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Oklahoma House of Representatives

Gets it Right on Article V Convention


House members defeated an ill advised and dangerous attempt to gut the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights, including the 2nd Amendment on Tuesday.   The legislation had already passed the Senate where few conservatives survive as Senate leadership has punished conservative senators for several years without respite.

SJR 4, authored by liberal Republican Gary Banz failed on a 42 to 56 vote.  Had the measure passed and been signed by Oklahoma RINO Governor Mary Fallin the state would have joined other states in calling for a Constitutional Convention or Con Con.  The legislation stated that the purpose of the Con Con was for fiscal restraint, limiting the power of the federal government, and the jurisdiction of the federal government but the legal reality is that once called the attendees at a Con Con can re write the U.S. Constitution at will as they did the one other time it was used in the late 1800’s.


RINO Rep. Gary Banz used the federal budget as the excuse, knowing full well that some ill informed or just plain ignorant conservatives would support a Con Con.    About 25 liberal states have already passed legislation calling for a Con Con and if another 9 states pass legislation then all of the Bill of Rights would be at risk.

Here is the list of Representatives that endangered the 2nd Amendment


    Banz               Echols             Murdock            Strohm            

    Billy              Joyner             Nollan             Tadlock           

    Caldwell           Kannady            O'Donnell          Thomsen           

    Christian          Lepak              Ortega             Vaughan           

    Cleveland          Martin             Osborn             Walker            

    Coody, A.          McBride            Park               Watson            

    Coody, J.          McCall             Pfeiffer           Wood               

    Cooksey            McCullough         Pruett             Wright            

    Cox                Montgomery         Roberts, S.        Jeff Hickman       

    Denney             Moore              Russ              

    Dunlap             Mulready           Sears             





A Fancy Way To Say Soft On Crime?

By Ms PM


This story begins with a quote from the article saying “a measure that could breathe new life into Oklahoma’s judicial reform movement may be considered on the floor at the state Senate.”


How lovely a feeling when you take in that deep breath and let out a sigh of relief if your choice is to believe the great masters’ have come up with a wonderful plan. H.B. 1518 is called the “Justice Safety Valve Act.” Doesn’t that name have a nice ring to it? Before the jails fill up with “nonviolent offenders” the judges would have the option of using the safety valve of their discretion allowing nonviolent nastiness to dissipate over the land.


Exactly how corrupt would this judicial tactic become with the ebb and flow of time to see the unintended consequences? We have laws on mandatory minimum sentences and we would have a new law that would offer up a way for judges to ignore the original law. Isn’t this politics as usual with all of its greatness? Left to discretion of the judge’s interpretation of what a nonviolent offender might be, wouldn’t the scenario become that of law abiding citizens in the end dealing with the consequences?


As an example we use shoplifters. They aren’t violent but seem to think they are entitled to steal. A judge would be able to use their discretion and never inflict the penalty of our existing law. If offenders don’t “feel” the consequence of their actions, the burden is placed on others to pay higher prices because the cost of theft is always passed to consumers.


Oklahoma Shoplifting Criminal Penalties




First conviction for goods valued at less than $500

Misdemeanor under Title 21 Chapter 68 Section 1731(1)

Up to 30 days of jail time at the county jail and/or a fine between $10 and $500

First conviction for stealing more than one item where the total value of goods stolen is less than $500

Misdemeanor under Title 21 Chapter 68 Section 1731(1)

Up to 30 days of jail time and/or a fine between $50 and $500

Second offense for shoplifting goods valued at less than $500

Misdemeanor  under Title 21 Chapter 68 Section 1731(2)

Between 30 days and one year of jail time and/or a fine up to $1,000

Shoplifting goods valued at $500 or under with two prior shoplifting convictions

Felony under Title 21 Chapter 68 Section 1731(3)

Between two and five years of jail time

Shoplifting goods valued at $500 or more and less than $1,000

Felony under Title 21 Chapter 68 Section 1731(4)

Up to one year of jail time for one or more nights or weekends, fines up to $5,000 and mandated restitution to the victim

Shoplifting goods valued at $1,000 or more.

Felony under Title 21 Chapter 68 Section 1731(5)

Between one and five years of jail time


Jonathan Small is one of the vice presidents for OCPA, (Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs) and this organization is deemed Oklahoma’s leading free market “think tank.” He states that Oklahoma can “enhance public safety and control costs by allowing judicial discretion in specific mandatory minimum cases, thereby prioritizing prison space for violent and dangerous offenders.”


This rhetoric is always the same. Public safety and money are the popular reasons used to never let a crisis go to waste. Is “enhanced public safety” accomplished by not prosecuting these nuisance law breakers? Is saving money within the prison system another way for Oklahoma government to frivolously spend elsewhere? Will this saved money be used to pay our way out of the black hole our “not at all sticking to a budget leaders” have gotten our state into?


It is quite possibly true that these people do not belong in jail. On the other hand it would be a great service to our state to put them to work picking up the state birds (Walmart bags) along highways, and many other jobs the state pays government employees with benefits to do. A few other politically incorrect necessities for the job could be a pink tu-tu with ballerina slippers and fashionable signs hung around their necks that say, honk if you can read this and you think I’m an idiot!


What all of this comes down to is simple trust. Do you trust your judges and state government to do the right thing by its citizens?




It’s Afraid, It’s Very Afraid


RINOs Begin Push to Overturn

Conservative Control of the Oklahoma GOP


Within a few days of the conservative victory at the 2015 Oklahoma GOP State Convention the liberal Republican forces were hard at work trying to undermine and co opt the new conservative party leadership.

First up was an editorial from the Daily Disappointment, AKA the Oklahoman.    The liberal editorial editors at the Oklahoman bemoaned the fact that former Senator Randy Brogdon had taken over and accused Brogdon of pushing a message that divided the party and pushed away liberal Republicans and minorities.   Specifically they took Brogdon to task for an old Face book post where Brogdon reminded us that the Republic is composed of 50 divisible sovereign states, quoting only a portion of the post, no doubt massively out of context.

Also used against Brogdon in a scurrilous manner were comments on a recent radio show where Brogdon repeated the fact that we are a union of 50 sovereign states, again with only a portion of the entire passage quoted.

The Oklahoma opined that statements reminding citizens that we are a Union alienated “current supporters”, i.e., RINOs that have worked diligently to destroy American values.  The editors even tried to drive a wedge between Brogdon and his Vice Chair, a Hispanic immigrant by pointing out that the Vice Chair, Hernandez is actively pursuing the Hispanic vote and new citizens at immigration ceremonies.

The Oklahoma then made the enormous leap to the idea that Brogdon was advocating secession from the Union, claiming that Brogdon’s views were divisive and would drive away liberal RINOs and Hispanic voters alike.    Typical liberal tactics, labeling anyone that attempts to enforce the existing Constitution and the Bill of Rights as subversive and dangerous.

Reading between the lines the Oklahoman fears the GOP will finally start to enforce the anti illegal alien legislation passed by former Representative Randy Terrill and that Brogdon will begin to squeeze Republican office holders to hew to the Party Platform or be publically shamed for not supporting the consensus of Republican and conservative Oklahoma voters.


The second even more oblique attack was masked as “help” for the Republican Party.  Uber RINO Republican fundraiser Trey Richardson, known as the “dark money” fund raiser that supported RINOs Mary Fallin, Lankford, and Super PACS using money funneled from the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce members.

The move was amply camouflaged including this statement used on the McCarville Report (yes that old fossil is still alive and kicking mud):

 “I’m shocked that an ally of the business community would lift a finger to help Brogdon…Randy Brogdon is known for attacking the chamber crowd and opposing their interests. I would say it is bad politics for [Richardson] to be helping Brogdon.”

Claiming his desire for the Party itself was the reason for helping to raise money Richardson said that money has been donated by Congressional members in recent days.


Right….. how about this is more about slipping a noose over Brogdon’s head before he even gets the office cleaned out?  A financial noose that will quickly tighten around the Oklahoma Republican Party if Brogdon tries to enforce the Party Platform on RINO elected officials.   The State Chamber’s worst nightmare is for Oklahoma Republicans to begin funding a conservative Oklahoma GOP.  Better abort this grassroots fundraising and get the State Chamber money put to work.

Both instances of attempts to undermine the newly elected conservative Republican leadership reminds me of the scene in the movie Starship Troopers where the giant bug was captured and one of the intelligence officers used telepathy to read the bug’s mind. 

Yea, they are afraid, the RINOs are very afraid.






Why They are Afraid


It has been a long, bloody battle since 2009 when the Sooner Tea Party was formed out of desperation after realizing that the main Tea Party group had been taken over by RINO Republicans.    Our tactics were crude in the beginning as none of us really understood what we were truly facing but as the liberal RINO Republicans and the State Chamber of Commerce became understood as our main enemies our tactics began to evolve and become lethal weapons against the underpinnings of tyranny.

RINOs and the State Chamber were hammered at every opportunity while we quietly helped conservatives run for office, win office, and survive in office.  The first real victory was the late 2011 where liberal Republican Kris Steele’s handpicked successor was soundly defeated in the Speaker Designate race at the House Republican Caucus.  The winner turned out to be not that great, TW Shannon actually disrespected some of the legislators that put him in power but at least the persecution and defilement of conservative Republican House members stopped.

That year the worst of the RINO legislation begin to be curtailed.  Obama Care,  the American Indian Cultural Center, the list goes on… but that was the light at the end of the tunnel.  Shannon was afraid of the Senate leadership as he was running for higher office so there was some bad legislation passed.

Then in 2014 we saw the loser of the 2011 Speaker Designate race come back to win the Speaker position and he ran against the RINO Speaker candidate,  Mike Jackson, and won.  Jackson had become the RINOs and State Chamber’s boy after uber RINO Jason Nelson bowed out in early February.   Amazingly Jackson was supported by supposedly conservative Charlie Meadows and OCPAC but Charlie Meadows’s personal phone calls lobbying House members turned into the kiss of death as Jackson lost by a 25% margin, a 12 vote drop from the number of votes that installed Speaker Shannon.

Speaker Jeff Hickman turned out to have learned his lesson in 2011 and has so far kept his promises to those that elected him.   Once again in 2014 we saw the worst of the Senate RINO and State Chamber legislation wither and die and all of a sudden conservatives held a half dozen major committee leadership posts.   So far this has remained true in 2015 with a fairly dull legislative session with few major mistakes.

And not only are conservatives holding the line these days, they are rolling back the special interests.  Two good examples are SB 806 and HB 2182 that passed the legislature this week.  SB 806 requires economic incentives include a measurable goal when enacted, what you can measure you can confirm effectiveness or lack of same.  HB 2182 allows legislators access to independent data on the tax incentives, their fiscal impacts, and assessments of if the incentives are working or not.  Yikes!   Special interest bribes can’t overcome the fact that the billions of tax dollars given away isn’t producing jobs or growth for the state.

Things aren’t perfect; they also passed a bill a few weeks back that “denied” a tax credit to the wind industry, a tax credit that had never actually been used by the wind industry, which provided enough political cover for the actual honey pot of tax credits to escape intact.  Yeah, we really hit them hard… wink wink.

Short of a major counter attack or massive blunder by conservative forces, we are way past the tipping point.  The State Chamber’s reputation for brutal retaliation and corruption is pretty much taken as the gospel that it is.  Legislators have learned that the State Chamber can be safely ignored as their attempts to oust legislators cost them a fortune with little results in the last election.  The biggest bully on the block has become toothless and inept as their power wanes after their misuse of their access to legislators.  And now the Party itself is in conservative hands, by a slim margin though, but big trees grow from small seed.

Lots of folks had become disenchanted with the Republican Party but our message remains the same from 2009; it is the only game in town, the only vehicle that we can use to get Oklahoma values back on top.    Now is the time to get re engaged if you dropped out, time to being supporting the GOP but with strings attached to ensure conservative are not taken for granted.

Things are good in Oklahoma right now.  The light from the tunnel is no longer an oncoming train of tyranny but the result of bonfires rendering the corruption and disease from the Republican Party.



Washington didn't use his right

to free speech to defeat the British

  He shot them




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