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Dear Friends, Fans, & Folks of the World, 

Where do the days go? Already it is that beautiful, sacred time of the autumnal equinox ~ leaves turning to golden, awakening to hints of winter days to come. As I write this I am eating apple pie, listening to the crickets play their last sparkling symphonies of summertime as I finally steal a moment to share with you all the news in the land of Amanda West Music. And there is so much of it!
First, a huge WELCOME to those of you new to this list! I am so glad we met recently, and thank you for your interest in my music and wanting to stay connected. And another big THANK YOU to those of you who have been with me for years already, sending your friends and parents and children and distant cousins to my shows and classes and website and events. These connections continue to show up in surprising and wonderful ways, reminding me that the work I do in music is broad, multi-faceted, and comprises a career I never dreamed I’d be so fortunate to have! Thank you for helping to make it possible. 

I’m home from my 5th annual Pacific Northwest Tour, after a great run of shows and a most adventurous time with Pete (my musical/life partner/husband), and our 3 year old on the road. Touring with children (even 1 child), is never easy, as any mama musician will tell you, but as always, we learned a lot, sold CD’s, followed our hearts, and were grateful for time with friends old and new. And when I came home, I was interviewed for No Depression Magazine on being a touring mama musician!  
{tour photos: we had lots of crazy weather - flip flops in the snow!|sweet welcome sign from one of our house concert hosts | we had a helper along part of the time to watch our son, Solas, but Solas preffered to be onstage|being on tour is a lot about being in the car!}

It’s been super busy the last few weeks as I just did a new photo shoot with the lovely Paige Driscoll of Santa Cruz Birth Photography. I pulled her slightly out of her niche to do some promotional photos for me, however, since so much of the work I am doing these days focuses around themes of motherhood and family, it felt like a good fit. You are sure to see a few of the finished images around social media land and in forthcoming promotional things.
Then just this week, Nick Tobin of Double Pinhole Productions who made “The Summer You Were Born” video, came down again from Seattle to film a new one for the favorite song, “Habit”. I managed to gather 16 kids ranging in age from one and half to seventeen for a magical frolic through the redwoods on film. We can’t wait to see what Nick makes of it all ~ I’ll let you know, of course.
-----> (the banner of this email is a sneak peak of it!)

Tomorrow I leave again for the UK! My song & music video, “The Summer You Were Born” was selected to be a part of a groundbreaking exhibition showcasing the work of 30 international artists on the topic of early parenthood.  This project is part of a movement to remove the taboo of parenthood as a valid subject of creative work., and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. While we’re across the pond (with Pete & our little man as well, of course), we’ll also play a show with Harpeth Rising in Scarborough, and tour Pete’s family ~ business & pleasure is all the same thing, right?

Just two days after I return from England I’ll head over to Oakland for the Folk Alliance Regional West conference. I’ll be performing in showcases as well as hosting a room with Nancy Cassidy and Jaspar Lepak to showcase some of my favorite Folk Alliance artists including Corinne West, Mindy Dillard and Briget Boyle. Woohoo!
If you didn’t catch it, I have a new EP!! And it's my favorite work yet. It's really a preview for the larger body of songs we are working on for the next full-length album. But for now, this is a concept album, a story of new motherhood. It includes my first-ever recorded cover song, Sarah McLachlan's "Sweet Surrender", which I have re-interpreted to be about the post-partum experience. The sentiments of the songs move from longing, to birth, through love, and self-loss, and the endless reaching for the now, on a thematic journey that is more than can ever be anticipated or imagined, for it is “More Than Anything”. These songs are available on limited-edition, hand-printed albums until they run out. Then they’ll go online and become available for digital download. I promise, I’ll let you know when!
I'm working to make my winter months quiet, home-centered months, as I have a paper on music & motherhood to write, (already accepted to be published in an anthology on the subject!), new songs to record, a poor old website to be updated, along with lots of social media, and oh yes, and a family and self to be nourished. Isn’t that what wintertime is for?
Speaking of social media, I now have all these sites you can connect with me on, so maybe I'll see you there:
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Meanwhile let's make our Dia De Los Muertos altars, enjoy the pumpkin pie, and learn from the leaves as they let go of the trees, trusting the earth will be there to catch them.
Happy autumn!!
yours in song,
~ Amanda
U P C O M I N G   E V E N T S :

October 2nd 
Opening Reception for Project Afterbirth 
with Amanda West's "The Summer You Were Born"
The White Moose Gallery, Devon, UK
Learn more:
October 10th @ 7pm
opening for Harpeth Rising 
Octoberfest at the Woodend Gallery, Scarborough, UK 
Learn more: http://www.harpethrising.com/shows/

October 16th -18th 
Folk Alliance Regional West 
private showcases & more! 
Oakland, CA
Learn more: http://www.far-west.org/

Private Lessons ~ Voice, Guitar & Songwriting | Home Studio, Felton, CA
Specializing in work with girls and women. More details: www.amandawestmusic.com/classes

Ongoing 3rd Mondays of the month @ 7pm 
WOMB SONG | Pacific Cultural Center, Santa Cruz
A community based singing circle for pregnant women, led by Amanda West & Megan Jacobsmeyer. Learn more:



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