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A Special
May 19, 2020
We're interrupting our normal newsletter schedule to bring you a very special edition of "Kat Bytes"! Because today we're introducing our BRAND NEW pattern, the Side Slinger along with a time-sensitive discount coupon and since we know our newsletter subscribers are our most loyal customers we wanted to make YOU were aware of this big news FIRST! Just scroll down to get started!
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It's FINALLY Here! - the Side Slinger
The Side Slinger pattern and webpage is FINALLY ready for release to the public! For
more pictures just click HERE.
PLUS--- If you type this discount code -NL399- into the coupon code box at checkout, you'll get $3.99 off the retail price of the Side Slinger pattern! BUT DON'T DELAY!! This coupon will expire at 11:59pm Friday night, 5/22/20... before we release it to the general public on Instagram, Pinterest & FaceBook on the 26th!
Need the Notions Kit?
Why drive all over town looking for the notions you'll need so you can get started right away, especially with all the Covid-19 store closures? Because we can easily slip a prepackaged Notions Kit in with your pattern order AND at a nifty discounted price too! So just click HERE to check it out!
Cork Zebra- 18" X 15" cut= $14.99
Peacock Metallic- 1 yard= $14.99
Faux Gator- 20" X 22" cut= $12.99
Faux Leather- 20" X 22" cut= $12.99
Come See Us at a SHOW!
Our Upcoming Show Schedule is as follows:

International Fall Quilt Market- Oct 24-26, 2020 - Houston, TX 
International Fall Quilt Market- Oct 29- Nov 1, 2020- Houston, TX 
 Road to California 2021 - Jan 24-27, 2019  - Ontario, CA
Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival 2021 - Feb 28-Mar 3, 2019 - Hampton, VA
AQS Paducah 2021 - April 21-24, 2021 - Paducah, KY
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