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Rep Shumate married
Knock, Knock?
How about Slap, Slap?
Take the time to watch this video to set the tone for this article and have a few laughs, or shudders once you realize this woman is most likely a voter.
Last week State Republican Chairman Matt Pinnell put out another blog post  on the national progress to  campaign for Romney and the need to not take our eyes off the ball here in Oklahoma and help our state candidates.  So far so good..
Pinnell says:
 “I don't want to sound rude folks, but I really don't care about excuses anymore. If this election cycle won't get you off your backside, I don't know what will.”
Well, Matt, perhaps Republicans aren’t as lazy and apathetic as you want us to believe, perhaps they are just demoralized and sick of RINOs running the Republican Party.   Matt goes on to give a list of Republicans that need support in the closing days of their campaigns and he goes on to ask that volunteers check with their County GOP Chairman for local races that need support.  He writes:
“Look...we have a fantastic slate of candidates from the Courthouse to the State House and Senate that have stepped up to represent US. Please...I need you to help them. You a precinct captain? You have no excuse, it's your job. You a taxpaying citizen? No excuse, it's the future of your state and nation on the line.”
Ah… fantastic slate of candidates?  Let’s look at some of the ones on the list that Pinnell provided and add some comments 
State Senate                                      
3          Wayne Shaw       918-801-2021
5          Howard Houchen       580-317-5058  Oh, wow, where do we start?    Disloyal, backstabbing, thinks Alex Jones is never wrong. I’m almost certain he is a John Birch tool.  Great candidate there Matt.
7          Larry Boggs                918-465-0126
9          Barney S Taylor          918-360-3634
11        Dave Bell                    918-835-5209    : Ouch, did adding this one keep you up at night Matt?  Any blowback yet on including a real Republican in the list?
15        Rob Standridge           405-364-0001
17        Ron Sharp                   405-275-0669  Oh, yeah, read the story we did on this dude, practically a saint according to his own daughter after he tried to give away custody to avoid paying child support. But the State Chamber loves him and pays the bills.
25        Mike Mazzei               918-296-9396  Oh, Mr.  Missing In Action Mike Mazzei (insert picture of a scrawny necked Rambo wanna be).  Too busy to vote for the ALAC bill last year.
27        A. Bryce Marlatt         580-254-5196
31        Don Barrington           580-353-8663
33        Nathan Dahm              918-615-2335  : )
37        Dan Newberry             918-637-5443    The Homeless Senator himself, had his house foreclosed on while running for office and while building another home.  I’m all enthused, got a shiver running down my leg like old Chris Mathews.
39        Brian A. Crain             918-627-4400
41        Clark Jolley                 405-340-3343   Sigh,
 where do we start?   He had his State Chamber goons spread lies about Pastor Blair,  pulled a fraud of a ALAC bill out of his…. Kris Steele… at the last minute to avoid being tagged as in bed with the Muslims.  I’d rather go walk for the Democrat running against him.
43        Corey Brooks              405-651-0405
State House of Representatives
2          John R. Bennett          918-774-3048  : )  I bet it caused physical pain to Matt to include this one.  This guy I’d walk miles for.
3          Roger Mattox              918-647-7382
12        David Tackett             918-894-7929     : )   Ditto on above.
14        Arthur Hulbert           918-913-2623  a
16        James Delso                918-277-6760  no e-mail yet
20        Bobby Cleveland        405-364-0001  Oh my God!  Mr. Voter Fraud himself, or is it Mr. Agenda 21?  The absolute, hands down, most corrupt scumbag of a mammal (I just can’t bring myself to lie and call Cleveland a human being)  The T.U.R.D. of Cleveland County is going to have people walking for him?  This I gotta see.
21        Dustin Roberts            580-230-8217  Nice score you got on the Oklahoma RINO Index Dustin.   30 out of 100 points wasn’t it?
22        Charles A. McCall      580-364-3117
23        Terry O'Donnell          918-770-3070
25        Todd Thomsen            580-235-6220  Really?  Mr. “I have a 40 on my 2011 RINO Index” Todd Thomsen?  The guy that was reported as saying that he couldn’t afford to support the Personhood bill in 2012 because he had higher political aspirations?
26        Justin Freeland Wood 405-822-4373
53        Mark McBride            405-593-5312  Oh, lord… Just read the story we published about him.
27        Josh Cockroft              405-788-9160  Okay, Josh did much better after House Leadership sold him a bridge in 2011.  Got a 70 on his Oklahoma RINO score, not perfect but respectable.  Pick your friends and allies more carefully this session Josh.
28        Tom Newell                405-382-3243  Tom isn’t bad, scored a 65 on the RINO Index.
29        Skye McNiel               918-645-1289   Dear Lord….The Litter Meister herself, the perennially pregnant member of the House of Representatives, and carrying water for the State Chamber while she carries a child.   You can’t say the broad isn’t tough.  About as tough as her RINO Index score of 10 points.   Really Skye?  You support the Republican Party Platform one vote out of ten?  Matt Pinnell must have had you in mind when he wrote about the “fantastic” slate of candidates.  Fantastic as unbelievably bad?  Another Transvestite Birth Certificate bill supporter.
32        Jason Smalley              918-808-1669
36        Sean Roberts               918-960-7326 
 Well…..45 on the RINO Index.   At least you beat the other Roberts boy.  I ain’t walking for you bub.
37        Steven E. Vaughan     580-765-5196  Got a 60 on his 2011 RINO Index and made some better friends and allies in 2012.  That is a start Mr. Vaughn, it is a start.
39        Marian Cooksey          405-330-3976 Okay, just the person I wanted to walk for, loves Obama Care, voted against the Open Carry bills prior to this election year, big corporate welfare supporter….
42        Lisa J. Billy                 405-527-6842  Uh, huh… Big supporter of illegal alien amnesty bills, maybe she could get some of her compadres to walk for her?  Nice 30 score on her RINO Index.
45        Aaron Stiles                405-310-3465  A 60 score on the Index, I’ll shut up as long as he is coming to the right side.
47        Leslie Osborn              405-406-6419  Leslie, Leslie, Leslie, you got a 40 on your RINO Index mainly because you ducked four major votes in 2011.  You are going to have to pick a side Leslie.  I know that you want to be conservative, well now is the time.
48        Patrick Ownbey          580-465-9300  Personable guy, can’t help but like him despite his voting against the GOP Party Platform.  You got a 20 Patrick and you were one of the dozen Republican House leaders that was dumb enough to follow Kris Steele in voting for the HB 1397, the Transvestite Birth Certificate bill.  A Republican would be nuts to walk precints for you unless they were trashing you instead of supporting you.
49        Tommy C. Hardin     580-677-0419  Tom… Can I call you Tom?  How in the hell did you manage to get a 10 on your 2011 RINO Index without voting for the Transvestite Republican Bill.   That takes an unusual talent.  But a ten Tom?  Is that going to be your new nickname?  Ten Tom Hardin?
51        Scott R. Biggs             405-201-5476 
56        Chuck Utsler               405-459-8810
59        Mike Sanders              405-699-2911  You got a 40 Mike, precious few Republicans would give you the time of day.   We have mutual friends that thought the world of you till I showed them your voting record.  Never too late to straighten up Mike, never too late.
60        Dan Fisher                   405-650-2250  : )  Take a Tums, Matt, then eat an entire box of  Ex Lax tonight, you will feel much better in the morning.  I know it hurt to put another real Republican on the list.  Your most likely hunched up as bad as Lee Denney trying to get a french fry  that dropped between her car seats.
63        Don Armes                  580-351-7909   ……Well, Don has behaved himself since last summer, for the most part.  Yah, he got caught making some ugly threats and got his HB 1397 Transvestite Birth Certificate vote outed all over his district.  But he did much, much, better in 2012.   Stay on the right side Don and we will get along just fine.
66        Jadine Nollan              918-241-3135  Jadine?  Like the devil lady in the Steven King movie “The Stand”?  Jadine you scored a 20 on the RINO Index.  Are we wasting our time here Jadine?
68        Glen Mulready            918-606-7752  Mr. Obama Care himself, “we have to pass Obama Care before the Feds force us to do it”  What self respecting Republican wouldn’t want to spend their free time walking for this dude…
70        Ken Walker                 918-688-4415  : )  Walk for this one please!
71        Katie Henke                918-740-4647  Ah, if this one doesn’t turn out to be a State Chamber supporter I’ll shave my head.  Oh, I already did that last week.  Never mind.
72        Randall L. Reese         918-836-3064
76        David Brumbaugh      918-286-7176  Scored an 80 on the RINO Index.  Good start David.  Please walk for this man.
78        Paul Catalano              918-641-4536
79        Weldon Watson          918-794-4644  Weldon old buddy,  you scored a 20… T-W-E-N-T-Y.   Five times four, two times ten Weldon.   Voted for the Transvestite Birth Certificate bill.   Jason Nelson might have some buddies that would walk for you, just don’t let them get too close if you drop something and have to bend over.
82        Mike Turner                405-740-6495  : ) Walk for this young man please!   Try eating another box of Ex Lax Matt.  Wash it down with some prune juice.  Or were you already hitting the “grape juice” to get you this far?
83        Randy McDaniel         405-830-8280  Got a 50 on the Index, long way to go to rejoin the GOP Randy.
84        Sally Kern                   405-557-7348  Excellent, scored a 90 on the Index!  Help her out please.
86        Russell Don Turner     918-696-2757
87        Jason Nelson               405-946-8838  Mr. Lobbyist himself, proud member of that gay website we caught him having a membership on.   No, Jabar didn’t spill the beans, we found him there thanks to a Google search.  Remind us what you were doing there Jason?  Besides earning a 40 on the RINO Index.
88        Aaron Kaspereit          405-826-6461'
99        Willard Linzy              405-751-6671'
100      Elise Hall                     405-213-3326  Proud owner of a 30 on the RINO Index.   Lord willing, maybe she will step into a sewer drain and be lost forever.  I know, you could dip her out but how would you know when to stop dipping?
101      A. J. Bailey                 405-610-7640  Uh, Matt.  Are we supporting a second primary here?  Giving A.J. a second shot at Banz?  Or did Banz finally join the Democrat Party and you just can’t help yourself but to support him anyway.
101      Gary Banz                   405-769-5722   Mr. Government Expert himself, proud owner of a 30 score on the Oklahoma RINO Index.  Great work there Gary, voting with Republican values three times out of ten.  I’ll meet you down on 15th street at 6 am and start walking precincts for you if you meet me there with breakfast and a stack of your flyers.   Don’t worry if I’m late, just hang around waiting till I show up.  Okay?
And the proudest moment in Matt Pinnell’s political career just had to be watching six Oklahoma County elected officials turn on the party when they endorsed a Democrat over the Republican candidate.   This is Matt’s job to enforce the rules of the GOP and yet we have yet to hear a peep out of the boy.
All but one Republican court house elected officials endorse Whetsel.
And two record years for massive state budgets? The majority of the Republican elected officials had to be beaten with a stick to get them to forget about implementing Obama Care in Oklahoma.  The Republican Governor trying to give the Red Chinese land and trying to pass billions in new bond debt?
People aren’t apathetic and lazy Matt.  They just know when they are getting pissed on and while being told it is a warm, gentle, spring rain.










You Have A Path To Fix This Mess,

 Don't Screw It Up

By Ms PM

 So, what's all the hoop-la about with this article that was written last year? Hopefully it will shed some light about a journey that Constitutional sheriffs have been on and how important the upcoming Sheriff race is and the impact it will have here in Oklahoma. You have a very clear choice of which path Oklahoma will take. You can vote for incumbent John Weasel, the big government boob or Darrel Sorrels who follows the Constitution that protects your rights as the Founders set in motion. The impact that a Constitutional sheriff has in your daily life is by far one of the greatest gifts our Founders gave us. Knowledge of this and electing the right person can provide peace when you sleep at night. 

As it states here, Sheriff Greg Hagwood from Plumas County California says "A giant has been awakened, and they didn't count on that," meaning the federal bureaucracy. There is evidence of psychological conditioning coming from the federal level aimed at state, county and city law enforcement.

 Simply put, Sheriff Weasel and his court house allies like big government poking its fat nose into your business are all for stomping the Constitution and bit by bit removing your rights as "they" see fit.    Sorrels is in line with the sheriffs' this story is about.  This election should be a no brainer, but, you can always count on uninformed voters listening to those righteous Republicans and then chopping off the hand that feeds them then whining about the outcome later. If in doubt, do your research.

  Sheriff Tony DeMeo of Nye County Nevada shows how, by following the Constitution and The Bill Of Rights, he was able to stop the federal government from illegally trying to claim rancher Wayne Hage's water rights and seizing his cattle. The 3 part video is excellent. Please watch it and learn.  

 When the feds were threatening DeMeo, he diffused the situation with facts and knowledge of the rights of people that he took an oath to protect. His comment to the feds was that "my swat team will meet your swat team," and it was enough for them to back down.

 As former Graham County Sheriff Richard Mack would say:

  "The sheriff is the highest law enforcement authority in each county.

 The sheriff, who upholds his oath of office, can protect the citizens, in the county, against un-lawful harassment of federal agents, who have no Constitutional authority outside of federal property, their jurisdiction."

 Sheriff Mack doesn't say a sheriff "has" to uphold his oath of office, only that a sheriff "who" upholds his oath of office, "can" protect the citizens. Sheriff Weasel will not be a "who" therefore he is incapable of protecting the citizens that elected him. We have information on Weasel in back issues of our newsletters that shine a bright light on his unethical shenanigans which will include, upon re-election, a matching federal government over reach of power he will freely give himself. He will continue doing what he has always done if unchecked by apathetic voters.

 Back when the Sooner Tea Party and the OCA hosted a Freedom Convention at the Spring Lake Metro Tech Center with Sheriff Mack as the headline speaker, the sole intent of being able to inform the public of the power a sheriff holds, but the conference was met with the typical apathy and turnout was low. There were few Tea Party folks as well. When there is a clear, lawful path to stop government tyranny, one would think that all the citizens complaining about the problems facing our Country would pile on board the freedom train and ride it to the end. Human behavior appears to always have time to complain and rarely takes the time to find solutions. A very sad reality but another reality, and a bright spot, there are those that will not give up.

 The handful of GOP precinct officials expressing outrage about Republican elected officials acting as Co-Hosts for Sheriff Weasel’s re-election and asking for censure of the elected Republican officials is nothing short of a glorified wedgy sending the "gang" to a corner with their bag of candy. They would have more than enough time to pull their panties out of their cracks as they suck on the lolly-pops. They still have their job and the citizens pay them their full salary for unethical behavior. If they were decent folks this would never have happened.

 Why does anyone think corrupt politicians, as these Republicans are, give a second thought about their practices? They are there for their gain and power. Voters are a tool to be used for their election.

 How can there be any wonder why Oklahoma government continues to cock-a-doodle-do with little consequence?

 Sheriff Weasel, we can only hope Oklahoma voters are engaged enough to show you that your days are numbered. It will be a great day when you can crawl back into the hole from which you slithered.

 "Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it." Thomas Paine September 11, 1777


 A Step In The Right Direction Doesn't Have To
Mean It's All Or Nothing

 By Ms PM 

Here is another short primer on the November State Questions:

 State Question 758

 The word "fair" in fair cash value of property will inevitably send up red flags. Whose "fair" is used for the definition? Okay, the definition comes from those who have something to gain, like your money to run the bureaucracy of which those in charge have a torrid love affair. Has anyone noticed that home values have gone down but taxes go up?  Every single year because the reality is that even if property values plunge the court house gang just resets the millage to meet their budget wishes.   This is why it becomes increasingly difficult to trust those money grubbers for the truth. The step in the right direction is that instead of the 5% increase, we get 3%. Next year we need a bill that limits millage but a yes vote on SQ 758 is needed.

 State Question 759

 This State Question does not allow affirmative action in employment, education and contracting. Here is the obvious catch; Affirmative action is allowed when needed to keep or obtain federal funds. Leave it to the Big Boys that wrote the bill to stomp all over state sovereignty in order to be enticed by the almighty dollar from the feds. Sure, these state representatives roll over on their bellies and take it from the feds instead of acting like real men and fighting for the sovereignty the citizens have a right to have. The step in the right direction is that you will not be denied work in some instances. As an example, the employer you seek employment from would not have to hire someone based on ethnicity because of affirmative action. Instead they can fill the position with someone that would simply be a qualified employee. A yes vote is needed.

 State Question 762

 Why would citizens want to decrease the power and authority of the Governor by removing the Governor from the parole process of nonviolent offences? No citizen is allowed a say in the definition of "non-violent offence." How can a Governor effectively govern when they have no say? The Governor appoints three of the five Board members and would not be held accountable for any bad actions by the Board. This State Question enlarges the power and authority of the Parole Board by allowing the Board to grant parole. The citizens have no say as to the appointed Board Members therefore someone must be held accountable for Board decisions. Tag Governor Fallin, you're it. A no vote is needed.

 State Question 764

 Another Board of unelected money grubbers looking for ways to acquire, spend and waste more of your money. A great way to achieve this is to pass another bond. Attention folks; The legislature would provide for methods for issuing the bonds. The Legislature would provide for how the fund is administered. Three big questions. Is this the same scenario used for passing Obamacare? We have to pass it to see what's in it? And in this case, what will be the new fee, or tax to float this sinking boat? Opps, too late to worry about that once it is passed. A no vote is warranted.

 State Question 765

 This one is confusing but only if you listen to the blowhards trying to say that the State Question really doesn't mean what it says. It says; It abolishes the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, the Oklahoma Commission of Human Services and the position of Director of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. Jason Nelson says that despite the wording of the question, which says it "abolishes" DHS it actually means that it would not "abolish" DHS, only the commission. It might be appropriate to send this one back to the legislature so they can do the job right the second time.   A no vote for sure.

 State Question 766

  As it stand now only some intangible personal property is exempt from ad valorem property tax. This State Question would exempt all intangible personal property from ad valorem property tax. The step in the right direction is to correct their wicked ways, which this does. A yes vote.

 Just remember, no on SQ 762, 754, and 765.



 Oklahoma County Precinct Officials Call for the

 Censure of Oklahoma County Elected Officials


 The court house gang at the Oklahoma County Court House has violated the rules of the Republican Party by endorsing the Democratic candidate for Sheriff, Sheriff Whetsel.  The first report was from AxXiom for Liberty on the 15th of October.

 The second report we got was from the Otter Limits Blog also on the 15th of October. You can read their report here.

  As these reports exposed several Republican officials, we decided to do separate stories on each official. We will begin with Oklahoma County Commissioner Ray Vaughn.

 Vaugh stands accused of violating Rule 19 (G) 4 of the Rules of the Republican Party which allows for the removal of any ”officer, committee member or delegate of any organization, committee, delegation, or unit of the Republican Party” for “publicly supporting or endorsing an opponent of candidates of the Republican Party.”   By his endorsement of Sheriff Whetsel, as indicated in the reports above, Commissioner Vaughn violated this rule.  He was listed as an Honorary Co-Host at a fund raiser for Sheriff Whetsel on October 10th of this year.



 Commissioner Vaughn’s credibility is further called into question by supporting a candidate who is currently alleged to be under investigation by the OSBI and the FBI in regards for the illegal use of county detention center inmates to assist with the manufacturing of his campaign signs.  Is this really the type of individual that should represent the county residents and see to it that our infrastructure is maintained? We think not.

 We began our investigation by going to the Oklahoma Ethics Commission web site to check on Vaughn’s campaign finances. There was nothing there, it turns out that the law has changed recently and the last time Vaughn ran he filed paper reports that require a trip to the Ethics Commission to access.

 We next went to to see if any information was available. All they had was his name. NO other information was available. We then went to to see if they had any information. We drew a blank there also. We next went to and finally found some information. According to them Mr. Vaughn collected an individual donation of $250.00 during his 2010 campaign. This is totally unbelievable that this information isn’t out there in public view.

 We were unable to find a web site for Commissioner Vaughn, so we went there and took a look at what information was available there. All I found was a biography page bragging about what he had accomplished while he was in office. There was nothing there about what his plans were or how he planned to accomplished things in the future.

 We then did a Google search of the Commissioner to see what we could find. All we could find there were things like his Endorsements   of political candidates and an article where after six years in office he finally managed to help get the county jail accredited here.

 This accreditation, oddly enough, comes six weeks before a heavily contested election for a member of the Court House Gang. It calls into question the legitimacy of that accreditation.

 The precinct officials of the areas in Commissioner Vaughn’s have called for his censor. We take it one step further. We call for his resignation immediately.   Commissioner Vaughn is a RINO Republican who is a true embarrassment to the Republican Party. He needs to go back to his primary job as an Attorney. At least there his b___ s___ will not harm the voting public.




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