Dear friends and fans of Portland Story Theater,

Lawrence Howard is Huckleberry Howard! Huckleberry Howard is here at last! 

We are very pleased to announce the arrival of Lawrence Howard's first CD, The Adventures of Huckleberry Howard. This is the live recording of Lawrence's piece from Portland Story Theater's 2009 solo performance festival, Singlehandedly, and it contains three of his most popular personal stories, with a little harmonica music and a few dirty limericks thrown in for good measure. These coming-of-age tales trace a narrative arc that follows our hero from age ten to young adulthood.

The first story is In The Belly Of The Beast, and it's about a time Lawrence was getting beat up in the locker room in junior high school, and a very unexpected thing happened. The second story is called Night Blues, and it's about the summer his big brother worked on a fishing boat out of Freeport, on the south shore of Long Island, and how he would sometimes let Lawrence tag along. The third story is called Into The West, and it's about how Lawrence and his life-long best friend left New York and came to Oregon. It's a show about bullies and brothers and breaking away. It's a totally live recording and nothing's been edited out, so you can hear everything just the way it happened that night, including the folding chairs falling over in the middle of the story! It's almost like being there.

It's on sale now for just $10, plus $2 postage and handling. We're selling it ourselves -- how old school is that? – so if you want a copy, just write your name and address legibly and send us $12. Before you know it, The Adventures of Huckleberry Howard will arrive in your mailbox, as if by magic!

Please make your checks out to Lawrence Howard, and send them to 3333 NE 15th Avenue, Portland, Oregon, 97212. Thanks!

Lynne Duddy - Dark MatterOh, and by the way, Lynne Duddy's solo show, dark matter, is also available on CD. Same deal, same price. Part science, part mystery, part cosmic joke, dark matter is a show that explores the push and pull of the universe as a metaphor for the human experience. The Oregonian called Lynne's performance "raw, revealing and vulnerable." People who have bought this CD tell us that they listen to it over and over again.

Both CDs are for adults, not kids. 

Portland Story Theater