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Rep Shumate married
The Appropriations and Budget Committee
By the Watchman
When looking at the roster of the Appropriations Committee, I can’t help but wonder how Oklahoma is ever going to see the financial stability that we deserve. Here we have two politicians that have been bought and paid for by the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce now running the committee that decides our budget. In addition to that, the rest of the committee is packed with RINO Republicans like Representative Lisa Billie and Doug Cox . You can see a list of the committee members here
Let’s firs t look the Chairman of the Appropriations Committee, Representative Scott Martin. shows a rating of near 100% from the Research Institute for Economic Development. When you combine this with an average of a 60% rating for Consumer Affairs and Patient Advocacy, this is a sure sign that he has been bought by the State Chamber of Commerce.
Next go to to look at his campaign finances. You won’t be surprised by what is found. Unions, lobbyist and special interest groups dominated his contributor list so you know who he owes his allegiance to.
Next look at his web page at  As chairman of the Appropriations Committee, he would be responsible for writing the budget so would be expected that he would author a large number of bills.  He has submitted 104 bills and 1 House Joint Resolution that would add the Superintendent of Public Instruction to the Board of Equalization. This is a dream of Janet Barresi’s to enable her to help raise taxes.
How has he voted on other Oklahoma conservative issues?
HB 2130  Obamacare Voted Yes       Liberal Vote
HR 1004  Open Government  Voted No  Liberal Vote
HR 2171  Highway Bond Bill   Voted No  Liberal Vote
HB 1953  Governors Quick Action Fund, Slush Fund, Voted Yes  Liberal Vote
HB 1647  Open Carry Bill  Voted No  Liberal Vote
SB 154     Quality Jobs Act Voted Yes  Liberal Vote
Now Martin claims to be a lifetime member of the N.R.A. yet he votes No on an Open Carry Bill and still gets a rating of 92 from the N.R.A.. Martin’s Oklahoma RINO Index score is only  40 out of 100 points. That is a RINO Republican.  This guy has sold out to the special interest groups that benefit from filling the  budget with pork. Clearly that $0.37 on the tax dollar that benefits corporate welfare is well protected.
You can conclude that the deck is stacked against the conservative agenda in the Appropriations Committee. The RINO Leadership and the RINO members will see to it that no conservative ideas will make it to the floor or into the budget. You can count on that 37% of your tax dollar being given away as Corporate Welfare also.
Who are the House Leaders for 2013?
By the Watchman
In an article on CapitolBeatOk it was noted that Speaker Shannon promised to pursue a conservative agenda, including an Oklahoma brand of anti-federalism in the form of push back against directives from Washington D.C. You can read the article here.
We will do a series of stories that will cover the entire House Leadership.
Let’s start with Pro-Tem Mike Jackson.
Of all the legislation he submitted only one item is worthy of consideration.
Next go to  It strange that he was a member of the Oklahoma Strategic Military Planning Commission from 2004-2008 and claims affiliation as a Member of the Air Force Association, yet doesn’t list any military service in his biography.   An oversight perhaps.
Next go to where you will learn that his campaign was financed by a veritable who’s who of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce Membership.
I went back to previous legislative sessions and took a look at his voting record. Here is an example of what I found. Based on his voting record Representative Jackson managed to obtain an Oklahoma RINO Index score of only 30 making him one of the most liberal members of the Republican Party.  This score was earned based on the following votes.
HB 2130  Obamacare Voted Yes       Liberal Vote
HR 1004  Open Government  Voted No  Liberal Vote
HR 2171  Highway Bond Bill   Voted No  Liberal Vote
HB 1953  Governors Quick Action Fund, Slush Fund, Voted Yes  Liberal Vote
HB 1593  Municipal Employees Collective Bargaining Act Voted No Liberal Vote.
HB 1446  Illegal Immigration Bill, Voted No  Liberal Vote
HB 1647  Open Carry Bill  Voted No  Liberal Vote
SB 154     Quality Jobs Act Voted Yes  Liberal Vote.
How in the world can the people in Garfield County not recognize a Democrat masquerading as a Republican?
Floor Leader Pam Peterson represents the Bixby, Broken Arrow and parts of the Tulsa area.   She is a television spokesperson and associate television producer in the Tulsa area.   Unfortunately, as a RINO Republican she tries to raise the money that you and I will need to pay out of our pockets for things. Here is a good example, a 250% increase in certain court filing costs.
Go to and looked at the Ratings Index.   She is moderately to highly pro-State Chamber.  This up and down ratings from the Research Institute for Economic Development doesn’t hide the consistent low marks for Consumer and Patient Advocacy she received.
Next look at at her campaign finances. There is a lot of influence in her campaign from members of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce
Going back to previous legislative sessions to look at her voting record shows how Representative Jackson managed to obtain a RINO Index of only 30.
HB 2130  Obamacare Voted Yes       Liberal Vote
HR 1004  Open Government  Voted No  Liberal Vote
HR 2171  Highway Bond Bill   Voted No  Liberal Vote
HB 1953  Governors Quick Action Fund, Slush Fund, Voted Yes  Liberal Vote
HB 1446  Illegal Immigration Bill, Voted No  Liberal Vote
HB 1647  Open Carry Bill  Voted No  Liberal Vote
SB 154     Quality Jobs Act Voted Yes  Liberal Vote
Now between the two of them, they cannot come up with a combined conservative index score that would make them a Conservative Republican.
We realize that Speaker Shannon is trying to mend fences within the Republican party after several years of serious disagreements between the Conservative Republicans and the RINO Republicans in the House, but appointing RINOs to such positions without having enough conservative voices  as a counterpoint is not smart. The RINO Republicans have not forgiven Speaker Shannon for the defeat of their candidate for the position of Speaker and they will be doing everything they can to undermine his tenure as Speaker of the House.   
Wake up Mr. Speaker; these guys are not your friends.
Gun Laws and the County Sheriffs of Oklahoma
By the Watchman
We here in Oklahoma like to think that our legislators protect us against the gun grabbers in D. C. as best that they can. Most of them blow a lot of hot air about their legislative accomplishments, when they should be explaining their votes against good gun bills. Regardless of how many laws they pass, it is nothing without the willing compliance of enforcement of the law.  Such unwillingness to enforce laws has led to sanctuary cities here in Oklahoma like Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Both led by liberal mayors.
When it comes to gun violence, the cities in this country with the toughest gun laws in the nation such as Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Washington D.C. also have the highest murder rates in the nation. The problem is that the liberal mind set either refuses to recognize this fact or they want to disarm the American public for other reasons.  My guess is the latter of the two because disarmed people are no longer citizens, they are slaves.
According to the U.S. Supreme Court the highest ranking Law Enforcement Officer in each county in the United States is the county sheriff.  Now I’m sure that somewhere along the way that all 77 County Sherriff’s in Oklahoma took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and of the State of Oklahoma.   But were they sincere about honoring the oath or were they just going through the motions?
Within 12 hours of the terrible and horrific tragedy that occurred at Sandyhook Elementary School, the liberal left was living up to its mantra of never letting a good tragedy go to  waste and calling for more gun control. Senator Feinstein (D) Ca. had a assault weapons ban bill written within 2 weeks of this tragedy. She proposed it on the first day of the new legislative term with no mention in the bill about mental health reasons or a process to prevent the mentally ill from obtaining weapons.
In January of this year, President Obama gathered his protective ring of children around him, as Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler had done before, and signed what he called “Executive Actions” twenty three of them to be exact. This was a kinder, gentler President Obama telling you to take another 23 Executive Orders up you’re a_ _. Needless to say this didn’t sit too well with a lot of pro-second amendment rights people.
The movement for County Sheriff’s to protect the rights of their citizens is not a new movement. It has been around for several years. One of the biggest proponents is Sherriff Mack out of Arizona. You can read more about the movement here
Only one sheriff in Oklahoma had said he would defend his citizens against any unconstitutional laws against the 2nd Amendment. You can see his statement here.
To date, Utah far out distances the other states in the number of Sheriff’s who have made this declaration with 28 of 29 Sheriffs signing up for it. You can see that story here. Nationwide there are a total of 225 Sheriffs who have signed up for this program. You can see that story here.
There are reasons to watch your sources carefully.  Being from Oklahoma, I ran across an entry in this article County Sheriff's Honor Roll - Constitution Club USA that struck me as strange. I never knew we had a Westmoreland County. Well with a little research, I found that the individual County and Sheriff involved are both from Pa.  That leaves Sheriff Colbert from Wagner County, Sheriff LeVick from Jackson County and Sheriff Tadlock from McCurtain County as the only three County Sheriffs that are willing to protect our 2nd Amendment rights.  For a state that’s as big on gun rights as we are, that is not just disappointing, that’s embarrassing.
Here in Oklahoma County no one expects Sheriff Whetsel to defend our 2nd Amendment rights.  Anyone who is under investigation by two agencies for using inmate labor to produce campaign signs is likely less interested in protecting our rights and more interested in feathering his nest.  But that doesn’t explain the other seventy three (73) county sheriffs.  Here is a link to contact information for all 77 Oklahoma Sheriffs.   Give your sheriff a phone call and ask him to support the constitutional sheriff movement and Sheriff Mack’s organization.
There are solutions to this problem for those Sheriffs that are just not sure about how to go about making their stand on protecting their citizens 2nd Amendment Rights are.  The first would be to give a press release telling their voters where they stand. The second would be to join Sheriff Mack’s long going campaign to educate county sheriffs.
 It’s now up to the citizens to convince our county sheriffs that protecting our 2nd Amendment rights is the right thing to do   If enough of you call, then they will have make a stand or  let their inaction become a part of their record.
They Will Fight to the Last Drop of your Blood
Monday will be an exciting day for freshmen legislators as the 53rd Oklahoma Legislative Session opens up.  Some are still likely under the impression that they are going to be able to represent their constituents by getting legislation heard that their constituents wanted or to be able to vote on conservative issues that are popular with the folks back home.  No doubt many are still basking in the attention that the lobbyists and House leadership has laid on thick; no doubt they are  believing that they have found new friends and supporters.
What we have always done with new legislators that we supported is to encourage them to get under the wing of a seasoned conservative legislator till they figure out how things actually work at the Capitol.  Here are some good tips to keep the newbies out of trouble:
Reject House leadership’s choices for your legislative assistant and recruit your own.   Leadership is going to plant an assistant that is willing to spy on the new legislator to report back on how best to manipulate the new representative.   Many conservative legislators are willing to share their legislative assistant with freshmen legislators to preserve the integrity of the freshman’s communication and research.  And it saves tax dollars.
Choose your legislator allies carefully.  Many legislators are going to be carrying a lot of political baggage even if they are freshmen.  Representative Bobby Cleveland is an excellent example as he Is easily the most hated man in Oklahoma politics thanks to his horrible ethics and character.  Being seen with Bobby Cleveland will earn you much distrust and disgust;  learn early that when you bring in allies you also bring in their enemies.  Take a look at a legislator’s score on the 2011 RINO Index to see where their heart and vote actually resides before allowing a fellow legislator to influence you.
Understand that politics is exactly like going into a bar; people are different than what you are used to and many will tell you exactly the opposite of what they mean.  If they claim to be a saint, expect them to be a sinner, look at their RINO Index score to tell whom their loyalties belong to.
Watch the afterhours “entertainment”.  Some of the legislators will be like a kid in a candy store after hours.  The wifey is far away, they have expense money to spend, and are usually full of themselves so they are going to get into trouble on occasion.  Some of the leadership drones will be encouraging this behavior; nothing beats a nice honey trap to make sure a legislator votes with House leadership.  When they try to get you to visit the strip clubs with them just tell them no thanks.
Above all else learn quickly that House leadership needs you more than you need them.  Yes they control the distribution of the goodies and they can punish you individually but TW Shannon knows too well that he won power by three votes, just three percent.  He needs every single one of you to remain in power so when they threaten you to vote a certain way just stay true to your campaign promises that got you to where you are.
Understand that leadership will outright lie to you if need be.   Sure they will wrap the lies up in plausible deniability to save face but they will have no problem lying to get what they want.  Trust no one until you know what their agenda truly is.
Here are two great examples of what you will be facing as a freshman legislator.
First was in the 2011 legislative session when on opening day House leadership convinced ten freshman legislators to change their votes on the Charles Key Open Government amendment to House Rules.  The initial vote went our way by around ten votes then the House whips went to work on the freshmen and turned enough to reverse the vote.   House leadership convinced them to put good money after bad by voting for the Obama Care/Fallin Care Health Insurance Exchanges.   That lead to a massive Sooner Tea Party robo call campaign into the freshmen districts and they wound up with blood running out of their ears. By mid April they had had enough and they turned on House leadership when they abandoned both House leadership and Governor Fallin by sending out a press release that said they were changing their votes on Obama Care/Fallin Care.  Fallin was forced to return the 53 million to the feds a few days later.
The second example was HB 1397, the infamous Transvestite Republican Birth Certificate bill authored by Representative Doug Cox and Senator Clark Jolley.   The two legislators tried to sneak in a controversial change into a massive Health Department bill that allowed transsexuals to change their birth certificate after a sex change operation.   When it was discovered and brought up on the House Floor that portion was stripped out of the bill but not before a dozen supposedly conservative Republicans voted with a dozen or so liberal Democrats on the bill.  Even though the bill went down in flames at 71 to 30 the liberal votes allowed the Sooner Tea Party and their opponents in the primary to fail the skin off them.
Have you ever seen “Enemy at the Gates”?  The story is about a famous Russian sniper at Stalingrad.  The movie opens up with scenes showing raw recruits being rushed to the front, a bolt action rifle and ammo clip rammed in the hands of every other man.  Why every other man?  Because the second unarmed man was there to pick up the rifle when the first man was killed.     They weren’t given two clips because few would survive to fire off the first five rounds before being killed.  As the raw recruits were driven forward, machine gun crews and officers closed off the rear to prevent any retreat, machine gunning any that tried to flee.
You are those raw recruits whether you realize it or not.  House and Senate leadership has an agenda and they will fight to the last drop of your blood to achieve their goals, or should I say the goals of the State Chamber of Commerce.  You will be asked to support another shot at implementing Obama Care using a sideways approach.  Leadership will explain how illegal aliens need to be protected to keep the restaurant and hotel lobbyists happy.   Bills that protect the unborn, bills that defend Christianity, bills that defend marriage as between one man and one woman, States Rights bills, and Second Amendment bills all will be opposed by House and Senate leadership.  Why?  Because the State Chamber of Commerce has paid millions of dollars in campaign donations to leadership and they want what they paid for.  The State Chamber believes that religion and conservative values must be stamped out in Oklahoma as they believe that both Christian values and conservative values make Oklahoma look “backward” to the rest of the nation when they try to recruit new businesses to come to Oklahoma.  They want the gay and lesbian employees of major companies to feel welcome in Oklahoma.
Now they say that we learn nothing but through sorrow so perhaps you might read this and think it doesn’t apply to you.  If that is the case you will learn like the others before you and we will beat the political stuffing out of you until you have had enough.  Leadership will scoff and minimize any political repercussions because they know that we won’t spend much attacking them when we know that you will be far easier to attack and much more likely to return to representing your constituents after a good political a** kicking.
Lastly they will try to tell you that despite the heat, you will be okay as people will forget the negative press.   What they don’t tell you is that the toughest of the tough in the legislature rarely want to tangle with the Sooner Tea Party.  Ask Representative Don Armes if he wants a second round after visiting  Around 85% of the homes in the towns in his district got flyers and post cards dropped and we plastered his three county house district with thousands of the small 3” x 18” signs.   We used banners showing him screaming at a woman and also robo called every voter phone number in his district.  Don finds the floor and ceiling captivating when we come around, he knows better than to look us in the eyes.   But he learned his lesson so we laid off Armes after his voting record came around to what it should be.  Or ask Bobby Cleveland who got around 20,000 newspapers delivered during his primary election that told of his voter fraud plea and his atrocious behavior as county GOP chairman.  Yes he won his race but Cleveland paid a heavy price.   Cleveland is another that won’t look us in the eyes and will leave a room if we come in if at all possible.  He wants no more of the Sooner Tea Party.
Now no one likes being told what to do but really we aren’t doing that; we are just telling you of the consequences for betraying the trust of your constituents.  If you don’t hand us a hammer then your political toes will be safe.    If you ran as a liberal Democrat we won’t bother you because there aren’t enough of you to do anything.  But if you ran as a Republican then we are going to hold you accountable to the ten core Republican values in the Oklahoma Republican Party Platform.  Here is a comparison between the Party Platform and Tea Party values.   
Here are the ten core planks of the Republican Party Platform:
1. Our rights of life, liberty, and property are natural rights granted to us by God and protected by the Constitution.
2. In the right to worship as we please without government intrusion or interference.
3. The federal government’s power is constitutionally limited, yet responsible for protecting our sovereignty, establishing justice under law, and securing our liberty through a strong national defense and effective law enforcement.
4. God is the Author and Creator of life and that all human life, both born and unborn, should be protected.
5. Traditional marriage consists of one man and one woman.
6. It is the private sector and free market principles that best stimulate economic development rather than government subsidies or programs.
7. Taxes collected at all levels of government should be used only for legitimate government functions and those functions carried out efficiently so that tax rates may be kept as low as possible.
8. That government closest to the people governs best and is preferred to centralized control.
9. It is the right of every parent to act in his or her children’s best interest including choosing the form of education, whether public school, private school, or home school.
10. We should welcome immigrants, who want to legally seek freedom and opportunity, who want to work for a living and who will embrace our values, learn the English language, and respect our national sovereignty.
Print these ten issues out and stick them on your bathroom mirror and follow the seven rules below at all times:
1.    Remember that bond issues waste taxpayer money so pay as you go on things. 
2.    Keep away from the special interests like the State Chamber, the Muslims, and Higher Education lobbyists. 
3.    Understand that we must regain our state sovereignty by re asserting the Tenth Amendment through States Rights legislation. 
4.    Understand that we will recover our full Second Amendment rights in Oklahoma including Open Carry for all citizens fit to carry a weapon.  Most of us will never use the right but we insist that it be restored and preserved as it is in dozens of other states. 
5.    Do not vote for special interest corporate welfare, the government cannot create jobs by giving tax credits or providing financing for special projects. 
6.    Use every vote to shrink the size and scope of state and local governments.  Allow government to do only what it must, to protect us from outsiders and from each other, not from ourselves.
7.    If leadership allows only a yes or no vote on a bill and you are “trapped” then stand up for your rights as a Representative and change the House Rules so that bad bills can be altered by amendment.   Their job is to paint you into a corner so you are forced to support their agenda regardless of the pain it might cause your political career.  Don’t dance that dance.
And understand that every vote you make and every word you speak will be measured against Oklahoma values.  Your voting record on the ten Republican Party planks will be used in the 2013 RINO Index and we will either support you or beat the living political hell out of you based on your voting record.



2013 Senate members and House Members
Please copy the block of emails for your contact list so you are able to email all of them and help to inform and educate them before the new sessions begin. Use Bcc to send dozens of email with one email from you to them. This will look like you send each one of them a personal email with only their email showing as the recipient. Please mention the Sooner TeaParty in your emails so they will have a healthy respest for what we do. 
Here are the updated House members email addresses in three blocks of Thirty- four each and updated senate emal addresses in one block
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Former Senate Candidate, Former Tulsa City Council Candidate, and Dead Beat Mom Nancy Rothman Hired with Tax Money
Yo, dudes, love your points of view. Now, where can I donate to your/our effort? I don't see a button anywhere nor a link to a donations page?
My donation is not much but........
  •  Staff costs for research and for maintaining our website.    We have a full time staffer that helps research articles, formats the newsletter,  and maintains the website.  Right now she spends a lot of time reposting previous newsletter articles on our website so that the search engines can find them easier.   She also is working on the 2012 RINO Index and will be helping prepare the 2013 RINO Index which is going to take a huge break with the way things have been done.  Rather than grade the legislators after the fact we are going to tell them in advance what they will be graded on.  These rascals will learn to follow the Republican Party Platform and the U.S. and Oklahoma Constitution. 
Somehow over the years our PayPal link has gone by-by.   I suppose the switch from a website to word press type blog left our original PayPal “Donate” button behind.
To donate to the Sooner Tea Party you can use this generic PayPal link and use  as the email address to send your donation to.  Just copy and paste the email address into the PayPal form.  In a few weeks we will try to take the time to get another PayPal “Donate” button up and running.
You can tell us how you want your donation used if you like.  Here are some areas where we use donated funds:
  • Our legal defense fund goes toward paying legal fees on the Jarjoura lawsuit and any other legal challenge that may arise.   Don’t think of the legal fees as wasted money because defending those that stand up against the tyrants is crucial to keeping them  working.  Plus lawsuits allow discovery and we are digging into Sheriff John Whetsel’s corrupt sheriff department in places that have never seen public scrutiny.  We can’t wait to get his butt under deposition!
  • Robo calls are crucial to break the will of corrupt politicians during the legislative session.  They are cheap and effective as the corrupt legislator is never sure how many were sent out;  all he knows is that his office is bombarded with angry voters, angry voters from his district!
  • Newsletter costs are significant with over 6,000 active readers each week.  Using a professional newsletter service allows readers to sign up or remove their email address easily, allows an automatic archive of each newsletter, and most importantly it allows us to watch the politicians, political consultants, and even our political enemies to find out what stories hit their panic button.