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The Three Stooges of Oklahoma County

Oklahoma County GOP Leadership Loses Safe House Seat after 55 Years of Republican Rule


How does one lose a House seat after owning it for 55 years?   Mainly by the County GOP leadership devoting its time to tearing down the state GOP leadership instead of focusing on the main election for the county.

House District 85 had been left open after the death of RINO Republican House member David Dank.  The 80% white district had been held by a Republican since the 1960’s, voted for Romney 60%/40% in the 2012 election, and was retained by Republican Dank in 2014 with a 13point majority.  Yet liberal Democrat Cyndi Munson carved out a 8 point win thanks to Oklahoma County GOP leadership squandering their time and treasure attacking the State GOP Chairman Randy Brogdon.

A mere 7.7% of represented voters turned out, suggesting that RINO Republican Chip Carter should have landed 2800 votes but at least 25% of the Republican voters simply refused to show up to vote, handing the victory to the liberal Democrat.

Those responsible are Oklahoma County Chairman Daren Ward, Oklahoma County Vice Chairwoman Evelyn McCoy, and then Oklahoma State GOP Vice Chairwoman Estela Hernandez.  All spent the last five months attacking the popularly elected State GOP Chairman instead of spending their time retaining one of their own House Districts.  The most likely reason for the low Republican turnout in the special election was Republican voter disgust with their County GOP leadership while the Democrat turnout was likely invigorated as they saw a chance to win back the House seat after 55 years.

But the good news is that with 71 of the 101 seats in the House, the loss of the Dank seat is not only irrelevant, it is probably a good thing for the conservative cause as Chip Carter was a solid RINO backed heavily by dark money and the State Chamber of Commerce.    Estela Hernandez was working hard for Carter and Carter had numerous RINO endorsements along with a flood of extremely negative attack ad post cards sent out against Munson. If this was a loss it was a loss for the State Chamber and an indication that rank and file Republican voters are fed up with liberal Republicans.  The Sooner Tea Party endorsed no one in this race as not a single candidate carried conservative views.



Official Senate picture Jolley  A little closer to reaility picture of Jolley

The real picture of Pork Jowls Jolley

A Lesson in Politics:

2012 Controversial Bond Vote Brought Political Pain for RINOs

Yet the Bonds were Never Sold


Back in 2012 a hotly contested issue at the Capitol was Senator Clark Jolley’s ramming through a special bond issue to bring the State Medical Examiners office to Edmond, a prize pork project for his district.  Yet three years later the bonds remain unsold, not even attempted to be sold actually, as the players in the scheme hit a brick wall.

Bond sales were against the Oklahoma Constitution for nearly 100 years until an Oklahoma Supreme Court decision in the late 90’s reversed the long standing prohibition on state debt.  Liberals and RINOs love the bond issues as they are extremely expensive, carrying huge interest rates, available to a select few investors for the most part, and generate huge profits for the sellers of the bonds, all of which is carefully doled out to establishment citizens.   The failure to sell the 38.5 million dollars in bonds leaves around ten million dollars of profit/interest unclaimed, something that astounded those that closely follow politics in Oklahoma.  Why were the bonds unissued?

Senator Jolley’s version is that intricate challenges merging academics and public safety caused the refusal to issue the bonds.  UCO issued a statement pretending to still be interested in selling the bonds and building the building to host the State Medical Examiners office. So….?


The real reason behind the UCO refusal to sell the bonds and build the building after much political capital was spent getting the bonds approved was reality sunk in for the UCO.  Selling 40 million in bonds would have dropped their bond rating and restricted the sales of other bonds, meaning they would have had to dial back their own agenda in order to further Senator Jolley’s agenda.   So the politicians bought and sold votes to approve the bond issue, local establishment investors were more than ready to get richer buying the expensive bonds, but the weak link in the chain was UCO itself who simply refused to sell the bonds.

Of course we should remember the Randy Terrill conviction, allegedly for working a deal that was approved by the entire House and Senate, for an $80,000 a year job for a retiring Democratic Senator.  Yet a small deal that was two thousand times smaller resulted in two felony convictions.

It sure pays to be on the right side when you practice corruption I suppose.


Saying you are Grassroots Doesn’t Mean it is True

By the Watchman


Claiming to be a grassroots conservative doesn’t make you one. We could find no evidence of grassroots conservative activism on the part of Tulsa County Chairman Mike Ford. We in the conservative  community can expect more liberal Republicans from Tulsa County running for office in the future.


The first item of interest we found was this By less than one vote, Tulsa County Republicans choose a chairman - Tulsa World: Local. Mr. Ford won the position by eight tenths of a point. The challenger, Rhonda Vuillemont-Smith even graciously conceded the victory to Mr. Ford and stated “I will work with Mike Ford to move this party forward. “She later said that she would continue her work with the Tulsa 912 Project. Even Mr. Ford indicated it was time to “get some of those bloody axes buried once and for all. “This indicated that it was time to heal the party divisions and make it work again.


The next item of interest we found was this Mike Ford: Who’s The Real GOP? | The McCarville Report. The article starts out fine. It sets the right tone of how voters feel. Most voters are tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. What he said was well said but at the same time totally wrong. Every politician or candidate better pay attention  to their constituents. We are wise to their coming home and campaigning as conservatives and going to the District of Corruption and acting and voting as liberals. We have five Congressmen there and two Senators. Only one Congressman and one Senator can we say are truly conservative. That’s a pretty poor record for a state that claims to be the reddest state in the Union


The next item of interest we found was this Tulsa County Republican Convention review | Tulsa Today. We found this to be interesting due to this statement  in part “With all the quarrelsome drama and subplots of a Hollywood blockbuster, but at glacier speed. “It is here that they first mention Mr. Ford having anything to do with grassroots activism. His leadership, alleged, of four hundred volunteers in 2008 for the Governor Mike Huckabee Campaign for President is his claim to fame. You don’t become the leader of volunteers without the approval of the campaign staff itself.


We should say his one success as a campaign organizer was for the only true conservative we have in congress, Representative Jim Bridenstine. The OKGOP Get Out the Vote campaign is a party function not a grassroots function. His appointment as South Tulsa Zone Chairman is unofficial as there is no official office for that  so that work was done on his own and is again part of the Tulsa County GOP function not grassroots activism. From what we can tell, he has done absolutely no grassroots work at all.


The next article of interest we found was this Sooner Tulsa County GOP Prepares For A Presidential Primary Ahead. It seems that Chairman Ford has some ambitious goals for the Tulsa County GOP. He intends to try and heal the party and grow the party there. He started with holding an Executive Committee meeting in June. It was indicated that they intend to hold executive committee meetings on the first Monday of every month.


The County Chairman indicated that he has intentions of returning to the annual Summer Bar-B-Que as a fund raiser for the County GOP. He also mentioned his ad-hoc “Sub Action” committees and said he was preparing to launch a couple of them. We have to ask why. Isn’t he able to accomplish this with the people he has? This sounds a little on the shady side to us.


He also was asked about the promise he made concerning the quarterly meetings with the Tulsa County Committee. He acknowledged the commitment and agreed with the importance of addressing the matter, but wanted some of the sub-action work completed before he called the first meeting. What is he trying to do? The sub-action work may be uncalled for, or should be done by volunteers. You never know what experts in the field you may have in your committee either. Mr. Chairman you need to re-think your strategy.


The next article of interest we found was this The Latina Roundatable Op-ed. This article high lights a problem not only in the Tulsa County GOP, but in the GOP in the entire state and country. Only one   Hispanic was determined present as a delegate out of three hundred and seventy (370) delegates present.  Chairman Ford you have a lot of work in front of you getting the Hispanic and African-Americans in Tulsa County involved in the GOP. We wish you luck.


In conclusion we see no real grassroots activism in the background of Chairman Ford. The plans he has in store for the Tulsa County GOP are going to turn him into one if he’s successful. The best advice he could take from this point on is to stop the infighting between the GOP and the rest of the grassroots movements like the 9-12 Project and the Tea Party people. Remember those people won the House and Senate back for the GOP.