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End of December 2011
Your ezine for body-mind-emotions wellness solutions for YOU,
 your loved ones and animal companions!
Welcome and thanks for being a part of this Worldwide Community!
Happy Holidays to our Worldwide Community of every race, creed and unique Life Path on six continents of Mother Earth!
Thank you for being precious gifts in my life and the lives of everyone who knows you.
In This Issue...
1) Your Community Update
- BOGO EXTENDED until 12-30-11
2) Self-Healing Video: Clear fears and stress about anything via this 3 minute demo!
Your Community Update
SCARED ABOUT THE HOLIDAY EXPENSES AND WHAT THE NEW YEAR WILL OR WON'T BRING? Keeping the fear cleared in you and your loved ones is a magnificent gift to give at any time of the year. 
Am hosting Christmas dinner at my home this year, with an appetizer of fear clearing mini-sessions for any family members who request it.
Imagine the peace on Earth if we continually released our fears and negativity, then helped others to clear theirs, too?

Don't have time to figure out what you need to work on?
Allow me help you through the holiday season and into 2012 at affordable rates for up to 6 sessions for the price of 3!  Yes... only $60 per session for 6.
Results are GUARANTEED.

Buy One-Get One FREE SESSIONS ARE EXTENDED UNTIL DECEMBER 30, 2011 - BUY ONE for a friend (gift certificate form will be sent to you if requested) and keep the FREEBIE for YOU!
(1) You can get together with friends and pool your funds to get this special offer (new clients must complete a release form before their first session)

(2) Sessions are a solid hour long
(3)  Sessions include unlimited surrogate muscle testing (SMT) to find subconscious blocks from any time in your life, and ensure they are 100% cleared; here's a SMT video:
(4) You choose if we'll use EFT or FREED as a clearing tool
(5) You have until June 30th, 2012 to use your session time
(6) I GUARANTEE you will notice a change on a specific issue we've cleared after our first session. If not, request a full refund within 24 hours of the session; no further sessions will be conducted.

NEWLY DESIGNED GIFT CERTS AVAILABLE for the person who has everything... except peace of mind or joy?
Please email YOUR WISH LIST for quickie education videos or articles for YOU and your loved ones: or use my contact page:
The Silver Self Healing Community Private Library keeps growing each month! Only $10 a month gets YOU a ton of benefits, ebooks, audios and remote healings. No contract or minimum membership requirements.
Check out the list of private library contents at 
PUBLIC BLOG for our self-healing community at Ask your self-healing questions about PEOPLE or ANIMALS! 
Please forward this ezine to other holistic-minded folks!
NOTE: Everyone is busy this time of the year, so this 2nd monthly newsletter is short and sweet!
GOT FEAR about the holidays or what could happen in the new year (like massive change, uncomfortable change or no change at all)?

Check out this 3 minute video demo of how to quickly clear it:
Not a video fan? Try these complimentary BASIC Emotional Release charts, share them with other holistic healing folks:
Thanks for being a part of this worldwide Self-Healing Community of compassionate, kind souls!
for Kids and Critters will return in
January 2012!
I know that you're all in different financial situations, and clearing your emotions via private sessions may not be in your budget.  That's why various levels of my help are ALWAYS AVAILABLE to YOU.
Many kinds of proven self-healing and surrogate healing tools for people and pets can be yours and immediately downloaded
Learn to clear the emotional issues causing weight issues and exercise resistance:
Get your complimentary FREED audio to clear your fears about daunting world events and natural disasters at
please contact me. Let's schedule your n.o c.o.s.t. get -acquainted consult to determine if we're a good client-practitioner fit. 
Wishing you prosperity, peace, love, and successful healing results!
Colleen Flanagan, EFTCert-I & FREED Founder
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
"The Expert to Call When You're Overwhelmed by It ALL!"
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