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Oklahoma State Senators Remained Targeted

Fulltime Staffer Hired to Investigate Background and Legal Records


Those that read our newsletter know the score here in Oklahoma.  We have a wonderful Oklahoma GOP Party Platform that is the dream blueprint for building a fortress for liberty,  conservative, and family values but the GOP itself remains led by the RINO faction, the state senate remains firmly in control of the RINOs and the State Chamber of Commerce, and the Governor’s office is occupied by another RINO albeit one that is smart enough to not cut her own throat once she is pushed against the wall politically.

From the inception of the Tea Party movement in the spring of 2009 it has been a hard, brutal political fight to beat political sense into the state house and to break Fallin from sucking eggs but the tide turned in October of 2010 when Speaker Kris Steel’s handpicked successor, Jeff Hickman went down in defeat thanks to a coalition of Tea Party, conservative House members, and the Democratic Party House members.  Governor Fallin had broken months earlier after being forced to return the federal money that was to have been used to start the state health care exchanges.   Earlier this year we learned of the emails where her Chief of Staff admitted that the Tea Party was “beating the crap” out of Fallin and her staff over the Obama Care Health Insurance Exchanges.   Fallin didn’t change her political mind because we used logic and reason, it wasn’t a gentle talking too that brought her around, it was a boot up her ass that got her attention.

The state senate had been cooperating up until this year and many citizens have missed what it was that caused them to stiffen their resistance this year and caused them to kill most of the conservative legislation in the senate.   Part of this was our fault here at the Sooner Tea Party as we had always said that we preferred to beat on the House of Representatives because of the smaller district sizes and the more frequent election cycles.  And the Senate had watched carefully and was learning that we weren’t a force to go up against.  Recall that in 2012 a single email from the Sooner Tea Party led to Senate Pro Tem Brian Bingman killing the Obama Care/Fallin Care Health Insurance Exchanges.  Recall that even our political enemies went so far as to post a video on YouTube giving us the credit for killing the 300 million dollar boon-doggle that was the Capitol improvement bonds.  Recall what the State Chamber of Commerce lobbyists were telling the senators after the close of the legislative session;   “We are going to be changing the way we give out money next year.”

The fact is quite clear that we had forced the senate into a corner last year.   Conservatives had control of the House and control of the Governor on most issues so gridlock was almost guaranteed.   The tension was palpable all session but it wasn’t until March 26th when the senate bill that would have vastly increased election filing fees was defeated that the senate became desperate.  Remember that again a single email sent to the House led to that senate bill filing fee bill being killed.  Remember the other email sent that same night, both sent after 9 pm, where the senate decided to lash out against the Sooner Tea Party by calling for an investigation into “threats”.  The next day we saw Senator Cliff Branan carrying around a copy of that email, telling as many as would listen that he had been getting “death threats” over the anti Agenda 21 legislation.  Of course the “death threats” were nothing more than constitutionally protected free political speech that warned Branan that he would be investigated and exposed should he refuse to honor his oath of office and support the common good.

The best way to look at a political issue is to imagine a tug of war with a box in the center of the rope.  But instead of having just two sides tugging at opposite ends there are a dozen groups applying force at different angles and at different rates.  In engineering that is called a vector, a force having direction as well as magnitude involved.  So you have the RINO forces locked into a tug of war on an issue with the conservative forces both Democrat and Republican, then another thick rope was pulling at a different angle, throwing assistance to the conservative forces.  The conservative and RINO troops were subject to inner attacks, lobbyists working them over, constituent phone calls generated by the State Chamber, deals being cut to allow other legislation through, but it was that third rope, the Sooner Tea Party rope, that couldn’t be controlled and it couldn’t be attacked past the attempt to send their leader to state prison using trumped up charges.

But look at how the session ended.   Most of the worst RINO legislation died in the House after House leadership refused to buckle.  Now these folks aren’t saints, they would have buckled except they remember the bloody fight in 2010 and 2011 and were sick of getting their butts kicked without being able to strike back.   Fallin was no different, she wanted no part of the Tea Party kicking her butt as her Chief of Staff admitted in an earlier email.

What remains is to see if the First Amendment survives here in Oklahoma.  Will the two attempts to shut down the Sooner Tea Party prevail or will constitutionally protected free speech prevail?   The lawsuit pressed by Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel is ongoing but the legal work done so far says that the suit is doomed to fail because the reserve deputy, one Eli Jarjoura, is a public official beyond all doubt and is open to public discussion and criticism of his infiltration of the Oklahoma County Sheriff Department.  The second case is the blackmail charges filed by Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater, filed in an attempt to curry favor with both the Governor and the senate after Prater’s disastrous attempt to go after the Pardon and Parole Board, as well as being political payback for the Sooner Tea Party forcing the 13th Multi County Grand Jury to investigate Prater.  Prater was forced to return $10,000.00 in illegal or inappropriate campaign contributions as well as contributions to felons, and even worse Prater was forced to actually prosecute four or five attorneys that had been arrested on various felony charges but hadn’t been before a judge after three and even four years.

That case is destined to defeat along with the civil lawsuit.  There was no private gain involved, it was a political issue on legislation before Senator Branan, it was a very public communication to multiple recipients along with a BCC list, and it was obvious political retaliation.  Did the  desperate  and corrupted politician David Prater to think he could win?  He knows better.

But what he did think he could do was to distract us and slow us down.  Never, when we get hit we hit back twice as hard.   Both of these court battles have brought some negative press from those media companies with a political agenda but the majority of the media companies see this for what it is;  political repression and attempted intimidation.

Both cases continue to go forward and we are well positioned legally.  Both cases have brought us new allies and new resources.  Both cases will leave us stronger than we were before the intimidation tactics started.

But, the end game of both cases was to slow us down, to warn us off.  That ain’t happening.  And what are we doing in response?

 Striking back with a vengeance.

A few weeks ago we added another full time staffer who has one job; researching every single senator.   Forty hours per week are put in digging into their criminal and legal records, recording who they do business with, what sort of trouble their families have gotten into, who is giving them money, their voting records, and out of all of this will emerge one hell of a pile of research that will be used to expose the character and honesty of these 48 men and women.

A few Senators are allies and we have no intention of harming our friends but these allies are so outnumbered that they dare not stand alone against the State Chamber owned senate whores.  But remember the October 2010 Speaker Designate race, only 3% of the House members decided who controlled the House in the future.  We don’t need to turn 24 senators to supporting the public good, we need to turn five or six senators to threaten Senate President Pro Tem Brian Bingam’s leadership.

We have but one message to the state senate members;   We are looking into your businesses, your politics, and your personal life.  You ran for office for the challenge and for the power.   Is your reputation worth risking for an agenda that you merely support out of a desire to stay in power?  You might think that you are invulnerable and untouchable but you are fighting a determined enemy that will never quit and you are fighting from a base that has been undermined with lies.  As the truth about your voting record comes out your political base will crumble.   Your political donors will understand that you have been politically wounded and they will desert you for the next chump they can convince to carry their water. 

Senator, you have but one question to ask yourself; do you want to remain in power or not?

For everyone else, they should understand that the fight between good and evil is right now, right here.  This fight is for all the marbles because if they win either case a political chill will ripple through the state in actvists and in the media.  No longer would the news media be able to investigate corrupt public officials.  No longer would an voter be able to send an email criticizing or threatening to vote his elected official out of office.
Donate often as you can.  The links are at the top of each newsletter and the mailing address  for checks is at the bottom of each newsletter.   Small amounts are huge helps when enough people send them.  You would not believe how far we can stretch your money and how cheap we can get staffers to work.   We know that you don't have time to help yourself but your donations are the life blood in this fight for our liberty.


Should Conservatives Leave the GOP?

By the Watchman


It has recently been stated by many conservative organizations that conservatives were abandoning the Republican Party. In all honesty, the argument can be made that the Republican Party is abandoning its grass roots core, for the liberal principal touted as mainstream by organizations like the Democratic Party, Planned Parenthood and the New York Times. It was never more evident than at the Republican National Convention in 2012, where they wrote the grass roots organizations completely out of the platform.


There has to be a reason, and there is. I did some research and found this article. It goes into some detail about some reasons that conservatives are leaving the party. It does make some sense. The four reasons listed are all striking home with conservatives, but they are all the reasons and the guide to taking the party back.


A study was done by Frontier Labs which found that most conservatives are tired of the “Lesser of two evils argument” that they have been fed over the last few election cycles. You can read the report here.  Stop and look at our last two Presidential candidates; Senator McCain and Governor Romney.  We get to choose between a liberal Arizona Senator who is pro-amnesty and a Liberal Massachusetts Governor who basically wrote Obama Care.  Senator McCain even voted for the NDAA and indefinite detention. How different are any of these men from President Obama except that they are Republicans?


There was even a Cost/Benefit Analysis done on conservatives leaving the party. You can read the entire report here. I’m going to borrow a few phrases from the report though.


1. The Vision


Cost-With the light of liberty barely a flicker the absolute worst use of time for conservatives would be starting over to form a 3rd party


Benefit- We’ve wasted years as it is propping up neo-statist and gutless RINOs.


2. Political Impact


Cost - Leaving the Republican Party would essentially hand every election of consequences to the Democrats.


Benefit-We already have the Republican Party ruling class conspiring with Democrats to grow government despite our presence.


3. Organization


Cost-There is no consistent access to ballots in all 50 states.


Benefit- That was the same argument used against our Founding Fathers when they wanted to declare our Independence.


4. The Future


Cost- Most of us can agree the party is broken, but let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water.


Benefit- Some libertarians tried this and look what the party bosses did to them at the rules committee prior to the convention last year.


It is our hope that there is enough of a glimpse into that report to get you to open it up and read the entire article. It’s really very interesting and informative. What it tells you is that we need to change the party from within.


This year we elected a new GOP State Chairman.  For some reason another RINO Republican was elected.   Why is a good question. It is obvious to this writer that those were delegates and in a position to vote on these matters didn’t bother to take the time to do their homework on the candidates, and just go on peer pressure. These are not the type of representatives we need. That is where the change must start.  The other problem was once again we were presented with the lesser of two evils for State Chairman of the GOP; a RINO Tom Cole protégée or a John Birch Society candidate that had a reputation for extreme religious bigotry.  Were there other candidates put forward by the conservatives; yes but peer pressure drove the decent candidates to back down from running to prevent splitting the vote and electing the RINO.


We don’t fare so well on the federal level either. Everybody seems to have their own cut off score for where a RINO is considered. Mine is 70%. Based on the ranking from their Constitutional Voting Record, here is how our federal representation scored. As you can see we have some people that need to be replaced.


Oklahoma Sen. Thomas Coburn - 82%
Sen. James Inhofe
- 71%
Dist.1: Jim Bridenstine
- 100%
Dist.2: Markwayne Mullin
- 80%
Dist.3: Frank Lucas
- 60%
Dist.4: Tom Cole
- 54%
Dist.5: James Lankford - 70%


Senator Inhofe is border line. He too voted for the NDAA. Congressmen Mullin, Lucas, Cole and Lankford all voted for the NDAA and your indefinite detention. It seems the only Congressman with a spine up there is Congressman Bridenstine. The two we really need to replace with conservative representation are Congressman Lucas and Cole. They’ve been there long enough.


State GOP Chairman Westin has been touring the state trying to raise funds for the party. I understand that that is his job. Don’t give him any of your hard earned money. He’ll just give it to the best RINO candidate running. Save it for the conservative candidate. You can read more about it in this article. 


In closing all that can say is yes conservatives are leaving the GOP, but not entirely. They are just refusing to vote for the lesser of two evils. A strong message needs to be sent to the National GOP Chair, Mr. Rance Priebus that the grass roots conservative movement is alive and well, and  that you plan to take our party back from him and his cronies.



Gun Grabbers, it isn’t the Feds
that We Should Fear


World News Daily continues to write about recent stories of gun confiscation and the building of a police state using U.S. and Canadian cases

like the  High River, Alberta case where the authorities forced residents to leave their homes, even homes that were in high areas immune to flooding, then went house to house, breaking down doors and seizing legally held weapons. .  

The story picks up the stories from Hurricane Katrina where residents were forcibly disarmed, sometimes using violence, using an NRA video.  Now the NRA is not the best 2nd Amendment group out there.  Gun Owners of American and NAGR are far better groups, after all the NRA wrote the Brady Bill that took away part of our rights for many years.  But the video is a good one that includes a tiny old lady being brutally assaulted by police officers on camera simply because she had a small revolver in her hand.

Now that woman was in her own house, is an American citizen, and had every right to be carrying her weapon as long as she wasn’t pointing it at anyone.  Those thug policemen needed to be arrested and thrown in prison for violating her constitutionally protected rights.  The video shows the massive bruising on the tiny old woman’s arms and you just have to wonder what kind of sick animal would treat a fellow human being like that?

Other stories on the video tell of New Orleans police officers pulling over vehicles and searching for weapons, then smashing the weapons to destroy them.   No authorities were answering 911 calls and residents were on their own surrounded by desperate people that were looting for food.   Homeowners needed those weapons to defend their property.  Another story tells of a commercial trapper that was assisting authorities to find a path to bring in a barge full of supplies only to have his boat boarded after being stopped and his guns confiscated.  Now for a trapper weapons are tools of the trade.  When asked for a receipt for the weapons he was refused.

A third video told several stories of homeowners defending their homes from looters after losing vehicles to looters or hearing repeated gun fire in the area.  Once guns were confiscated the police were refusing to return the weapons even after the crisis was over.  Proving ownership with serial numbers and receipts alone wasn’t good enough apparently.

The Alberta Canada High River case wasn’t limited to where there was flood damage.  Homes high on the hills were ransacked by police, gun cabinets smashed, and weapons looted.  Now the police have serial numbers and addresses, a defacto illegal gun registration.  And everything was done without warrants, without consent, simply looting by law enforcement officials.  During Katrina the New Orleans Police Superintendent announced on TV that “Only law enforcement officers are allowed to have weapons.”  The Second Amendment be dammed according too the Deputy Police Chief “No one will be allowed to be armed.  We are going to take all the weapons.”

How different was the Boston Bombing attack this year when the authorities conducted a city wide manhunt?  Not much, they broke down doors without knocking with guns drawn, ordering homeowners out at gun point while they searched the homes.   Demanding a warrant or resisting would probably have gotten you killed.  The Wall Street Journal showed a video, posted at the WND article, showing armed police and military going door to door.


This video shows police invading a home with automatic weapons aimed at homeowners.  Then the homeowners are forced at gunpoint to put their hands over their heads and run out of the home and down the side walk while officers scream at them.   Once they have been forced to flee their homes with their hands over their head they are then stopped and frisked by other officers.  Other residents are warned to stay away from the windows, no doubt to attempt to prevent homeowners from videotaping the abuse.




Another video showed homeowners systematically forced out of their homes at gun point and not allowed to return.



But some would argue that the Boston bombing manhunt and Hurricane Katrina were unusual circumstances, that this would never happen in most areas of the U.S.


Well meet Anthony Mitchell.  


Mitchell filed suit after the police officers smashed in his door with a battering ram, shot him and his family dog with pepper rounds, while screaming at him.   What did Mitchell do wrong?  He refused to answer his door after the police demanded the use of the home as to watch another home where there was a domestic violence call.  After refusing to become involved or allow his home to be used his door was broken down with a battering ram Mitchell continued to refuse them the right to use his home or enter his home without a warrant.  This was after the police had called and he had refused entry.


The cops admitted in their reports that the homeowner would be arrested if he refused to cooperate and allow the use of his home by police.  They filed Obstruction of a Police Officer charges against the man.  This wasn’t an off the cuff decision by low ranking officers; this was their policy and well thought out.


 The lawsuit describes the battering down of the door:    “As plaintiff Anthony Mitchell stood in shock, the officers aimed their weapons at Anthony Mitchell and shouted obscenities at him and ordered him to lie down on the floor,” court documents explain. “Fearing for his life, plaintiff Anthony Mitchell dropped his phone and prostrated himself onto the floor of his living room, covering his face and hands.”

Mitchell was indeed arrested, transported to jail, and had to pay a criminal bond before release.  Later the charges were dropped but by then the man and his family had already been traumatized and he was forced to pay thousands of dollars for the bond.  The article asks if the police should be treated as soldiers in this case since they are using military tactics and if the Third Amendment prohibiting soldiers to be garrisoned in private homes should apply.

But others will still say that it could never happen here in Oklahoma.   But remember the stories after the May 20th Moore tornado where undamaged homes had their doors kicked in and ransacked by police, then the garage doors or brick walls were vandalized with spray paint.   Now everyone understands the need to do this to damaged homes where someone might be trapped under debri but why do this to a home with zero damage?  No windows broken, no shingles gone, maybe some trash in the yard….

People online like to boast of what they would do if the authorities ever come to their home to seize their weapons.   Lots of Rambos online but how many would stand up to a dozen men pointing automatic weapons at them and their families?  The fact is that we prevent this in advance by passing laws and then holding our local authorities to those laws or we simply allow out of control police and soldiers to act like madmen in crisis without any civilian control.

This last session a bill was killed that would have restricted local and federal authorities from seizing weapons from law abiding citizens but the State Chamber of Commerce whores struck the bill down in the Senate.  True it is an unnecessary law if the authorities respected citizens or our Constitution but as long as they aren’t willing to follow the law we need local laws that allow people to not only resist but to sue the cowardly jackbooted thugs afterward.

And that is not going to happen as long as the State Chamber owns the Senate.   The Senate must be cleaned out or beaten so badly politically that they remember who they represent.   The House is under control the last few years and Governor Fallin will do the right thing as long as we force her too but we need control over all three branches to get laws passed.

So when we talk about working the Senate over politically this is what is at stake.  You right to be safe in your home and to keep your Constitutionally protected rights.

Support our work with your donations and by volunteering on projects.   The Senate cannot stand against the truth and their voting records will condemn them to their own voters but the media isn’t going to expose them.  It is up to us, up to you in the end, if it happens or if we continue to evolve into a police state.



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