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In this issue...

  • Burger War Winner
  • St. Practice Day - June 17
  • Paddy's O'ficial Start to Summer BBQ Pool Party on the Patio

Burger War Winner - The Mac Attack 

Throughout May, a right and honourable war was waged amongst the burgers conceived by guests and staff at Paddy's.  While the competition lasted the whole month, the winner emerged well before May 31 as the Mac Attack won in a landslide.  If you fell in love with it during the wars (like many people did), you can still get it.

It features our famous Mac-n-Cheese balled up and deep fried and then laid upon our signature burger inside a grilled ciabatta bun.  Sour cream, crumbled bits o' bacon, lettuce and onion top it all off and our friends from Boulevard say it washes down great with an 80-Acre Hoppy Wheat.

Each burger (any burger) that was ordered throughout the month helped us support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  And while the other burgers in the fight might no longer be available, the Mac Attack is.  For a limited time, stop in and give the winner a try.

St. Practice Day - June 17th

The 17th of every month is an important day and one we like to commemorate all year long, especially the 17th of March!  But this 17th , you can enjoy special fare and tons o' fun.  It all starts with our special St. Paddy's Day inspired menu and specials:  $9.99 Corned Beef n' Cabbage Dinner with all the fixin's and $2 Corned Beef Sliders.  For washin' it all down, help yourself to a $4.25 Guinness, Harp, or Smithwick draw...if Bud Light is more your speed, 16 oz. aluminum bottles can be had for just $2.50.  
And if all that ain't enough to get you interested, each month, this one included, we'll be featurin' a different giveaway - so stop in for some swag and come away with perhaps a little somethin' better!
Paddy's O'ficial Start to Summer BBQ Pool Party on the Patio

June 21 is the first day o' Summer, also known as the Summer Solstice.  Now, the astrologers among us will tell of how the earth is most tilted and all that, but we know the main attraction of the day is that it holds the most daylight of any day o' the year.  Here in Leawood, the sun will rise at 5:53AM (remember to pull the curtains at night) and set at 8:47PM.  
What that really means is more daylight for patio shenanigans.  And this year, we're celebratin' it with the Paddy's O'ficial Start to Summer BBQ Pool Party on the Patio - (we had shorter names, but none did it justice).
The festivities will be kickin' off at 11am and feature fun, food, and, of course, quenchibility.  For the wee lil' ones, there'll be games and a chance for wet and not so wild fun.  Meanwhile, the not so lil' ones will be partakin' in summertime fun, namely GIANT Jenga, Bags, and other backyard games.  If you've never played GIANT Jenga, you're missin' out!
On the quenchibility front, all the usual favorite Saturday specials will be in effect, plus you can wet your whistle with our new Summer Brew, a dee-lightful and refreshing combination of Boulevard Wheat and Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka at a special $4.50 price for a red Solo cupful.  Tall Boy PBR and Schlitz are $2, KC Pils bottles are $3, and our special Bloody Marys are $3.50.
There'll be grilled brats and dogs in addition to the usual menu favorites that have accompanied and complemented the Paddy O'Quigley's patio - makin' it a summertime favorite for all our friends and family, includin' those yet to be.  And remember to remember to stick around into the early evenin' and enjoy some live acoustic sounds from Joel McNulty.
There are a lot more events coming up all the time - keep in touch on our website or via Twitter and Facebook.

Slainte and God Bless

Paddy O'Quigley's