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Oldest cat in the U.K.
Book signing event...
Think Like a Cat game show...
More petfood to be recalled?
Web sites to explore...
Cat Trivia...
A couple of videos...


Britain's oldest cat, Mischief, is 27, but that hasn't earned
him any records... yet. The cat who holds that record was
Spike, 29, who died in 2001.

But 27 is nothing to sneeze at... it's the equivalent of about
124 in human years.

According to owners Chris and Donna Thorne, he's still
as mischievous as ever, but he's slower now and sleeps

The oldest cat ever on record is Creme Puff, who lived to be
38, in Austin, Texas, U.S.

Source: http://tinyurl.com/oldest-cat

(That link was originally 111 characters long, so I had it
shortened for your convenience.)

I just returned from my friend's book-signing party. What
fun! Nancy Dutton was on hand at the Creative Framing and
Art Gallery in Louisville, Colorado to sign copies of her
"Book of Animal Poetry," just published and now available
on Amazon.com. I took pictures, which you can see here:


The new game show, Think Like a Cat, has its first winner.
Spooky D., who lives in Portland, Oregon, helped his owner,
Simone Mickelberry, take home $10,000 on Nov. 24.

The show also will donate $1,000 to Mickelberry's favorite
charity, the Cat Adoption Team, the state's largest no-kill
shelter, located in Portland.

To find out when Think Like a Cat is on TV in your area,
check for the schedule at GSN.com.


Well, cat food, and petfood in general, remains in the news.

There have been some reports of a natural pet food being
recalled. It's called Orijen and is considered one of the
best natural foods on the market for pets. However, thanks
to a reader, Jean, we have learned that the only cases reported
are in Australia where approximately 2 dozen cats have
suffered some paralysis.

One thought has been that Australia requires all imported
food products to be irradiated. However, there have been no
problems with other pet foods after irradiation. So no one
knows yet if that is related to the problem.

Jean called the dealer where she got her cat food and they
are willing to replace any bags of food she purchased. But she
has not returned hers, as her cats are doing just fine.

Thanks for the report, Jean.

WEB SITES to explore
Now this is a cool tool: http://look.fo/

If you want to save a page of search links, this is quite
handy, so you won't have to locate a search all over again.
For example, I went looking for a video of a cat "attacking"
a printer. I typed in my search phrase, "cat attacks printer,"
and this is the link they gave me:


You can use that link, too, and you will see every video
ever made about cats attacking printers!

(This service uses the Google search engine.)

Looking for a gift for your favorite cat, or cat lover?
http://www.thebestcatfurniture.com might have something
for you.

"Famous" cats:

Composer Scarlatti, who wrote the Cat's Fugue, is said to
have used the melody that his cat picked out by walking
up the keyboard.

Abraham Lincoln, our 16th president, momentarily halted
the Civil War to rescue 3 kittens he found in General Grant's
camp. While everyone waited, he put them under his coat
and carried them to safety where he ensured they would
be fed and cared for.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Albert Schweitzer was left
handed, but he learned to use his right hand to write
prescriptions so as not to disturb his cat, who loved to sleep
on his left arm.

The first "cat flap" in a door was installed by Martha
Washington, the first First Lady, who kept cats at the White House.

The first Siamese cat introduced to the United States was a
gift to President Rutherford B. Hayes.


Check out the video on my website, at the bottom of the page.
This time it's a dancing cat in a TV ad from the U.K.
Very funny!



And here's a holiday video I made at the "Elf Yourself" site.
I uploaded my face, plus several of the cats here, and one
of the dogs.

This link expires on Jan. 15, 2009, so take a look before then.


You can make one yourself, too, for some holiday fun!


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