry Howley's in-depth article. Here is an excerpt:

In November, the man Reality referred to as "orange fascist" became president of the United States.... In those first months on [Reality's new job as a NSA contractor], the country was still adjusting to Trump, and it seemed possible to some people that he would be quickly impeached.

Reality listened to a podcast called Intercepted, hosted by the left-wing anti-security-state website the Intercept's Jeremy Scahill and featuring its public face, Glenn Greenwald, and listened intensely enough to email the Intercept and ask for a transcript of an episode. Scahill and Greenwald had been, and continue to be, cautious about accusations of Russian election meddling, which they foresee being used as a pretext for justifying U.S. militarism. "There is a tremendous amount of hysterics, a lot of theories, a lot of premature conclusions being drawn around all of this Russia stuff," Scahill said on the podcast in March. "And there's not a lot of hard evidence to back it up. There may be evidence, but it's not here yet."

There was evidence available to Reality.

The document was marked top secret, which is supposed to mean that its disclosure could "reasonably be expected" to cause "exceptionally grave damage" to the U.S. Sometimes, this is true. Reality would have known that, in releasing the document, she ran the risk of alerting the Russians to what the intelligence community knew, but it seemed to her that this specific account ought to be a matter of public discourse. Why isn't this getting out there? she thought. Why can't this be public? It was surprising to her that someone hadn't already done it.

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