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More on wet and raw feeding:
One of the biggest misconceptions about feeding raw is the idea that it's too expensive. You can spend a lot if you want to but it's certainly not required. I buy meat on sale at the supermarket and follow recipes found online. Nutrition advice can be found there, too. I actually spend less now and have avoided all the recalls.
Be sure to watch the feline nutrition interview I refer to in my feature article this month, on the right.

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March 7, 2018
Feature Article About Feline Nutrition
My friend and fellow feline behaviorist, Tracy Dion, has been interviewed by Dr. Karen Becker on cat nutrition. Tracy is an expert on "fresh" feeding, which sounds more appealing than "raw" feeding, and is actually a more accurate description. She has a very active presence on Facebook and a well-researched web site called

Visit this link to get started if you like, then just click anywhere to reveal the interview:

Or, go directly to the interview by visiting this link:

Watch the video and download the transcript of their talk if you'd like to save the information.
Health and Behavior
How to Treat Feline Acne
This article stresses the importance of good nutrition, dish design, and stress management.
I feed the cats here wet and raw and only use dry kibble for the new arrivals that don't seem to know anything else. I then transition them to better food if possible. Not all cats make the transition easily, if at all. It depends on how they were cared for as kittens, for the most part. In addition to mostly flat dishes, l work with them on emotional issues they may have. Haven't seen any acne on chins in years. 
Using "flat" dishes helps kitty in several ways: It keeps the food particles from accumulating on their chins; it eliminates what is known as "whisker stress" when they have to deal with the sides of a bowl touching them; and it's just easier to eat without having to "dig" the food out. If one still gets crumbs on the chin and doesn't wash it off, I do it for them.
Sharing Activities With Your Cat Helps Bonding
Read about this cat and owner who share a "secret handshake!"
How to Keep Your Kitty Happy Indoors
However, if you would like to give your cat the outdoor experience they crave, here's an interesting collection of enclosures you might like to consider:

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