Nepal Earthquake Damage Assessment
Fair Trade Group Nepal released an official damage assessment:
 - Deaths over 9,000 and 23,000 injured
 - Cost equal to half Nepal's annual GDP
 - Government conflict hurts aid distribution
 - Experts predict another large earthquake 
Click here  for the full infographic.
FTGN gave aid quickly with help from deep network. FTGN has given more than 1.3 Million Nepali Rupees and has 7.5+ million to help rebuild and repair homes.
Introducing WFTO-Asia Social Media Takeover!
WFTO-Asia is happy to announce the WFTO-Asia Social Media Takeover! Inviting Member organisations to 'Take Over' our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for one day. Members can share photos and messages with WFTO-Asia followers (over 3,000 people!) to really show their organization! Using local languages will help us better connect with non-English speaking audiences.
Now accepting applications! For more information, email Emily at with ‘Social Media Takeover’ as subject.
Look for social media posts that use the #WFTOAsiaTakeover hashtag!

Marginalisation Tool
“Marginalisation is the systematic denial of the freedoms enjoyed by the wider society. This multifaceted and persistent disadvantage leads to exclusion from the process of development.”
Excited to introduce new excel tool showing the marginalisation of groups we work with in Fair Trade. Please note that it’s not a measuring tool – it’s an indicator.
Includes a total of five sections:
  1. Advocacy 
  2. Availability of resources
  3. health 
  4. economic opportunity 
  5. education. 
There are twenty-one multiple choice questions. When finished, tool will display  a “marginalisation score.”

More information on our website.  Try the tool and suggest changes to make it better at measuring marginalisation.  
Phillipines Trip
July 28 -31             

Today workshop for existing members to “unpack” the GS, answering questions like, "What does an IMS mean for me?" and "Who do I list for my peer visit?"
July 30th workshop is open session for organizations, trading and nontrading, that want to learn more about WFTO and how we can work together. Email for workshop agendas!
This trip would not be possible without support from our dedicated members CCAP and SAFFY, thank you!
Next, we will travel to Seoul, Korea (Elise) and Cambodia (Christine) – hope to see you there!

Also, Planning for late September visit to Sri Lanka has started. We are looking to plan workshops with existing and potential members – if interested to support or collaborate please contact us.
Cambodia Workshop in Siem Reap
August 6th
WFTO workshop with  Artisans' Association Cambodia  in Siem Reap, Cambodia with nonmembers of WFTO to discuss Fair Trade. Topics are: history and success of Fair Trade, 10 Fair Trade Principles, options for accepting and practicing Fair Trade standards. We are excited to strengthen Fair Trade in Cambodia!
Fair Trade Connection
Fair Trade Connection is in Asia! FTC makes videos that tell stories of Fair Trade producers to the world. The videos are great marketing tools and give exposure to your organizations.

FTC has a lot of experience with over 15 WFTO members around the world, this is your chance to book them! Currently in Thailand and next going to Indonesia, available to work and film in Asia.

You can find their videos here and email them via
New Guaranteed Fair Trade Members
Pushpanjali has been dedicated to Fair Trade for 33 years. Pushpanjali works in Agra, India with local craft producers. 
Pushpanjali joins 13 other Guaranteed Organizations in the Asia region including: Asha Handicrafts Association, Association for Craft Producers, Baladarshan, CRC Exports, Creative Handicrafts, Danyun Fair Trade Development, Kumbeshwar Technical School, Sasha Exports, Selyn, SETU, Tara Projects, Thanapara Swallows, and TWINE.
Interested in joining this group of dedicated and Fair Trade verified organizations? Learn more here!