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Various Artists - Feb 2017

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Sounds, for your body, mind and spirit

Another trip around the sun means that the final installation of the 'Season Series’ is ready to see the light of day! Altar Records chief (DJ Zen) has done an amazing job of once again compiling the finest ambient/ psychill/ downtempo tracks available with each season’s unique feel in mind for your listening pleasure.

The goal has always been to keep each compilation distinct yet related to the other releases. And each release in this wonderful series has been an opportunity to dance with the seasons through beautiful music -what better way to celebrate? Thus the Winter compilation presents a shimmering array of tracks as unique and beautiful as snow flakes, with sparkling leads, heavenly pads, gentle washes of sound, and pulsing rhythms that raise the spirit ever higher. These are tracks that could play like a soundtrack to the dancing lights of the Aurora Borealis.

Featured artists this time around include some of the most respected psy ambient producers on the planet, including: Argus, Profondita, Suduaya, Sufi's Life & Merlin, Lab’s Cloud, Unusual Cosmic Process, Asura and Astropilot…talk about a stellar way to warm things up!

In the Northern latitudes, Winter means lots of crystalline, fluffy snow that blankets the landscape. By mid-Winter, the ordinary becomes extraordinary, as everything gets transformed into something monochrome and dream-like. The season also brings welcome days of clear blue skies and sunshine, along with fierce storms and freezing temperatures that invite you to stay warm and cozy around the fire (with your favourite soundtrack playing in the background of course).

It’s an inspiring time of year if you tune into the child-like wonder around you, and the sounds being presented on this latest release perfectly encapsulate all of that magic through each artist’s interpretation.


released Febuary 27, 2017  

Compiled and mastered by DJ Zen at Altar Records Studios, Qc., Canada.

Except Asura 'The Savers' mastered by Tony Capparelli @ Neonfunk Studios, Geneva.

Artwork by Dj Zen


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PROFONDITA 'Dracarys'  - May 2017

LAB'S CLOUD 'Connecting on a Deeper Level'
- June 2017
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