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February 7th 2016 newsletter

Fact:  Oklahoma Teachers Earn More than Texas Teachers
Aside from the groveling of Senator Griffin and Rep. Cockcroft the majority of the legislators this year are being cautious not to inflate expectations for a teacher pay raise.  The money simply isn’t there unless they intend to gut the other core government services and we also need to look at if we are paying competitive wages that are consistent with the cost of living in Oklahoma and in line with average Oklahoma salaries.
Despite the perpetual poor mouthing by educators and their lobbyists Oklahoma spending on education is at an all time high, $12,481.00 per student. 
  • The average pupil per teacher is 16 so assuming there is one teacher per 16 kids a total of $199,696 is spent per teacher per year. 
  • Average teacher salary, health care program, and retirement benefits is $53,567.21  so just over one fourth of the money is going to pay teacher salaries.
  • Instructional hours are 1080 in Oklahoma so the average teacher earns $49.60 per hour.
·         Last year we spent 8.2 billion dollars on Oklahoma education.
 According to the OCPA Oklahoma public schools receive money from four sources, general appropriations where the money comes from state tax collections, off the top funds coming from state tax collections, federal money for school meal programs, disability, anti poverty, and limited English skills programs and local property taxes set by county governments..

There are liberal think tank reports out there claiming that Oklahoma isn’t spending as much as surrounding states but they omit the 1017 funds, contributions to the teacher retirement system, all in an effort to create competition between the states to drive teacher salaries higher and higher.
Since the early nineties Oklahoma has seen:
  • ·         an increase in students by 14%
  • ·         an increase in teachers by 13%
  • ·         an increase in total staff b 23%
  • ·         an increase in non teaching staff  by 34%
Had we kept non teaching staff members constant we would have an annual savings of $294.1 million dollars per year.   The cost to increase teacher pay by $5,000 is around $285 million per year.
Schools don’t have a budget problem; they have a wasteful spending problem.  The bureaucratic administration is bloated, the system takes on federal money that imposes strict guidelines and reporting that require even more staff so state money is diverted from the teacher’s paychecks into the bloated administration.  We have a surplus of diversity experts, counselors, and life coaches and an abundance of useless sports coaches, highly paid superintendents, and Taj Mahal edifices that are a far cry away from the economical concrete block schools used when I was a kid.
Pirates off the Port Beam!

Sometimes we have to deviate from local politics and this is one of those stories that is just too funny not to share.  There is a free service called Jolly Roger Phone Company where you can do a little payback on telemarketers.    It is a robot that responds to background noises and can lead a telemarketer on a goose chase and waste his time.
The way it works is that when you get a sales call you tap “add a call” on your smart phone and dial 214-666-4321214-666-4321 .  The automated bot will take over and lead the telemarketer down a rabbit path.  The bot can answer questions by mumbling, saying yes, Okay, and mix in statements like “Sorry, can you start over?”, “Who is this?”, “Why are you calling?” and then leads the conversation off on weird tangents designed to annoy the telemarketers.
If you are a business owner you get dozens of these time wasting calls every day so it is hilarious to listen to these pro telemarketers get strung along, eventually getting angry.  Their calling systems will call hundreds of calls at once, then they pick up on one call  so your work day gets interrupted dozens of times a day.
Oklahoma GOP Vice President Race reminds me of the Democratic Presidential Nominees
On March 12th the GOP County officials meet again to elect a vice president to replace Estela Hernandez who quit a few months after losing the top slot to a well known party hack.    Pam Pollard and Estela Hernandez hated each other with a passion so Estela was humiliated by the loss and was kept on a short leash by Pollard, something the hot blooded irresponsible Hernandez wasn’t too keen on.
Check with your county GOP and see if they are sending delegates for the special meeting/election and you can act as a proxy as long as you live in that political district.  The location has not yet been announced but we will let you know when the venue is set.
And boy, so far we have two real stinkers running for the office.
First is Richard the Rat, Richard Engle, long time GOP party hack and John Bircher.  Engels is notorious for not telling the truth when it will benefit him, a practice that caused him to resign in disgrace from the OCA board back in 2010 after he got caught lying to other board members.
Then there was the time that Richard the rat was running for National Committeeman and cut a deal that he thought would suppress the ugly stories about him in exchange for taking down the grassroots Ron Paul leadership.  Richard sent an email to the grassroots leader, suggesting that they disband their group that was openly competing with the Ron Paul national campaign, and managed to manipulate the entire group into closing down their recently opened organization.  The grassroots leaders were stunned because Richard hated the leader of the national campaign so seeing Richard supporting the leader was unprecedented.  But the deal had been suggested by an outgoing state representative, unilaterally, and the story went out on our newsletter in time to cost Richard the rat enough votes that he lost the election for National Committeeman.
Richard will do or say anything to win in politics and he is arrogant enough to believe that others won’t see through him.   He would be a disaster even in the political useless office of vice chairman of the state GOP.
And then there was Porter Davis that threw his panties into the ring.  Early on at the start of the Tea Party people would wonder why some of the older activists were so rude to Porter and it didn’t take long to realize his ethics were abominable.  Porter liked to think of himself as an “idea” man and was constantly complaining that no one followed him.  Not the kind of guy to roll up his sleeves and do any work but he was the kind of guy that would try to manipulate others into doing work that he could take credit for.
One of his earliest attempts was the anti MAPS tax effort where unsuspecting and green activists were duped into backing his project only to see Porter fall flat on his face on statewide TV.  I believe it was that show on Sunday mornings that used to have the Turpin guy, Kirk Humphrey, and one of the news anchors.  Porter gets on the show woefully unprepared so they eat his lunch and at the end they bring up the fact that Porter was one of those nut jobs that thought the Y2K event was going to put civilization back in the stone age.  The story was that Porter and his wife sold everything and invested in a commune up in Oregon, ready to ride out the collapse of civilization living in a yurt and herding goats or eating the twigs and leaves himself.   Kirk Humphrey brought that up at the very end of the show on live TV and all Porter could do was sit there glowering, silent as a mouse, blinking and staring at the camera.  What a long twenty seconds!
But his behavior during the 2012 Ron Paul campaign was truly despicable.  First he tried to blackmail the appointed state national campaign leader, wanting support for one of his silly “projects” and the email list that belonged to Ron Paul.  When his blackmail attempt was refused Porter spent several days calling the National Ron Paul campaign attacking the new state leadership.   Later on he organized about twenty of the craziest and most dysfunctional Ron Paul grassroots members and presented a petition to Dr. Paul asking that the state leader be removed.  The main reasons were that the state leader had followed the 30 page contract he had signed with Dr. Paul. 
Then there was the little girl that was screwed over by Porter Davis.   One of the most loyal and energetic Ron Paul volunteers was a family that had recently lost a son in a car wreck,  drunken driver crashed into them and severely injured other family members, killing a very young child.  Bobby Kessler was the father and a fine activist.   Dr. Paul had been convinced to appear in Oklahoma late in February, not a strategically sound decision as Oklahoma was not a battleground state but in the process the kooks came out of the wood work asking for a private meeting or some special request or to speak at the rally before Ron Paul appeared.
Now the event was tightly controlled by National, every single minute and procedure was put down in writing and scrutinized to avoid embarrassing the campaign with something stupid.  One of the requests was Porter Davis asking to present flowers to Dr. Paul’s wife who usually accompanied him on trips.  Well that wasn’t the kind of thing that Dr. Paul did, much less some creepy old legislator being allowed to do the presentation.  But someone had asked if the surviving Kessler daughter could meet Dr. Paul…. Not the dad or the mom, just the four or five year old kid that had gone through so much pain the year before.  National loved that idea and as always specifications were given, flowers of a certain type, not  too many, not too large, nothing showy.
Porter threw a fit!   Refused to cooperate unless HE and his wife were allowed to present the flowers.  After he realized it wasn’t working he decided to allow the girl to present the small bouquet of flowers and plans were made.   Then the idiot showed up with this huge blanket of roses, probably 18” wide and four feet long, in direct contradiction to what was approved by the national campaign.  So the event was a madhouse, around 3,000 people showed up, all the small brush fires to put out during the event, plans failing and new plans implemented, but after the small girl and her mom had been placed behind the rope barricade and briefed on what to do, the girl and mother disappeared!  Porter was asked and his reply was “Oh, that girl just wouldn’t work with me.”  Porter got read the riot act, if he dared cheat that family and that little girl out of her opportunity he would regret it.  Porter was red faced and eyes bulging about this time but he agreed to behave and the father of the little girl was brought up to ensure that things went the right way.  Mother and child were brought back into place and the final ten minutes were so chaotic that there was no time to keep an eye on them.
And Porter Davis stiffed the girl at the last minute, almost breaking his neck to present the flowers in person, cheating the five year old girl and the family out of the opportunity.
That is the character of Porter Davis.   An opportunistic blackmailer that is willing to run over anyone at any age to secure what he thinks is an advantage to himself.  If I were to describe Porter in a few words it would be horrible judgment, lazy, incompetent, arrogant, selfish, and manipulative.   I would be hard pressed to decide if he or Richard the Rat would make a worse vice chairman.
Hopefully someone with good character will step up and run.  If we allow cretins and thugs to run for office we ought not to be surprised when they tarnish the image of the GOP.  If we sit back and don’t run for a vacant office ourselves then we probably will get what we deserve in the end.
High Noon Club Meets Monday at Noon

This will be a very important meeting for supporters of the High Noon Club.  Without going into details, of which we have decided to allow High Noon Club leaders explain, you simply don’t want to miss this event.
RINO Congressman Steve Russell will also speak for a few minutes so it would be a great time to grill Russell on his poor performance in Washington D.C.
The meeting will be held at the H & H Gun Club, back in the banquet room, and there is a café on site that serves very good food.  Get there early and order your meal and you can eat while the meeting is held.
President Pro Tem Bingman is Coming for your Guns
The Henchmen
    Part 2
By the Watchman
We told you last week that there were plans at the State Capital to try and put an end to Gun Shows in Public facilities in Oklahoma. We also informed you that there were three individuals leading the charge on trying to make this happen. This week we cover the second member of the anti-gun coalition involved in this diabolical plot to bring an end to an alleged loop hole that doesn’t exist by a bunch of undocumented Democrats. Tonight we cover the Senator that the President Pro-tem of the Senate assigned to walk this bill through the Senate, Senator Don Barrington.
The piece of legislation we’re talking about was first uncovered by OK2A as an opposition bill to SB 41 which would give more freedom to gun owners. We first heard about it here Oklahoma Senate Bill Seeks to Ban Gun Shows. Senator Barrington has a long history of opposition to bills that support the 2nd Amendment.
The next article of interest we found was this Organization: Controversial Senate bill could do away with some Oklahoma gun shows | KFOR.com. This story attempts to paint a better picture on the bill by saying only a few gun shows would be involved, but it is misleading at first. If you read the complete story it will tell you that it seeks to stop all gun shows from being held on public facilities. That would mean all fair grounds of the state, county or city owned. We are unaware of any gun shows currently being held on private property.
The next article of interest we found was this Senator Don Barrington from Lawton - AR15.Com Archive.
Now we realize this is an older article, but it demonstrates his complete refusal to consider any and all bills regarding guns and ammunition to pass through his committee. In this case he not only refused to allow them to be heard in his committee, but he refused to allow them to be given to another committee that would hear them and most likely advance them to the floor for a vote. This is not something an ordinary Senator would do, but this is a fanatical anti 2nd Amendment fruit cake.
The next article of interest we found was this More of the Same from Senator Barrington [OK]. This article is from 2013 and is typical of what we have come to expect from this undocumented Democrat. Here he prevented four 2nd Amendment bills from even being heard in his committee. It’s almost as if he is in constant contact with the Obama administration on gun control matters. It’s enough to make you wonder why he is trying to cause the price of owning guns up. Do you think he may own a little stock in the manufacturing companies like the President does?
The next article of interest we found was this Oklahoma Bill Would Block All New Federal Gun Control in Practice | Tenth Amendment Center Blog. Once again we find that this bill was being blocked by Senator Barrington’s committee at a time when other states were asserting their 10th Amendment rights. This shows a clear picture of contempt for the Constitution of the United States and the rights of the Citizens of Oklahoma by this man. He has lost the right in the eyes of this group to be referred to as a Senator. The only thing we can be thankful for is that he is term limited.
We next went to www.ok.gov to see what information we could find on his web site. This is what we found Oklahoma State Senate - Senators. There was some good information here including the fact that he served 18 months in Vietnam while in the U.S. Army.    We also see that he has represented a rural part of the state for the last eleven years, yet he is a devout anti-gun nut. We have some Vietnam Vets on our staff and they can understand that to a point, but they say those that are anti-gun are those that usually didn’t see any action in the field.
The next article of interest we found was this Don Barrington - Oklahoma Legislature - Open States. This shows you a little glimpse into the money involved in keeping him in office over the last 12 years. It also indicates some of his most recent votes from the last session.
We next went to www.votesmart.org to see what information they had available on him there. We started with the Biography page. This is what we found Don Barrington's Biography - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. Here we find some things out about his associations with other groups. We learned he was with the Lawton Fire Department and was a well-respected member of his community.
One of the more interesting items we found in his biography was that he is a member of the Gideon’s International. We found this article to help explain it a little better Gideon’s International - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
We next took a look at the ratings and endorsements page Don Barrington's Ratings and Endorsements - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. We found these entries to be disturbing.
2014 RIED score, 87%, 2013/2014
Oklahoma National Federation of Independent Businesses 100%
2012 RIED score, 100%
2014 American Conservative Union score, 78%
2014 OCPAC score, 59%
2013 OCPAC score, 70%
2013 Sooner Tea Party RINO score, 20%
2014 Sooner Tea Party RINO score, 10%
2015 OK2A score, 50%
2012 NRA score, 93%
2004 NRA score 83%
Now if you pay close attention to his ratings from the NRA through 2012, he seemed to do okay. But those were all election years where he needed to look pro-gun so he could get the votes he needed in order to stay in office. We have presented evidence that indicates that he consistently blocks legislation that is favorable to the 2nd Amendment. These are the tricks that undocumented Democrats play to stay in power and take your rights from you.
We next went to www.followthemoney.org to see what they had on his campaign finances. Here is what we found Don Barrington's Campaign Finances - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. His campaign was financed with multiple donations from unions, political action committees and major corporations associated with the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. We knew we had to look deeper.
We next went tothe Ethics Commission  to see what information they had on his campaign finances. As a firefighter himself, we expected support from the firefighters union and it was there. There was support from all the medical political action committees as this was during a time when they were still trying to force Obama Care down our throats. All the special interest groups seemed to chime in too. He received enough contributions from enough groups to qualify as a chambercrat.
The next article of interest we found was this Don Barrington Special Interest Group Ratings - Oklahoma - AskThem. Now we found this source on line, yet not one single person has ever asked him a question. We can’t help but wonder why? We should point out that this is the first time we have seen this source material on any of the politicians we have looked into.
The next article of interest we found was this https://tulsachamber.com/clientuploads/Downloads/GAD_2015PoliticalDirectory_web.pdf. We found it rather strange that the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce would reference a State Senator from Lawton in their material. It raises the question as to whether or not some deal was made on a project to benefit the City of Lawton in exchange for a vote for a project for the City of Tulsa. They would call it the art of the deal. We call it theft of our tax dollars.
There is only one conclusion that can be drawn from this report. This Senator is not working for the people of the District or the people of the State of Oklahoma. He is using his position to selfishly work for himself. The anti-gun clique that has gathered there in positions of power in the Senate of the State of Oklahoma hold their positions because they lied to their constituents and claimed they were Republican’s. They like to say we have the reddest state in the union, yet you can’t tell the Democrats from the Republicans in the Senate. They all do the bidding of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. That is unacceptable and it’s costing Oklahoma Tax Payers five billion dollars a year in tax credits to the same people who pay for their campaigns.