The fastest FISH on the market
Results in 60 mins
Dear Researcher,
are you looking for a new rapid and specific assay to assess toxicity and DNA damage in radiotherapy, biological dosimetry or in other radiation sources, such as X-ray, UV, mobile phones, bluetooth, wifi, etc… ?
We are pleased to announce the launch of the new kit from Xenometrix.
The new Rapid Micronucleus MoA assay
  • Is the fastest FISH assay on the market (1 hour) to identify genotoxicity activity with an easy protocol
  • Yields strong and clean fluorescence signal which increases the specificity of the assay
  • Discriminates best between the modes of action, neugen versus clastogen
  • Comes as ready to use kit including pan-centromeric probes, DAPI and reagents
  • Can used on all human cells and whole blood
  • Is available also as service analytics for screening or under GLP
Cambio Ltd, Cambridge, UK,