The Highly Sensitive Person
Summer Workshops in Chapel Hill

Aug. 22, and Sept. 5
6:15 - 7:45 pm

Hello everyone:
This week on August 22, we will be exploring how to use tools such as meditation, journaling, and breath work to manage the challenges of being highly sensitive in a sometimes insensitive world!

Our remaining summer topics:
Aug. 22: using meditation, journaling, and breathing techniques
Sept. 5: HSPs in romantic and other relationships

Stay tuned for the fall schedule and topics! Want to weigh in on what we cover this fall? Come to the Sept. 5 gathering and be part of the planning!

This is an economical way to support yourself therapeutically!
Fee is only $30 for each 1 1/2 hour session
Attendance is flexible - attend one session, or both!

contact HarDarshan at 919-257-7814 or